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Do you work as an individual software developer? Or you're someone who's just started on their own and provides software development service to different clients? If you've answered yes to any of these questions, then Individual Code Signing Certificate is a good choice for you to prove your authenticity that ensures users that the software you've developed is safe to use.

For small to big software development companies, it's easier to complete the vetting process. But, as an individual software developer, you can't prove yourself as a company. Therefore, CAs (Certificate Authorities) understand the needs and provides Individual Code Signing Certificate.

Features and Benefits of Individual Code Signing Certificates

Below are some of the features and benefits of an Individual Code Signing Certificate that you can expect as an individual software developer:

  • Unlimited Signing

    Once Individual Code Signing Certificate gets issued, like a standard code signing certificate, you'll be able to digitally sign an unlimited number of software/applications till your IV Code Signing Certificate doesn't expire.

  • Supports Different Platforms

    Whether you want to digitally sign JAR Files, Java Applets, Adobe executables, or Windows files, your individual code signing certificate will work on all types of software files.

  • Removes Unknown Publisher Warning

    Once Individual Code Signing Certificate gets issued, you'll be able to digitally sign your software, executable, and scripts like a standard code signing certificate. Likewise, it'll allow you to put your signature as an individual developer, which will be recognized by all the popular platforms while removing the popular warning message of unsigned software, an unknown publisher.

  • Keeps Digital Signature Valid Forever

    Individual Code Signing certificate allows you to timestamp your digital signature. It means, once you timestamp your digital signature at the time of code signing, your signature on the signed software will remain valid and still be counted as a trusted signature, even after your code signing certificate expires.

  • Authenticity

    Certificate Authorities like Comodo ask you as an Individual Software developer to complete a light vetting process. First, they ask you to submit different documents like your passport or driver's license photocopy, credit/debit card statements, tax bill, etc., and after that, an IV Code Signing certificate gets issued to you. Henceforth, it removes unknown publisher warning messages while reducing other security warnings that help to ensure users that you're a verified software developer whose software/application is safe to use.

Who Needs Individual Code Signing Certificates?

As the name implies, if you're an individual software developer or a solopreneur working independently. Likewise, an Individual Software Signing Certificate is also recommended for any freelance software developer who develops software for different clients.

How Does Sectigo Code Signing Protect Your Software or Application?

Affordable price with exceptional services is something you'll get from Likewise, you'll get an exact IV (Individual) Code Signing Certificate that you get from any respectable Certificate Authorities website such as Comodo.

Nonetheless, once you purchase your Individual Code Signing Certificate from, you'll get all the help you require at the time of vetting yourself as an individual software developer. Likewise, you also get technical support from experts of Code Signing Certificate if any query arises during code signing your software/executables and 30 – days money-back guarantee on cancellation, without any questions being asked.

FAQs of Individual Code Signing Certificate

What Is an Individual Code Signing Certificate?

Individual Code Signing Certificate is like a Standard Code Signing Certificate that helps you to put your digital signature on software, applications, executables, and scripts as an Individual Software developer, instead of any registered legit company.

Individual (IV) Code Signing Certificate differs in the vetting process from Standard Code Signing Certificate. You assure your software users that you're a verified individual software developer who's trustworthy and their software can be trusted.

How to Get an Individual Code Signing Certificate for Free?

No, you can't get an IV Code Signing certificate for free. Instead, you'll require to purchase it from respected CAs like Comodo that follows all the policies and specifications mentioned by CA/Browser Forums and Windows Operating System. Likewise, if you try self-signing your software, your user will face the same unknown publisher warning message that anyone faces while installing unsigned software.Starts at $39.99 Per Year

How Long Does It Take for an Individual Code Signing Certificate to Be Issued?

Your Individual Code Signing Certificate gets issued within 1 - 3 business days.

Can I Cancel My Individual Code Signing Certificate?

Yes, you can cancel your IV Code Signing Certificate, and you'll get a 100% refund if the cancellation process has been made within the first thirty days of the purchase.

Does Individual Code Signing Certificate Expire?

Yes, IV Code Signing Certificates come with a validity period of 1 – 3 years, and once it gets over, it'll expire, and you'll require to renew it.

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