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Name of Product Validation Issuance Time List Price Our Price  
Certera Code Signing Business 1-3 Days $149.17/yr. $39.99/yr. Buy Now
Comodo Code Signing Individual Business 1-3 Days $152.15/yr. $44.99/yr. Buy Now
Comodo Code Signing Business 1-3 Days $152.15/yr. $44.99/yr. Buy Now
Sectigo Code Signing Business 1-3 Days $152.15/yr. $44.99/yr. Buy Now
Sectigo Code Signing Individual Business 1-3 Days $152.15/yr. $44.99/yr. Buy Now
Comodo EV Code Signing Business 3-5 Days $332.50/yr. $149.99/yr. Buy Now
Sectigo EV Code Signing Business 3-5 Days $332.50/yr. $149.99/yr. Buy Now

Provide a sense of trust and authenticity by digitally signing your software using a code signing certificate provided by respected certificate authorities in an affordable price range. Likewise, remove security warnings like 'unknown publisher' that ensure your software isn't tampered with since it signing and it's safe to use.

In the software development cycle, code signing your software is one of the essential parts that help you minimize security warnings, because of which users usually avoid download or installation. In addition, affordable and cheap code signing certificates offered by certificate authorities like Comodo and Sectigo authenticate you and your company, so you get recognized as a trusted source of providing software and applications by all the known browsers and operating systems.

Features & Benefits of Standard Code Signing Certificate

  • Ensures your software users that software hasn't been tampered with by any malicious hacker since its signing.
  • Integrate easily with different types of development tools.
  • Unlimited code signing of software and applications till the validity period is not over.
  • Timestamping to keep your digital signature valid even if your code signing certificate expires.
  • Reduced abonnement of download and installation.

Features & Benefits of Individual Code Signing Certificate

  • Get verified as an individual software developer and assure users your software is trustworthy and safe to use.
  • Minimize security warnings that scare away users from using your software.
  • Supports multiple platforms of the industry such as Java, Adobe Air, Microsoft Windows.
  • Ensures your integrity as an individual software developer.
  • Permits you to code sign device drivers as well as kernel-mode software.

Features & Benefits of EV Code Signing Certificate

  • Get instantly recognized by the Microsoft SmartScreen reputation filter.
  • The private key is offered physically in the HSM device, which works as a two-factor authentication while preventing unauthorized usage.
  • Show your company name, company address that helps to boost the trust and confidence of users.
  • Removes all types of security warnings that ensure your software is safe to use.

How Does Standard Code Signing Certificate Work?

A standard code signing certificate provided by certificate authorities is stored in a software developer's system as a portable encrypted file that developers can use on different computers to digitally sign software and executable files.

How Does an Individual Code Signing Certificate Work?

Like a standard code signing certificate, it's stored within a software developer's system like a portable encrypted file, which you can use as an individual software developer on the computer to digitally code sign software and applications you build for your customers.

Though, the vetting process is different compared to standard code signing certificates. For example, before issuing an Individual Code Signing certificate, certificate authorities verify your identity as an individual software developer and not as a company or an organization.

How Does an EV Code Signing Certificate Work?

EV Code Signing Certificate of respected certificate authorities such as Sectigo and Comodo comes with a unique two-factor authentication feature. It's provided physically by mail in a USB device consisting of an encrypted token and private key, which is required to be plugged into the software developer's computer before signing any application or software.

FAQs of Cheap Code Signing Certificate

What Is the Best Code Signing Certificate for Me?

If you're a small software development company, then you should go for Standard Code Signing Certificate. Likewise, if you're a big software company, then EV Code Signing Certificate is recommended, and for individual software developers, Individual Code Signing Certificate is a good choice.

How Can Someone Get a Free Code Signing Certificate?

No, you cannot get a free code signing certificate. Instead, you'll require to buy it and go through the necessary steps to get it issued after purchasing it from our SignMyCode store.

Can I Cancel My Issued Code Signing Certificate?

Suppose you've purchased Code Signing Certificate from In that case, you'll be allowed to cancel your issued code signing certificate and get a 100% refund without being questioned if the cancellation request is within the first 30-days of purchase.

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