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Get Sectigo Code Signing Certificate and digitally sign your 32-bit or 64-bit programs, so your software users can know it's coming from the trusted source and isn't modified since its signing. In addition, Sectigo Code Signing Certificate builds trust with your users. It enables reputation while minimizing security warning pop-ups organically and removing unknown publisher warnings, which helps to boost user trust and confidence.

Features of Sectigo Code Signing Certificate

Below are key Sectigo Code Signing Certificate features:

  • Unlimited signing with validity period from one to three years option.
  • Compatible with both 32-bit/64-bit formats.
  • Build a reputation in Windows 8 and above, Internet Explorer 9 and above, Microsoft Edge, minimize security warning messages, and remove unknown publisher warnings.
  • Code Signing Timestamp to freeze your digital signature and to continue reflecting proof that software was valid at the time of downloading even after your Code Signing Certificate expires.
  • Meets guidelines and specifications of Microsoft & CA/Browser Forum.
  • Increases trust and confidence in your software use by showing your identity before the application starts getting installed.

Benefits of Sectigo Code Signing Certificate

Below mentioned are the benefits of the Sectigo Code Signing Certificate:

  • Improves your overall brand reputation.
  • Authenticates the source and integrity of your software codes.
  • The visible indication that your software/application is safe to download and install.
  • Reduced cost of maintenance.
  • Increased software download, which means an increase in software sales and revenue.
  • Guarantees software/application hasn't been opened or tampered with since its signing.

Compare & Buy Code Signing Certificates

  Certera sectigo sectigo
Product Name Certera Code Signing Sectigo Individual Code Signing Sectigo EV Code Signing
Pricing $59.42/yr (You Save 73 %) $66.85/yr (You Save 70 %) $222.87/yr (You Save 55 %)
Multiple Year Option
RSA Encryption Key 3072-bit or 4096-bit 3072-bit or 4096-bit 3072-bit or 4096-bit
Microsoft SmartScreen Reputation Boost Up
Issuance for Individual Developers
Fully Compatible for Mozilla XPI Packages & Thunderbird
Fully Compatible for Sun Java Signing
Sign Unlimited Java Apps & JAR Files
Support Microsoft Office VBA Signing
Support Apple OS X Signing
Support Mozilla Signing
Support Adobe AIR Signing
Support MS Office Macro
Support Microsoft Office 365 Signing
Supported File Formats 32-Bit And 64-Bit 32-Bit And 64-Bit 32-Bit And 64-Bit
Windows Phone Apps Signing
Refund Policy Within 30 Days from Purchase Date Within 30 Days from Purchase Date Within 30 Days from Purchase Date
Issuance Time 1 to 3 Days 1 to 3 Days 1 to 5 Days
Validation Required Business/Individual Business/Individual Full Business Validation
Physical USB Token Storage
Displays Business Name
Display Name & Types of the Business
Sign Unlimited Code, Scripts & Executables
Timestamp Unlimited Code, Scripts & Executables
Immediate Recognition by Microsoft SmartScreen Reputation Filter
Separate Private Key Storage
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Why Choose Sectigo Code Signing?

Sectigo is one of the global market leaders in Digital Security Certificates and PKI management. Trusted by Fortune 500 companies, Sectigo has 700+ million customers worldwide, making them one of the trustworthy and reliable certificate authorities for signing your code, applications, or software with the Sectigo Code Signing Certificate.

How Does Sectigo Code Signing Protect Your Software or Application?

Sectigo Code Signing Certificate digitally signs your executables, software, applications, scripts, and codes. It confirms you as the author and guarantees that the signed software/application code or the file hasn't been tampered with or corrupted and it's in its original format since its signing. The Code Signing process involves using cryptographic hashing that validates your integrity and authenticity that helps boost user's trust and confidence in your software/application.

Sectigo Code Signing Certificate for All of These Platforms!

Below are the platforms supported and allow you to Code Sign using Sectigo Code Signing Certificate:

  • Adobe Air applications
  • Microsoft Authenticode kernel and user mode files such as .exe, .cab, .ocx, .msi, .dll, .xap and .xpi
  • Microsoft Silverlight Applications
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Windows 8 and above.
  • VBA (Visual Basic for Applications or MS office Macro files
  • Mozilla Object Files
  • Java Applets & Java Applications

FAQs of Sectigo Code Signing Certificate

What Is Sectigo Code Signing Certificate?

Sectigo Code Signing Certificate is an organization validated Code Signing Certificate that software developers and publishers use to code sign their software/application before distributing over the internet. It uses cryptographic hashing that helps validate software/application integrity and authenticity while assuring software users that software hasn't tampered with since its signing, which helps boost user trust.

How Do I Use the Sectigo Code Signing Certificate?

Once you complete your purchase and verification process, your code signing certificate will get issued. Further, to install your purchased Code Signing certificate in Windows Certificate Store or Mac's Login Keychain, you'll need to download it from the dashboard. Finally, you can start signing your software/application code once you install it. Lastly, you can also export the code signing certificate as a .p12 file for Mac and a .pfx file for Microsoft Windows.

How Much Does a Sectigo Code Signing Certificate Cost?

A Code Signing Certificate is on a little expensive side compared to other Digital Security Certificates like SSL/TLS Certificates. But, when you compare the price of the Sectigo Code Signing Certificate with the Code Signing Certificate offered by other branded Certificate Authorities, you'll find that you get all the premium code-signing features and services at a much lesser price range.

And, if you purchase from us, then you'll get a discount on an already discounted price range of Sectigo CA, as we ourself as a reseller receive the discount at the time of bulk purchase of Code Signing Certificate from Sectigo. Starts at $66.85

What Is the Difference Between OV & EV Sectigo Code Signing?

Sectigo OV Code Signing is like Standard Code Signing Certificate that safeguard and keep your software, applications, scripts or executables tamper proof when digitally signed by removing unknown publisher and other security warnings and authenticating your organization name as software publisher. On the other hand Sectigo EV Code Signing offers all OV code signing certificate benefits along with bypassing Microsoft Smart Screen warning filter as well as create additional trust by authentication your company name, address, type in the digital signature.

How Do I Renew My Sectigo Code Signing Certificate?

Renewal is to prevent your signed code from getting lapse from protection. And to renew your Sectigo Code Signing certificate from our store, you'll need to re-purchase it as you purchased it earlier. And follow similar steps that you followed at the time of buying the Code Signing Certificate. And then validate and install it.

Lastly, if you renew your Code Signing Certificate before its expiry, you may be allowed to skip some of the steps, such as you won't have to follow the complete validation steps again

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How Code Signing Works?

How Code Signing Works

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