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Name of Product Validation Issuance Time List Price Our Price  
Digicert Code Signing Business 1-5 Days $465.73/yr. $369.99/yr.
Digicert EV Code Signing Extended 1-5 Days $652.40/yr. $519.99/yr.

DigiCert is a global leader in providing top-notch signature solutions, ensuring to protect executable files from unauthorized alterations and system warnings. Every digital platform treats DigiCert as a legitimate authority, and security professionals highly consider it for strengthening the overall software security and aligning with the latest industry standards.

Starting June 1, 2023, code signing certificate keys must be stored on a hardware security module or token that’s certified as FIPS 140 Level 2, Common Criteria EAL 4+, or equivalent.

DigiCert Code Signing Certificate Leverages

Every Code Signing Certificate performs hashing and encryption on the source code. But, DigiCert certificate comes with additional functionalities and leverages, helping publisher to gain a high ROI and provide a smooth and secure user experience.

  • Zero Warning Guarantee

    DigiCert is a top-notch Certificate Authority whose software publisher certificates align with CA/B standards, integrating a reliable digital signature with executable files. And whenever browsers and systems scan the DigiCert signed applications, it treats them as authentic and removes Unknown Publisher Warning from the end-user’s experience.

  • Optimized Customer Confidence

    Executable file getting signed using a DigiCert certificate doesn’t encounter warnings when the end-user downloads and installs it on the device. And when customers perform all such operations without any hassle, their trust gets built in the brand, and they always prefer the software for further usage in the future.

  • Download Rate Acceleration

    With the boost in customer confidence due to DigiCert certificates, the download rate automatically increases, as everyone needs trusted software to execute their operations. As a result, the application ranks higher on the web results and online app stores, accelerating the publisher’s productivity and revenue.

  • Extended Software Validity

    With each DigiCert Certificate, the publisher gets the timestamping facility to make applications, scripts, and drivers valid for an extended period by embedding the date and time of signing. It helps to maintain the software's authenticity across all browsers and operating systems, even after the certificate expires.

  • Multi-Platform Compatibility

    Whether it’s Windows, Mozilla, Java, Adobe, Microsoft Silverlight, VBA and MS Office, or any other digital platform, DigiCert signature solutions are compatible with all. You can store, export, and import the certificates on any device as per comfort and seamlessly sign .exe, .air, .java, .apk, and much more files.

  • Limitless Digital Signing

    There is no limit on digitally signing and timestamping with DigiCert solutions. Until the certificate is valid, you can sign as many software, mobile applications, and scripts as you want, and no system will show any warning for it. Therefore, you get unlimited signing deals at a cheap price.

The DigiCert Exclusive

Trusted & Recognized Globally Trusted & Recognized Globally
Longstanding Security Experience Longstanding Security Experience
Quick Validation Quick Validation
24/7 Specialist Support 24/7 Specialist Support

Top Brands Trusting DigiCert for Software Security

With cutting-edge functionalities and rock-solid security strength, DigiCert has become a reliable choice for protecting software and optimize business prestige among industry-leading organizations, such as:

Norton Antivirus
Avast Software

DigiCert Platform Compatibility

Microsoft Authenticode kernel

Microsoft Authenticode kernel & user mode signing.

PowerShell Scripts


Apple Mac Oss

Fully Recognised
in Apple Mac Oss

Adobe Air

Adobe Air

Windows 8.0


Windows 8.0

Microsoft Windows 8
and above.

MS Visual Basic

MS Visual Basic for Applications and MS Office Macro files.

Java Applets

Java Applets &
Java Applications.

Documents Requirements

Individual Code Signing

  1. Gov issued photo id and selfie holding the same
  2. If the id is without address then face to face verification needs to be done (they needs to sent notarized form provided by vendor)

Organization Code Sign

  1. Gov issued photo id and selfie holding the same
  2. Org must be registered online in business directories with phone no like DUNS or Professional Opinon Letter from Registered Finance Professional

EV Code Signing

  1. Approve Digital Ev agreement from Vendor
  2. Org must be registered online in business directories with phone no like DUNS or Professional Opinon Letter from Registered Finance Professional
  3. Org must be 3 years or older; if not additional business registered docs required for validation

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