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SignMyCode.com is one of the cheapest code signing certificate providers of respected certificate authorities Sectigo, DigiCert, Comodo and Certera. At SignMyCode.com, our main vision is to provide the same Code Signing Certificate at a lesser price range compared to what you get from Certificate Authorities.

Suppose you want to know how we are able to provide code signing certificates at a cheaper rate than their original price. Put simply, SignMyCode.com buys Code Signing Certificate in bulk quantity. And, due to this bulk quantity purchase, we get a good discount on our pricing. And because of the discount we get, we’re capable of passing on that discount and able to provide a Code Signing Certificate at an affordable and cheaper rate. So, ultimately, at SignMyCode.com, you’ll get the same exact Code Signing Certificates as you get directly from Comodo, DigiCert and Sectigo certificate authorities (CAs) website, but you’ll get in a lesser price range.

Located in Austin city in Texas, SignMyCode.com specializes only in Code Signing solutions provided by globally trusted and popular CAs, Comodo, DigiCert, Certera and Sectigo, which are recognized by all the popular web browsers and Windows operating systems.

Why Should You Choose SignMyCode.com for Your Code Signing Security?

Some important things that set us apart from the rest of the code signing solution providers are:

Solely Focused Towards Code Signing Solution

You’ll find many businesses providing different types of digital security certificates like SSL/TLS Certificate, Document Signing Certificate, and among them, there’s also Code Signing Certificate. But, if you’re a software developer, especially one who’s into the software development business, then first you should find out how good they’re with code signing solutions.

Here at SignMyCode.com, providing a Code Signing solution is our core business. We are entirely focused on providing code signing certificates from multiple and trusted certificate authorities such as Certera, DigiCert, and Sectigo(Formerly known as Comodo), which also helps us stay dedicated.

Globally Known & Trusted Certificate Authorities

Here, at SignMyCode.com, you’ll get many options to select brands: DigiCert, Certera, Sectigo, and Comodo. All CAs are globally known for providing digital security certificates trusted by all popular browsers and operating systems.

Easy to Use Interface

At SignMyCode.com, we’ve created an easy-to-use interface that will help you complete all your code signing issuance processes. For instance, once you create your account, you won’t face any difficulty navigating through different steps such as the validation process, or re-issuance steps won’t take much effort, which will help save your time.

One Click Automatic Tool

Once your validity period gets over and if you’re looking to renew your code signing certificate from us, then within your account, there’s an option to automatically process the re-issuance of your code signing certificate by simply clicking one button. Henceforth, once the payment is made and your vetting process completes, you’ll get your renewed code signing certificate issued.

Affordable Price

Yes, Code Signing Certificates are costly compared to other digital security certificates. But, SignMyCode.com purchases Code Signing Certificate in bulk, due to which we ourselves get discounts from CAs. Henceforth we pass on that discount to our customers. So, ultimately you’ll get the same Code Signing certificates from SignMyCode.com at a low price compared to the original price stated on CAs website.

Money Back Guarantee

Due to New CA/B Code Signing Requirements, Code Signing Certificates which are in Pending Status only can cancel. Once Order is activated, it can't be cancelled by vendor!

24/7 Instant Support

You’ll get 24x7 support for your queries or issues pertaining to Code Signing Certificate issuance and installation directly from the experts of Code Signing Solution that have years of experience.

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Joakim L. five star

I purchased a code signing certificate from SignMyCode. Then realized that I needed an EV certificate. Customer support was extremely quick and service-minded, and I could easily upgrade.

Akos S. five star

I purchased a code signing certificate as a beginner and have got helpful customer support to go through the necessary process and use it for my product.

John M. five star

My best experience ever purchasing a code signing certificate. I love the certificate; the token is delivered to a central portal where I can find it anytime.

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