Code Signing Certificates

Code Signing Certificates

Show Your Authenticity by Signing Your Software Using Trusted Code Signing Certificate

Increase your software adoption and download rate. Show your authenticity to end-users by signing your software using verified Code Signing Certificates.

Prevent unknown publisher warning messages and give a sense of security that software is free from tampering since its signing and coming from a trusted source. Bolster trust and confidence with a globally recognized digital signature provided by respected certificate authorities like Sectigo & Comodo.

Best Selling Code Signing Certificates

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Certera Code Signing Certificate

You Save: $150.49/yr (73%)

Sign Your Software and Instantly Remove Unknown Publisher Warning Using Certera Code Signing Certificate


Comodo EV Code Signing Certificate

You Save: $251.57/yr (55%)

Bolster your user's trust & confidence by preventing Microsoft's SmartScreen Application Reputation filter warning instantly.


Comodo Code Signing Certificate

You Save: $147.71/yr (70%)

Sign your software, applications and remove unknown publisher warning message that scares away software users.


Sectigo Code Signing Certificate

You Save: $147.71/yr (70%)

Sign your software and show your end-users that software isn't tampered with since its signing.

Types of Code Signing Certificates

Code Signing is used for signing software and applications developed by the software development company or software developer as an individual. We offer three different types of Code Signing Certificate at an affordable price that you can use to sign your software/applications digitally.

EV Code Signing

Starting at $206.75/yr

Code Sign your software, scripts, executables, applications and instantly remove the notorious Microsoft SmartScreen Reputation Filter warning message that scares users.

OV Code Signing

Starting at $55.12/yr

Digitally sign your software & executables and immediately remove unknown publisher warnings while showing your identity as a publisher name.

Individual Code Signing

Starting at $55.12/yr

Individually code sign your software, scripts, and applications that help you get recognized as a genuine and verified software developer.

A Single Code Signing Certificate for All Major Platforms

Want to sign multiple software for multiple platforms? Code Signing Certificate provided by CAs Sectigo & Comodo is compatible with various popular platforms. So get a Code Signing Certificate issued and start signing your software for all the popular platforms.

Starting at $55.12/yr

Advantages of Code Signing Certificate

Code signing is the method to put a digital signature on your software, program, executables, or applications. So, as a software
publisher, you can prove your authenticity & integrity at the time of download and installation to your software users.

Software Integrity

Code signing your software & verifying it with the hash function works as integrity proof for your software. If the hash function fails to match, the user gets a security warning while preventing your software or application from being downloaded.

Assurance & Authenticity

Remove the risk of your software getting corrupted. Code signing software assures users that software isn't tampered with since its signing and it's in its original form. In addition, it bolsters trust by minimizing security issues and unknown publisher warnings.

Digital Software Signature

Digitally sign your software and prove to your users that you're the trusted entity and software is entirely safe to use. Showing your signature minimizes security warnings and confirms your users that software doesn't have issues while boosting their confidence.

Freeze Digital Signature

Use timestamp to freeze your digital signature on your software. So, even if the Code Signing Certificate you used for signing your software expires, the digital signature remains valid and works as it should without creating issues for software users.

Increased Software Sales

Whether you're a small, big-sized company or an individual software developer or publisher, digitally code sign your executables, software & applications. Give proof of your genuineness and increase the download rate while increasing your company's overall software sales and revenue.

Unlimited Signing

Get a code signing certificate and sign an unlimited number of software files, executables, and applications. Till your code signing certificate validity period is not over, you're allowed to sign as many software and applications without paying any extra charge.

Standard Code Signing Vs EV Code Signing Certificate

Feature Standard Validation Extended Validation
1 – Year Price $96.47 $261.88
2 – Year Price $89.58 $248.10
3 – Year Price $68.91 $206.75
Issuance 1 – 3 Days 1 – 5 Days
Removes Unknown Publisher Warning
Company Name in Signature
Recognized by Microsoft SmartScreen Filter Organically Instantly
Verification Process Light Business Verification Rigorous Business Verification
Encrypted Digital Signature
Unlimited Software Signing
Free Timestamp Feature
Free Reissuance
Technical Support 24x7 24x7
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How Code Signing Works

How Code Signing Works

Why Choose SignMyCode for Code Signing Solutions?

Some important things that set us apart from the rest of the code signing solution providers are:

Solely Focused Towards Code Signing Solution

You’ll find many businesses providing different types of digital security certificates like SSL/TLS Certificate, Document Signing Certificate, and among them, there’s also Code Signing Certificate. But, if you’re a software developer, especially one who’s into the software development business, then first you should find out how good they’re with code signing solutions.

Here at, providing a Code Signing solution is our core business. We are entirely focused on providing code signing certificates from only two certificate authorities Sectigo and Comodo, which also helps stay dedicated.

Globally Known & Trusted Certificate Authorities

Here, at, you’ll get two different options to select brands, namely Sectigo and Comodo. Both are globally known for providing digital security certificates trusted by all popular browsers and operating systems.

Easy to Use Interface

At, we’ve created an easy-to-use interface that will help you complete all your code signing issuance processes. For instance, once you create your account, you won’t face any difficulty navigating through different steps such as the validation process, or re-issuance steps won’t take much effort, which will help save your time.

One Click Automatic Tool

Once your validity period gets over and if you’re looking to renew your code signing certificate from us, then within your account, there’s an option to automatically process the re-issuance of your code signing certificate by simply clicking one button. Henceforth, once the payment is made and your vetting process completes, you’ll get your renewed code signing certificate issued.

Affordable Price

Yes, Code Signing Certificates are costly compared to other digital security certificates. But, purchases Code Signing Certificate in bulk, due to which we ourselves get discounts from CAs. Henceforth we pass on that discount to our customers. So, ultimately you’ll get the same Code Signing certificates from at a low price compared to the original price stated on CAs website.

Money-Back Guarantee

Once your code signing certificate gets issued by, suppose you’re not satisfied and want to cancel the order for some reason. Then, yes, you will be able to cancel your issued code signing certificate, and you’ll get a 100% refund without any questions asked. But, again, the cancellation order has to be made within the first 30-days from the date of purchase.

24/7 Instant Support

Being focused only on Code Signing solutions isn’t limited to products. has also taken care of how they provide technical support to their customers. You’ll get 24x7 support for your queries or issues pertaining to Code Signing Certificate issuance and installation directly from the experts of Code Signing Solution that have years of experience in handling code signing certificate-related issues.

Frequently Asked Questions about Code Signing

What Is a Code Signing Certificate?

A Code Signing certificate is a digital software security certificate that's used for signing your software and embedding your unique digital signature that helps remove the "Unknown Publisher" warning. Similarly, it assures your software users that it's coming from a genuine software publisher and it hasn't been tampered with since its signing. To know more, you can click here.

How to Purchase a Code Signing Certificate from

To purchase a code signing certificate, select the one you want from the website, click the Add to cart button, add your billing address, and complete the payment. After that, generate CSR and submit it back to the CA, and complete the validation process by submitting all the required documents. Lastly, once your validation process is complete, your code signing certificate will be issued.

What if I Have an Issue During Installation?

Suppose you face any issue related to code signing certificate installation. In that case, you've readily available guides. Further, suppose you can't solve it using the guide. In that case, you can even contact our support team, who has years of experience in resolving issues and queries related to code signing certificate installation.

What Are the Validation Processes/Documents?

The validation process is used for vouching for your authentication. Depending upon the code signing certificate you purchase, you'll require to submit certain government-issued documents that can authenticate you as a genuine business entity or as an individual software developer. It's a 1 to 3 business day process for a standard code signing certificate and a 1 to 5 business day process for an EV Code Signing certificate.

What if I Don't Like Code Signing Certificate?

You can cancel if you don't like your issued code signing certificate or if it doesn't fit your expectation. And, if you cancel your issued code signing certificate within 30 days of purchase, you'll get a 100% refund in your account.

What Do I Need to Have Before Buying a Code Signing Certificate?

Before buying a code signing certificate, ensure you've all the required documents to complete the validation process. Because the code signing certificate doesn't get issued till the validation process is not completed.

Why Code Signing Is Important & Why Do I Need It?

The Code Signing certificate embeds your digital signature on the software while removing the "Unknown Publisher" warning. Similarly, it helps assure software users that your software is genuine and hasn't been tampered with by any malicious hacker since its signing.

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I purchased a code signing certificate as a beginner and have got helpful customer support to go through the necessary process and use it for my product.

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My best experience ever purchasing a code signing certificate. I love the certificate; the token is delivered to a central portal where I can find it anytime.

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