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Delivery Mode: Existing HSM or External Physical Device
Secure Key Storage: FIPS-compliant Hardware Device
Issuance Time: 1-5 Days
OV Validation
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Code Signing Certificate Private Keys Now Store in a Hardware Crypto Module with a unit design form factor certified as conforming to at least FIPS 140‐2 Level 2 or Common Criteria EAL 4+. For any query or help, Checkout our FAQ Section or Contact Our Team!

Sign your Software Code using Comodo Code Signing Certificate to maximize its success by acknowledging its integrity and boost conversion rates. The digital signing certificate offered by Comodo is the first and most preferred choice of software publishers to sign software, apps, script, and executables. It assures users that signed software is coming from a trusted source and hasn't been tampered with since its signing. Comodo organization validation process takes 1 to 5 days for insurance by confirming the legal proof of organization.

Market and advertise your software on third-party download websites, mirrors, affiliates, and resellers while giving proof to your customers that the software they're downloading or installing isn't malicious. Likewise, remove unknown publisher warning to assure software comes from verified publisher with an SHA-2 digital sign time stamping feature. It helps bolster user trust, confidence, and software downloads.

Features and Benefits of Comodo Code Signing Certificates

Primary Features and Benefits of Comodo Software Signing Certificates:

  • Verify your identity as a publisher.
  • Safeguard your software from tampering.
  • Allows timestamping while code signing your software, which keeps your digital signature valid even after the Code Signing Certificate expires.
  • Create your sales outlet So, your customers get surety they're getting original software that's not tampered with since it's signed.
  • Allows integration with third-party development tools.
  • Reduced Windows error messages during installation.
  • Offers compatibility with both 32-Bit and 64-Bit software file formats.
  • One certificate for applications of multiple platforms like Java & Microsoft Windows.

Benefits of Comodo / Sectigo Code Signing Certificates

Here are some of the benefits of the Comodo Software Signing Certificate:

  • Digitally sign different software file formats such as .ocx, .dll, .exe or .cab files.
  • Ensure your software integrity and authenticity that increases user trust and confidence in your software.
  • An increased brand reputation helps increasing software sales.
  • Surety to users that your software is tamper-free since its signing.
  • Meets the standards and specifications mentioned by the CA/Browser Forum and Microsoft.
  • Robust Code Integrity.

Compare & Buy Code Signing Certificates

  Certera comodo DigiCert comodo
Product Name Certera Code Signing Comodo Individual Code Signing DigiCert Code Signing Comodo EV Code Signing
Pricing $179.99/yr (You Save 58 %) $210.99/yr (You Save 51 %) $369.99/yr (You Save 21 %) $281.99/yr (You Save 43 %)
Multiple Year Option
RSA Encryption Key 3072-bit or 4096-bit 3072-bit or 4096-bit 3072-bit or 4096-bit 3072-bit or 4096-bit
Microsoft SmartScreen Reputation Boost Up
Issuance for Individual Developers
Fully Compatible for Mozilla XPI Packages & Thunderbird
Fully Compatible for Sun Java Signing
Sign Unlimited Java Apps & JAR Files
Support Microsoft Office VBA Signing
Support Apple OS X Signing
Support Mozilla Signing
Support Adobe AIR Signing
Support MS Office Macro
Support Microsoft Office 365 Signing
Supported File Formats 32-Bit And 64-Bit 32-Bit And 64-Bit 32-Bit And 64-Bit 32-Bit And 64-Bit
Windows Phone Apps Signing
Refund Policy Within 30 Days from Purchase Date Within 30 Days from Purchase Date Within 30 Days from Purchase Date Within 30 Days from Purchase Date
Issuance Time 1 to 5 Days 1 to 5 Days 1 to 5 Days 1 to 5 Days
Validation Required Business/Individual Business/Individual Business Full Business Validation
Physical USB Token Storage
Displays Business Name
Display Name & Types of the Business
Sign Unlimited Code, Scripts & Executables
Timestamp Unlimited Code, Scripts & Executables
Immediate Recognition by Microsoft SmartScreen Reputation Filter
Separate Private Key Storage
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Why Choose Comodo?

World-Class Support

World-Class Support

Peak level Encryption

Peak level Encryption

Economic Pricing

Economic Pricing

Largest Certificate Authority

Largest Certificate Authority

How Does Code Signing Protect Your Software or Application?

To Ensure Code Integrity, A private key & public key works together in manner like first Private key creates a digital signature as encryption and a public key confirms it as decryption. Code Signing Certificates assure users that you're the verified developer or publisher of the software or app while guaranteeing that software/application isn't modified since its signing.

These Digital Certificates use the latest cryptographic hashing function SHA-2 to validate the authenticity and integrity of your software. In addition, it allows you to make your sales outlet for advertising and market your software on third-party download sites, resellers, and affiliates with ease.

What is Hardware Token Device or HSM?

Hardware Token Device or HSM is a physical crypto processor in the form of a USB, that stores the private key associated with a Code Signing Certificate. It's a password-protected device, which you need to plug into the system for using an OV and EV certificate to sign an executable file.

Why Is HSM Mandate for Code Signing Certificates?

Hardware Security Module (HSM) has become mandatory for OV Code Signing Certificate (From June 1, 2023, due to New CA/B Forum regulations) to prevent private key theft and certificate misuse. It helps to comply with the best practice of storing the private key in a FIPS-140 Level 2 aligning device. And it also aids in leveraging offline status and physical locks to protect the cryptographic key from unauthorized personnel. Till now, it’s not possible to digitally sign the software without a hardware token with the Extended Validation Code Signing Certificate. But Now, All Code Signing Certificates including OV and EV will be issued with tokens only.

How to use YubiKey to Store Code Signing Certificate?

YubiKey FIPS Series is the most reliable option to securely store your private key in a Hardware Token for enhanced protection of cryptographic keys. If you already have a code signing certificate from a trusted and reputed CA, find the right way to store your code signing certificate in YubiKey. Read More

Cheap Comodo Code Signing Certificate for All Platforms

Here are the platforms Comodo Digital Signing Certificate are compatible with and allows you to code signing your software/application:

  • Microsoft Silverlight Applications.
  • Adobe Air applications.
  • Mozilla Object Files.
  • Microsoft Windows 8 and above.
  • Microsoft Office.
  • Microsoft Authenticode user and kernel mode files like .cab, .ocx, .dll, .xap, .msi, .xpi, and .exe.
  • Java applications and java applets.
  • MS office Macro files & Visual Basic for Applications.

Comparison Between Standard Vs EV Code Signing

Standard Validation Code Signing Certificates VS Extended Validation Code Signing Certificates
Issued in 1-5 days to the individual developers and organizations Issuance Issued in 1-5 days to only businesses and organizations
Standard verification of applicant's identity and authorization. Validation Process Rigorous validation of applicant's identity, authority, and operational existence.
Organic SmartScreen Reputation MS SmartScreen Instant SmartScreen Reputation
Helps protect against malware and tampering by verifying the authenticity and integrity of code. Protection against Malware Provides enhanced protection against malware and tampering through rigorous validation and verification processes.
Only older Windows 10 drivers are included Microsoft Windows Compatibility Accessible to kernel-mode drivers and Windows 10+ drivers
Compliant with industry standards for code signing. Industry Compliance Compliant with industry standards and stringent requirements for extended validation.
May not have distinct visual identification. Visual Identification Displays prominent visual indicators of trust, such as a green address bar or special icon.
Provides a basic level of trust to users. Level of Trust Offers a higher level of trust and confidence to users.

Photo ID and a phone number are required for individual developers.

And for Organizations, Business registration information and a public phone number

Paperwork Required Business registration information includes the actual office address, years of operation, and a public phone number.
Helps build brand trust and credibility among users. Brand Trust Enhances brand trust and reputation, showcasing a commitment to security and user safety.
Starting with $210.99/Year Pricing Starting with $281.99/Year
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Solely Focused Towards
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Experience Accelerated Certificate Issuance with our Expert Team

Our team of code signing experts is dedicated to expediting your paperwork, ensuring a faster validation process.

  • We understand that navigating the paperwork requirements can be overwhelming, but with our assistance, you'll identify the simplest paperwork option for your country. We'll handle completing and submitting all necessary forms, streamlining the validation process for you.
  • Our knowledgeable support team is available round the clock to answer your questions about code signing. We are ready to assist you via phone, chat, or email. Whether you need guidance on the overall process or have specific inquiries, we'll provide prompt and helpful support.
  • A code signing experts’ team is equipped to troubleshoot and resolve problems swiftly. Rest assured, we'll work diligently to ensure a smooth and efficient validation experience.
  • Connect with us now through our convenient live chat feature or reach out to us via email. We're committed to delivering exceptional service and ensuring your code signing journey is seamless and hassle-free.
Experience Accelerated Certificate Issuance with our Expert Team

Flexible Key Storage Options:

You have the flexibility to choose from three secure key storage options that seamlessly integrate into your existing workflows. These options are designed to ensure the utmost security for your private keys. Let's explore each option in detail:

Use Existing Token:

The "Use Existing Token" option allows you to select this if you already have a compatible Hardware Security Module (HSM) device. The currently supported devices for this option are Thales/Safenet Luna and netHSM devices and Yubico FIPS Yubikeys (for ECC keys only).

Token & US Shipping:

If you choose the "Token & US Shipping" option, The Certificate Authority will provide you with a new HSM device, and it will be shipped to a United States address of your choice. This ensures that you receive a brand-new HSM device directly from CA for secure key storage and cryptographic operations.

Token & International Shipping:

Similarly, if you select the "Token & International Shipping" option, Sectigo or Respected CA will ship a new HSM device to an international address of your choosing. This allows customers outside of the United States to receive a new HSM device from CA for their cryptographic needs.

Token & Expedited Shipping:

For those who require expedited shipping within the United States, the "Token & Expedited Shipping" option is available. By choosing this option, Sectigo or Respected CA will ship a new HSM device to a US address using UPS' "Next day" delivery method. This ensures that you receive your new HSM device quickly and efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my existing code sign cert impacted with the new CA/B changes?

No, You can continue using your active code signing certificate till its expired. Once you reissue, HSM or token is required for the new order.

Can I use my existing token?

Yes, you can purchase a hardware token by yourself and utilize it for storing private keys and Code Signing Certificates. However, you need to ensure that the token aligns with the Sectigo’s policies and verification system.

Currently, you must prefer availing the one from the following list, as they all fulfill the CA/B and Sectigo’s requirements:

  • Yubico YubiKey FIPS-compliant Hardware Token (For ECC Keys)
  • Thales/SafeNet Luna and netHSM Tokens

Although, the list can get expanded with the change in policies or the introduction of new compliant devices.

What is Comodo Code Signing?

Comodo Code Signing Cert is an OV Code Signing Certificate that allows software publishers, developers, or organizations to digitally sign their software and application before distributing it over third-party download websites to affiliates and resellers. So, whoever download or install software stay aware that software is genuine and haven't been tampered with since its signing.

How to Use the Comodo Code Signing Certificates?

There are few instructions to follow while obtaining code Signing cert. Once you complete the order and provide all the documents, Comodo will issue your code signing certificate that you can directly download from the dashboard. Hence, once you install it, you'll be able to sign your software or application. Moreover, you can also export your Comodo Code Signing Certificate as a .pfx file format for Microsoft Windows and a .p12 file format for Mac.

How Much Does this Certificate Cost?

In general, a Code Signing Certificate is costly compared to other provided Digital Security Certificates such as SSL Certificates. However, compared to other CAs Code Signing Certificate, Comodo is cheaper, making it relatively affordable for small to mid-sized software companies or individual software developers.

Furthermore, it comes with all the benefits and features offered by the Code Signing Certificate of any other Certificate Authority that makes it trustworthy and reliable as well. Buy Comodo Code Signing Certificate at just $210.99/year at SignMyCode.

What Is the Difference Between OV & EV Code Signing?

Both OV and Extended Validation Code Signing Certificate does the same job of signing software and applications that assure users that software hasn't been tampered with since its signing. However, the difference is seen in the acceptance of Microsoft's SmartScreen reputation.

For instance, the Comodo EV Code Signing Certificate instantly gets recognized by the Microsoft SmartScreen reputation filter. In contrast, software signed by Comodo OV Code Signing Certificate takes time and builds its reputation organically after the users do certain downloads and installations.

What's the New Change in Comodo Code Signing?

Below are the two major changes in Comodo Code Signing Certificate:

  • The CA will provide an associated private key in Hardware Security Module (HSM).
  • You will need to plug the HSM into the system for using the Comodo Code Signing Certificate.

Why There is Price Surge in Code Signing Certificates?

With the introduction of the HSM module for Organization Validation Code Signing Certificates, the cost of issuing certificates has increased by 3-4x for the CA. To remediate the expenses and to provide seamless services, the price has increased.

Why is the Major Change in Code Signing?

Due to new to CA/B Forum standards, the most trusted CA Sectigo (Formally known as Comodo) is aligning its solutions, which has the mandate to provide a private key in HSM for OV Code Signing Certificate. And updating services according to it requires additional investment. Therefore, for impeccable business operations, certificates got a price surge.

How to Renew My Certificate?

To Renew Comodo Code Signing Certificate, you need to first purchase the same cert from CA or the reseller’s website. It'll take you through the same validation requirement process you did when buying your first Software Signing Certificate. Though, if you purchase your one or two months before its expiration, then there's the possibility that CA may allow you to skip some validation steps.

How to Validate my Comodo OV Code Signing Cert?

There are some documents that must be verified before the issuance of a code signing certificate:

  • The government-approved legal documents of the organization or individual software developer named in the Organization field of the code signing certificate must be verified.
  • The email to which the code signing certificate is to be sent must be [email protected], where is owned by the organization named in the code signing certificate.
  • A verification call must be made to a verified telephone number for the organization or individual named in the code signing certificate in order to verify that the person placing the order is an authorized representative of the organization.

How Code Signing Works?

To initiate the Code Signing process, you must install and run the Comodo Code Signing Certificate on your system. When you run the code signing commands, the certificate starts the source code hashing process and generates a hash digest. Further, the hash digest is taken as input, and the certificate performs encryption upon it. And to encrypt the file, cryptographic keys are used. As a result, an encrypted hashed file of software gets created.

Further, your details, sign, and timestamp get integrated with the encrypted hash value. Then, you must verify the signature. After it, the code signing process gets completed, and you get ready to publish and distribute your software to end-users.

How Code Signing Works

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