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Name of Product Validation Issuance Time List Price Our Price  
Sectigo Code Signing Business 1-5 Days $402.33/yr. $210.99/yr.
Sectigo Code Signing Individual Business 1-5 Days $402.33/yr. $210.99/yr.
Sectigo EV Code Signing Extended 1-5 Days $498.00/yr. $274.99/yr.

Sectigo is among the leading and globally trusted brands with over two decades of experience and 700,000+ customers worldwide. It's one of the trusted digital identity solution providers, including Code Signing Certificates in an affordable price range, making it one of the good choices for small to big companies.

Headquartered in New Jersey, USA, Sectigo offers businesses a complete range of web and software security solutions. Similarly, Code Signing Certificates help protect your identity by digital signature that assures your software users it's safe to use while minimizing security warning messages.

Starting June 1, 2023, code signing certificate keys must be stored on a hardware security module or token that’s certified as FIPS 140 Level 2, Common Criteria EAL 4+, or equivalent.

Sectigo Code Signing Certificates – Features & Benefits

Sectigo Code Signing Certificates offers below features and benefits:

  • Increased Download & Revenue

    Once you digitally sign your software, your digital signature and company name get embedded into the software. Likewise, that digital signature works as a visible indication that your software is signed using a code signing certificate issued from respected Certificate Authority (CA) Sectigo, and the CA has authenticated the company's legitimacy. In return, your software will get recognized, and it'll help increase the download rate and sales, which also increases revenue.

  • Sign Both 32-Bit & 64-Bit File Formats

    Sectigo Code Signing Certificate supports both 32-bit and 64-bit software file formats, making it feasible for software developers who develop Windows software and applications. Henceforth, once you get your software signing certificate issued, you'll be able to codesign your software, executables, applications in both the format 32-bit and 64-bit quickly.

  • Company's Legitimacy

    Once the software is digitally code-signed, the digital signature can be verified by all the users. Likewise, the digital signature works as a visible indication that the software author has been authenticated by the Certificate Authority (CA) by making the company go through a vetting process where they were required to submit government-issued documents to prove the company's legitimacy.

  • The integrity of the Software

    Code Signing Certificate ensures software users that the code of the signed software hasn't been altered, and it's safe to trust for the purpose it's built. On the other hand, users get notified during installation through warning messages if someone tries to alter its digitally signed code.

  • Unlimited Signing Till Certificate Is Valid

    Once a code signing certificate gets issued, you'll be able to digitally code sign your software or an application until its validity date doesn't surpass. In other words, you can code sign hundreds of software every week without any problem till the validity period of your code signing certificate doesn't get over.

  • Timestamping to Freeze Your Signature

    When you digitally sign your software, you can use a Timestamping feature that allows you to keep your signature valid even after your code signing certificate expires. In other words, it freezes your signature and keeps it valid forever, and won't create any warning for your users who has installed the software like other software does that hasn't been timestamped.

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I purchased a code signing certificate as a beginner and have got helpful customer support to go through the necessary process and use it for my product.

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My best experience ever purchasing a code signing certificate. I love the certificate; the token is delivered to a central portal where I can find it anytime.

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