Code Signing Certificate FAQs – Some Commonly Asked Questions

Here Are Answers to Some of the Most Commonly Asked Questions of Our Customers

What's the Delivery Time of the HSM Token Provided With an EV Code Signing Certificate?

Once you submit all the required documents to get an EV Code Signing Certificate issued and your company gets verified, an HSM device, including Token with Private Key, will be shipped at your registered company address. Now, how long it takes to reach depends upon the service of the mail company. For example, some take a week, or some provide it within two to three days, depending on how close your company is.

Can We Renew Our Code Signing Certificate From

Once you purchase Code Signing Certificate from and it expires, you can always renew it from our site. Unfortunately, if you have purchased from any other website and not from us, you'll require to buy from us first.

Can We Use the Same Token if We Renew an EV Code Signing Certificate?

Due to security reasons, it's not recommended to use the same Token for your renewed EV Code Signing Certificate. Also, if you've got a Java-based EV Code Signing Certificate, you'll require a new token for signing your Java applets every time you renew your certificate.

Is There Any Validation Needed From Regarding Our Software?

No, you don't need any specific validation from regarding the software you'll sign using an issued code signing certificate. The only validation process that you're required to fulfill is the validation step of verifying your company's legitimacy. Lastly, the steps of the validation process are predefined by respected certificate authorities Sectigo and Comodo.

Which Browser Do We Need to Generate CSR for Code Signing Certificate Installation?

Presently, the web browser recommended for generating CSR for your Code Signing Certificate installation is Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 on Windows and Safari on Mac. Also, only version 68 or older will work if you're using Mozilla Firefox. Lastly, Mozilla Firefox ESR or a portable copy of Mozilla Firefox also works.

What's the File Format Extension of an Issued Code Signing Certificate?

Once all the necessary steps are completed, and your company is verified by the certificate authority (CA), will issue your Code Signing Certificate in a .crt file format if it's a Windows Operating System or Mac OS.

If We Renew Our Code Signing Certificate Before Its Actual Expiry Date, Will the Remaining Days Be Added to Our Renewed Certificate?

It's recommended that you renew your code signing certificate before its actual expiry date. However, if you want, you can even renew it as early as 90 days before an expiration date. Likewise, all the remaining days are added to your renewed code signing certificate.

Once your code signing certificate is renewed, your old code signing certificate will become invalid, and you'll require to use a freshly issued renewed code signing certificate to sign any software or application.

Is It True That an Old 2048-Bit Key Size Is Not Accepted for Code Signing Certificate?

Yes, the CA/B Forum has made it mandatory that from June 1, 2021, the minimum key size for Code Signing Certificate will be 3072 Bits, and an old key size of 2048 bit size will not be accepted.

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