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Starting June 1, 2023, code signing certificate keys must be stored on a hardware security module or token that’s certified as FIPS 140 Level 2, Common Criteria EAL 4+, or equivalent.

Azure Key Vault Code Signing leverages the robust security of Azure cloud to protect your software's integrity. Signing code with Azure assures users that the software's source is reliable and verified and the software hasn't been tempered since signed. Hence, it's safe to download. Azure Key Vault employs FIPS 140-2 Level 2 and Level 3 validated HSMs to protect your keys. This compliance ensures your assets are secure within our hardware, delivering both “robust security" and "peace of mind."

With Azure Key Vault Code Signing, you can manage keys and certificates without the overhead of maintaining your hardware security modules. This service simplifies the code signing process, allowing you to focus on development while Azure handles the "security" factor. And, irrespective of the task, as in - whether you are deploying to the cloud or on-premises, Azure Key Vault Code Signing can seamlessly integrate into your workflow.


Azure Key Vault Code Signing Vs Azure EV Code Signing

Organization Validated Code Signing VS Extended Validation Code Signing
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Standard verification of applicant's identity and authorization. Validation Process Rigorous validation of applicant's identity, authority, and operational existence.
Organic SmartScreen Reputation MS SmartScreen Instant SmartScreen Reputation
Helps protect against malware and tampering by verifying the authenticity and integrity of code. Protection against Malware Provides enhanced protection against malware and tampering through rigorous validation and verification processes.
Only older Windows 10 drivers are included Microsoft Windows Compatibility Accessible to kernel-mode drivers and Windows 10+ drivers
Provides a basic level of trust to users. Level of Trust Offers a higher level of trust and confidence to users.

Photo ID and a phone number are required for individual developers.

And for Organizations, Business registration information and a public phone number

Paperwork Required Business registration information includes the actual office address, years of operation, and a public phone number.
Starting with $369.99/Year Pricing Starting with $519.99/Year
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Features and Benefits of Azure Key Vault Code Signing Certificate

Fully Managed Service

Fully Managed Service

Azure's fully managed Code Signing service simplifies your workflow with certificates issued by Microsoft's managed CAs. These certificates are then securely handled and maintained, liberating you from the intricacies of certificate management.

Seamless Experience

Seamless Experience

Azure Key Vault Code Signing seamlessly fits into top developer toolsets, offering a smooth experience. It enhances your development process, ensuring your workflow continues uninterrupted.

Azure Resources

Azure Resources

Azure Key Vault Code Signing is managed as a familiar Azure Resource, integrating effortlessly with your subscription management. It aligns with the trusted Azure services you already utilize.

Compliant and Secure

Compliant and Secure

Azure Key Vault Code Signing meets Web Trust Certification standards and is included in the Microsoft Root Certificate Program. It ensures your software signing is consistent with established and trusted security practices.

Content Confidential Signing

Content Confidential Signing

It comes with Azure's digest signing to ensure secure and confidential operations. This feature is crafted for speed and reliability. It protects the integrity and confidentiality of your content throughout the signing process.

Fast Remediation Options

Fast Remediation Options

Azure Key Vault Code Signing enables quick detection and investigation of any improper certificate use. It offers swift revocation options, helping you maintain your software's security posture effectively.

Digitally Sign your Package with Azure Key Vault Code Signing

Digitally Sign your Package with Azure Key Vault Code Signing

When a package is unsigned, it's like a letter without a verified sender. Users have no guarantee of its origin or if it has been intercepted and altered. Because of this, unsigned software packages are met with skepticism and warnings, deterring users from proceeding with the installation.

Signed packages are like a notarized document, offering a clear assurance of legitimacy. These packages (specifically signed by Azure Key Vault Code Signing) have a verifiable digital signature from a trusted Certificate Authority (CA). When users see a verified digital signature, they proceed without hesitation, secure in the knowledge that they are installing genuine software.

Azure Code Signing (ACS) Requirement/Compatibility

Azure Code Signing is mandatory for ensuring software authenticity on Windows, and Endpoint Protection vendors (like Sophos) must align with ACS to maintain software integrity. Windows 11 & Windows 10 versions 22H2 and 21H2 come with built-in ACS support. Currently, all new software installations must comply with ACS.

What is Azure Code Signing 21H2?

Azure Code Signing 21H2 is the application of Microsoft's Azure Code Signing service for Windows 11, version 21H2. This service attaches digital signatures to Portable Executables (PE), certifying their integrity and confirming they remain unmodified post-signing. It serves as an essential security protocol for user mode applications. Specifically, it benefits those requiring registration with the Windows Security Center, like - "anti-malware" and "anti-cheat software."

Code Signing with Azure Key Vault

  • Register a Fresh Azure Application

    Sign into the Azure portal, navigate to Azure Active Directory, and register a new application. Save the Application (client) ID.

  • Create a Client Secret:

    Generate a client secret in the Certificates & secrets section. This acts as a credential for signing.

  • Enable Access in Key Vault:

    In your Key Vault, add an access policy. Enable 'Sign' under Key Permissions and 'Get' under Certificate Permissions. Select your application as the principal.

  • Sign a File:

    Use the Azure Sign Tool with the command line in PowerShell, providing the Key Vault URI, certificate name, application client ID, and client secret to sign and timestamp your executable file.

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How to Generate CSR on Microsoft Azure Key Vault?

  • To set up the Azure Key Vault first log in to your Azure Portal and click on the “Create a resource” button. Search for “Key Vault” and press create (+) to get your vault up and running.

  • Create your Key Vault based on your fit.

    Note: To be compliant with the FIPS 140-2 standard, you should select the “Premium” pricing tier. If you do not choose “Premium”, there’s a risk that your certificate will be revoked.

  • Once your vault has been created, please select “Certificates” in the action bar to the left. Then click “Generate/Import” to start creating your Code Signing CSR:

  • Fill out your certificate name and subject name. The subject name should be your company name.

  • Set the Type of Certificate Authority to non-integrated CA and then select Advanced Policy Configuration.

  • In the Extended Key Usages (EKUs) field, add:

    This EKU identifies the certificate as a Code Signing certificate.

    You should also set “Exportable Private Key” as No and the “Key Type” to RSA-HSM.

    Note: All code Signing certificates from DigiCert are required to be issued with a minimum, 4096-bit key size.

  • Once you have done policy configuration, click “Okay” and then “Create”.

  • The certificate will then appear as an “In progress” certificate under the Certificates tab.

  • Click on your certificate in progress. Choose “Certificate Operation” and then click “Download CSR”.

  • Save the CSR file in a safe location of your choosing.

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