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Be free from the frets of physical security modules and start using the Code Signing Certificates remotely with CI/CD integration leverages.

Name of Product Validation Issuance Time List Price Our Price  
Azure Key Vault Code Signing Certificate Business 1-5 Days $465.73/yr. $369.99/yr.
Azure Key Vault EV Code Signing Certificate Extended 1-5 Days $652.40/yr. $519.99/yr.

To support the development teams with a streamlined software signing procedure, Code Signing with Cloud is a top-notch technology. It is highly preferred for developers working remotely and organizations offering software development outsourcing services.

Cloud-based certificates are way more efficient than physical hardware security module-based certificates. From benefitting from remote access to a certificate and no need for an HSM token to integrate with DevOps methodology, it's an avant-garde tech that every business should avail. In addition, it helps to eliminate the need to maintain manual logs, configure physical security controls, and handle the USB token.

Further, its signing and timestamping capabilities are up to the mark, ensuring the signing of unlimited software, drivers, and firmware files. In addition, it helps you effortlessly handle all the certificates from a single interface, sign the applications with the correct one, and release them per the defined timeline.

Exclusive Cloud Code Signing Service Use Cases

Software Development Software Development

The cloud code signing certificate is leveraged to make software authentic from any location. You can access it remotely and sign the software and associated updates to release it for the stakeholders and target audience.

Driver Development Driver Development

With the help of cloud-code signing, ensuring the driver's authenticity and integrity becomes a straightforward task. It supports removing warnings across operating systems and helps improve the brand's trustworthiness.

Centralized Management Centralized Management

These remotely available code signing certs can be accessed, utilized, and managed from any location. You only need to log in to your cloud managing interface to perform signing and timestamping for software, driver, etc.

IoT Firmware IoT Firmware

Cloud code signing solution is the most helpful mechanism to sign IoT firmware. It connects with the network to push firmware updates to all devices simultaneously. The devices will be updated constantly, retaining performance.

DigiCert Software Trust Manager

DigiCert Software Trust Manager

Leverage automated code signing with CI/CD integration and policy-driven approach to secure your Software Against Supply Chain Attacks. Effortlessly Sign your Code, Protect your Private Key, remove malware and eliminate unauthorized access.

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How Cloud Code Signing Service Benefits Business?

Streamline Software Release Streamline Software Release

The cloud code signing certificates can be integrated with the CI/CD pipeline, leveraging the development team to automate software signing rather than undergoing the hurdles of finding the person who has the hardware module.

Removes Warning and Alerts Removes Warning and Alerts

Like any other Code signing certificate, the cloud certificate functions the same. It makes the applications, firmware, and driver authentic, helping you remove warnings and alerts from end-user devices during installation.

Improve Authenticity Improve Authenticity

The digital signature embedded using a cloud code signing certificate supports improving customers' trust in the brand due to zero installation warnings. Also, online app stores recommend the application to users.

Unbounded Signinge Unbounded Signing

Once you purchase a cloud-based certificate, it provides unlimited software signing until its expiration. You can sign as many applications, drivers, and firmware as possible without any extra charges or quality loss.

access Access from Anywhere

For remote development teams, cloud code signing is the most reliable approach. The authorized team member can access the certificate remotely, sign the software, and release it per the defined business policies.

validity.svg Retains Software Validity

Along with signing, you can also timestamp software remotely from your preferred location. It helps to retain the code integrity, authenticity, and brand trust across the operating system, even after the certificate expires.

Outstanding Cloud Signing Platform Features

Cloud based signing, also referred as Code signing as a service is one of the primary needs of both on-premises and remote software development teams. It aids in streamlining the signing procedure and removes the hassle of handling the physical hardware security module. In addition, its integration with cloud infrastructure offers the leverages below:

  • Eliminates Physical HSM Need

    The cloud-based security module stores the code signing certificate, which can be accessed remotely like any other cloud resource. Due to this, you don't need to buy a physical HSM, handle it, and fret about its security.

  • Offers Comfort and Convenience

    The comfort that comes with a cloud is unmatchable. It frees you from the tasks of managing the hardware security module and maintaining the logs. It helps to save money by removing the physical control requirement.

  • Complete Visibility

    You are not required to maintain any logs manually to track the usage of the code signing certificate. You can directly check the cloud infrastructure logs to learn who signed the software, which version of it, and when.

  • Faster Delivery

    To receive a cloud code signing certificate, you don't have to wait for your physical HSM parcel to get delivered. Once you pass the validation, the cloud certificate gets delivered to the defined secure storage instantly.

  • Seamlessly Integrates

    The cloud code signing certificates are highly flexible, enabling their integration within the CI/CD pipeline for automated software signing. Also, you can use it while developing apps following Agile and DevOps methodology.

  • Additional Private Key Security

    The private keys avails of additional security configured to protect cloud infrastructure. Also, the cloud providers aids in aligning with industry, regulatory and administrative standards, ensuring authorized certificate usage.

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