DigiCert Software Trust Manager

Avail of a centralized certificate management platform, supporting the streamline certificate lifecycle, automating software signing, and maintaining private key security.

DigiCert Software Trust Manager is a reliable platform for safeguarding private keys and ensuring the authorized usage of code-signing certificates. It supports preventing supply chain attacks with a policy-driven approach and malware analysis of the executable files. In addition, the trust manager offers enterprise-grade secure code signing, CI/CD integration, and SBOM (Software Bill of Material).

Further, the SBOM helps your stakeholders to understand what’s included in the package, enabling them to make better installation decisions. Due to this, the system becomes thoroughly transparent, leading the operating systems to remove unauthorized additional files and eliminate vulnerabilities. Thus, your code integrity and user trust are retained and grown.


Features and Pros of DigiCert Software Trust Manager

Constant Log Maintenance

Constant Log Maintenance

The software trust manager generates a log for every action, offering details about who signed which software and at what date and time.

CI/CD Integration

CI/CD Integration

The DigiCert Software Trust manager gets integrated with the CI/CD pipeline, enabling the automation of the signing task per defined policies.

Complete Private Key Security

Complete Private Key Security

DigiCert ensures complete integrity and confidentiality of the private key of all the certificates added to the platform.

Usage of Top Tools

Usage of Top Tools

It enables you to use your favorite code signing tools, including OpenSSL, Sign4j, SignTool, NuGet, Jarsigner, Keytool, Mage, etc.

Permission Configuration

Permission Configuration

You can add certificate access and usage permissions per role and responsibilities of a person to solidify the security.

All-Round Access

All-Round Access

The platform offers sign-in functionality through an API, web interface, and other third-party integrations.

All Platform Support

All Platform Support

You can sign any software, application, driver, and firmware for Windows 10, Java, iOS, Docker, all browsers, and other significant platforms.

Signing Policy Enforcement

Signing Policy Enforcement

You can define custom policies, defining which developers and other team members are allowed to use which code signing certificate.

Threat Detection

Threat Detection

The ReversingLabs functionality helps to detect malware, leading development teams to release only the correct codebase instead of the corrupted one.

Centralized Management

Centralized Management

The all-in-one platform enables users to manage, code signing certificates, and comply with security and business policies while making software authentic.

How To Use DigiCert Software Trust Manager to Safeguard Software?

  • Buy a Code Signing Certificate, compatible with DigiCert Software Trust Manager.

    Purchase a relevant code signing certificate according to the validation level requirement. In addition, choose a delivery method, whether you need it in the CA-provided HSM, your own HSM, or in the cloud.

  • Undergo the Enrollment Procedure

    Fill out the enrollment form provided by the Certificate Authority and provide the details as required. Primarily, you need to input the business details per government records to help CA verify your legitimacy. However, the enrollment procedure can change according to the delivery method.

  • Pass the Validation Procedure

    After recovering all your details, the CA will start verifying them by analyzing the information from government databases. Once all the details are stated as correct and legitimate, you will pass the validation process.

  • Receive the Code Signing Certificate and Create a DigiCert ONE Account

    Receive the code signing certificate from CA in the hardware security module and create an account on the DigiCert ONE platform simultaneously. The software trust manager is a part of the DigiCert ONE, so you need an account for it.

  • Configure the Account, Add the Certificate and Sign

    Sign in to the DigiCert ONE account and navigate to the DigiCert Software Trust Manager configuration. It will provide an interface to add users, define policies, and configure the platform to utilize the issued code signing certificate.

    After the configuration, test it by signing a sample software file. You can use any of your preferred signing tools at your convenience.

  • Verify the Sign

    Once you sign a file, try to install it on another system to verify whether the system shows a warning for it. In addition, go to file properties and check the certificate details. If everything seems correct, you are ready to use the DigiCert Software Trust Manager.

Enterprise Platform Integration

DigiCert Software Trust Manager is an advanced platform that helps businesses manage and use code-signing certificates from a centralized portal. Easily integrate with enterprise systems and platforms for seamless experience.

  • CI/CD Platforms: GitLab, Azure DevOps, Apache ANT, Jenkins, Apache Maven, CircleCI, Gradle
  • Client-Side Libraries: PKCS11, Apple CryptoTokenKit, Microsoft KSP (for Authenticode, Mage, Nuget, Clickonce), SmartCard Daemon
  • OS & Platforms: Android, Debian, Docker Notary, GPG, Java, Linux, OpenSSL, RPM, XML
  • Application Testing: ReversingLabs
  • Marketplace Plug-In: Azure Visual Studio Marketplace, GitHub, Jenkins
  • HSMs & DPOD (Data Protection on Demand): Thales

Frequently Asked Questions

For Which Purposes can I use DigiCert Software Trust Manager?

You can use DigiCert software trust manager for the following purposes:

  • To create, import, and manage the keypairs.
  • To code sign the executable files of all significant kinds.
  • To log the code signing activities and audit them.
  • To release the signed software, firmware, and drivers.

What is a DigiCert ONE account?

The DigiCert software trust manager is a component of the DigiCert ONE platform. Therefore, if you want to use the trust manager, the only way is to create a DigiCert ONE account.

What are the top features of DigiCert Software Trust Manager?

The top features of the DigiCert software trust manager are as follows:

  • It maintains the integrity and confidentiality of private keys.
  • It allows remote workers to access the certificate and sign the code.
  • It helps in detecting malware threats.
  • It aids in defining and implementing code signing policies per role and responsibilities.
  • It allows only authorized users to access digital certificates with its MFA (Multi-factor Authentication).

What are the top Use Cases?

The primary use case of DigiCert trust manager is the signing of executable files, including APK, KSP, OVA, OVF, Visual Studio, XML, XML detached, HLK, HCK, Docker, Container, ClickOne, JWT, PKCS11 and more.

Which Signing Tools are Compatible with the Trust Manager platform?

All the majorly used signing tools are compatible with this platform. The list includes, but not limited to:

Currently, you must prefer availing the one from the following list, as they all fulfill the CA/B and Sectigo’s requirements:

  • jSign
  • Mage
  • OpenSSL
  • NuGet
  • Podman
  • Sign4j
  • P11tool
  • SignTool
  • Jarsigner
  • Keytool and more

Can I integrate the trust manager with the CI/CD pipeline?

Yes, you can integrate DigiCert software trust manager with your DevOps operations and automate the code signing process. It also helps in the efficient management of digital certificates per business policies.

Which certificate security controls does DigiCert trust manager offer?

The security controls offered by this platform are:

  • Roaming, dynamic, and static usage models
  • User confirmation functionality
  • User authentication and authorization
  • Mapping for key handling
  • Integration with cloud HSM

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