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Name of Product Validation Issuance Time List Price Our Price  
Certera Code Signing Business 1-3 Days $149.17/yr. $39.99/yr. Buy Now
Comodo Code Signing Business 1-3 Days $152.15/yr. $44.99/yr. Buy Now
Sectigo Code Signing Business 1-3 Days $152.15/yr. $44.99/yr. Buy Now
Comodo Code Signing Individual Business 1-3 Days $152.15/yr. $44.99/yr. Buy Now
Sectigo Code Signing Individual Business 1-3 Days $152.15/yr. $44.99/yr. Buy Now
Comodo EV Code Signing Business 3-5 Days $332.50/yr. $199.99/yr. Buy Now
Sectigo EV Code Signing Business 3-5 Days $332.50/yr. $199.99/yr. Buy Now

Code Signing is one of the essential tools for software developers to prove their software is genuine and safe to use. And nowadays, the software is usually downloaded, and people are also aware of cybersecurity risks. Henceforth, due to any warning message, users may avoid downloading or installing the software.

Code Signing Certificate offered by certificate authorities is used throughout the industry from small to big software development companies. Likewise, all rely upon code signing certificates to authenticate themselves as a genuine software development company and prove their software/application hasn't been tampered with.

Name of Platform Validation List Price Our Price  
Java Code Signing Business/Individual $149.17/yr. $39.99/yr. Buy Now
Windows Code Signing Business/Individual $149.17/yr. $39.99/yr. Buy Now
Adobe Air Code Signing Business/Individual $149.17/yr. $39.99/yr. Buy Now
Authenticode Signing Business/Individual $149.17/yr. $39.99/yr. Buy Now
Visual Studio Code Signing Business/Individual $149.17/yr. $39.99/yr. Buy Now
Enterprise Code Signing Business/Individual $149.17/yr. $39.99/yr. Buy Now
Mozilla Code Signing Business/Individual $149.17/yr. $39.99/yr. Buy Now

Key Features & Benefits of Having Code Signing Certificates

Below are features and benefits you get once you digitally sign your software using a code signing certificate offered by respected certificate authorities like Sectigo or Comodo:

  • Maximize Distribution

    Once you digitally code sign your software or an application, your company name gets embedded with the signature that proves your software is coming from the authentic source. Therefore, third-party distribution websites and other platforms will accept your software, which means your software distribution will maximize compared to those unsigned ones.

  • Reduction in Security Warning

    The digital signature is accepted and recognized by web browsers and operating systems. Therefore, once you digitally sign your software, it'll remove warning messages like unknown publishers while reducing other security warnings that create doubts about your software's authenticity.

  • Supports Both 32-Bit As Well as 64-Bit File Formats

    Code signing certificate offered by globally known certificate authorities such as Sectigo and Comodo supports both the file formats. Therefore, no matter whether you're building software or an application for the 32-bit operating system or 64-bit, it'll be compatible with both, and you won't be required to purchase another software signing certificate.

  • The Integrity of Your Software

    Code signing is the technique that puts a digital signature on the software, executables, and application. Likewise, at the time of download or installation, its authenticity and integrity are verified by these digital signatures of the certificate authorities that are well recognized by the browser and operating system.

  • Unlimited Signing

    With one code signing certificate, you're allowed to digitally sign as many software and application you want till it doesn't expire. So, for example, if you've bought a code signing certificate of two years validity, you're allowed to sign unlimited software and application for an entire two years without any problem.

  • Increased Revenues

    Third-party software publishing websites and network platforms have increasingly made it mandatory to accept software from those who have followed a code signing process using trusted code signing certificates from CAs like Sectigo. Therefore, if you're a small software development company, it'll be beneficial as you'll gain customer trust and increase your brand awareness, which means an increase in revenue.

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