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Release the secure software, drivers, and firmware by signing them with a reliable code signing certificate, powered by robust CAs and sturdy algorithms.

Name of Product Validation Issuance Time List Price Our Price  
Certera Code Signing Business 1-5 Days $402.33/yr. $199.99/yr.
Comodo Code Signing Individual Business 1-5 Days $402.33/yr. $210.99/yr.
Comodo Code Signing Business 1-5 Days $402.33/yr. $210.99/yr.
Sectigo Code Signing Business 1-5 Days $402.33/yr. $210.99/yr.
Sectigo Code Signing Individual Business 1-5 Days $402.33/yr. $210.99/yr.
Certera EV Code Signing Extended 1-5 Days $498.00/yr. $269.99/yr.
Comodo EV Code Signing Extended 1-5 Days $498.00/yr. $274.99/yr.
Sectigo EV Code Signing Extended 1-5 Days $498.00/yr. $274.99/yr.
Digicert Code Signing Business 1-5 Days $465.73/yr. $369.99/yr.
Azure Key Vault Code Signing Certificate Business 1-5 Days $465.73/yr. $369.99/yr.
Azure Key Vault EV Code Signing Certificate Extended 1-5 Days $652.40/yr. $519.99/yr.
Digicert EV Code Signing Extended 1-5 Days $652.40/yr. $519.99/yr.
Starting June 1, 2023, code signing certificate keys must be stored on a hardware security module or token that’s certified as FIPS 140 Level 2, Common Criteria EAL 4+, or equivalent.

In the software development and publishing realm, a code signing certificate stands as an essential aspect. It’s one of the most critical security components that helps maintain the code integrity and build the publisher’s authenticity across operating systems and other digital platforms.

Code Signing Certificates are issued by Certificate Authorities such as Certera, Sectigo (Formerly Comodo), DigiCert, who validate the organization, helping to establish themselves as legit software publishers. In addition, these digital certificates offer a timestamping facility to retain the software validity throughout its active period. Further, regardless of the size and type, you should always choose and get a code signing certificate for the best-in-class software security, prevention of unauthorized modification, and compliance with required standards.

Features & Benefits of Buying Code Signing Certificate

List of Features and advantages of code signing

Unknown Publisher Warning Removal

Unknown Publisher Warning Removal

Your end-users will never see an Unknown Publisher Warning, and their trust will be built while installing your software signed with an authentic Code Signing Certificate.

100% Code Authenticity

100% Code Authenticity

The signing certificate will help you achieve code integrity and confidentiality objectives. Once signed, no one can read the executable file's content.

Boosts Publisher Reputation

Boosts Publisher Reputation

Passing the code signing certificate validation procedure establishes you as a verified software publisher, providing end-users confidence that the software is legit and non-malicious.

Builds Customer Trust

Builds Customer Trust

Signed software and applications are always preferred, as when the customers install it without seeing a warning, they tend to trust the brand and use its products more.

Fulfils SmartScreen Filter Criteria

Fulfils SmartScreen Filter Criteria

With EV Code Signing Certificate, you can instantly fulfil the SmartScreen criteria and provide an effortless installation process on all the latest Windows OS platforms.

Aligns to Industry Policies

Aligns to Industry Policies

Signing software supports you in complying with policies defined by app stores and other digital platforms to publish the executable for end-user download.

Compatible on All Platforms

Compatible on All Platforms

The certificates from authorized CAs are compatible with all digital platforms, signing tools, and cloud-based HSM, enabling to sign apps, firmware, and drivers.

Prevent Software Expiration

Prevent Software Expiration

With timestamping functionality, you can make the software valid for “n” number of periods, even after your certificate expires and you don’t renew it.

How to Order and Install Code Signing Certificate?

  • Purchase Code Signing Certificate with Appropriate Delivery Mode

    Based on CA, the provisioning process is different! Choose the suitable delivery method among Standard (Token + Shipping Provided by CA) or Use existing Token/HSM such as YubiKey, FIPS HSM, Luna, etc.

  • Complete the Enrollment Process

    After placing the order, you will email about the enrollment process, or you can start by the enroll link on Thank page or your Dashboard. Based on your selected delivery mode, the enrollment process will be changed. CA will handle the CSR step if you use a standard token provisioning process. You need to submit basic details about you and your organization.

  • Complete Validation Process

    Once you submit the enrolment form, CA will contact you and ask you to submit gov-approved documents to verify the identity. Depending on your certificate type, it may include a government-issued ID, organization details, physical address, phone number, and verification call.

  • Insurance and Setup your Token-Based Code Signing Certificate

    After successful validation, CA will send you a certificate with a secure key stored on the physical token to your address. You need to install or activate the token on your computer as per the mentioned instruction via mail!

  • Sign your Code or Executables

    Once you successfully plugin and initiate your token, you can sign your executable files using unique token credentials and SignTool or commands; then, you are all set to use your signed code signing certificate!

  • Test your Signed EXE and View Certificate Details

    It's the last and final step to cross-verify your signed exe before making it live. You can do it by uploading it on the test URL, downloading the test code, and checking out the properties of the certificate details. That's all!

Download user guide
Key Vault

How to Create a Key Vault, Generate CSR and Import Code Signing Certificate to Azure KeyVault?

Want to secure your software or package on Microsoft Azure Cloud Services? Follow the Video and tutorials to learn Code Signing with Azure KeyVault. From Creating CSR to Import Code Signing Certificate.

Code Signing Certificates

How to Process & Install Code Signing Certificate Using Yubikey Manager?

Do you have any query regarding Code Signing Certificate Validation or Installation Process? Please check out our video tutorial & follow our step-by-step guide & make your code signing validation & installation process easy.

Code Signing Certificates for Software Vendors and Organizations

Unsigned Applications
Not Signed
Signed Applications

Whether an individual developer or an organization needs to publish software, a code signing certificate is compulsory. It's essential for all aspects, from removing Unknown Publisher Warning to boosting downloads and minimizing cyber-threats.

With the utilization of code signing, a developer and an organization can establish themselves as legit publisher. It leads to publishing and providing their application through all significant digital platforms, such as Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and more. In addition, signing helps in maintaining code integrity and preventing software forging.

Who needs Code Signing Certificate?

Writing code to develop software doesn’t end the procedure, as making it secure and aligned with industry standards is also the task of the software developer/publisher. Code Signing Certificate is a reliable yet mandatory security solution for publishers who want to distribute their applications for commercial and personal use. Moreover, whether you have an internal application accessible only to employees, you must code-sign it to prevent unauthorized modifications.

SignMyCode offers the best-in-class Code Signing Certificates for single/freelance developers and organizations providing software to others. It offers digital certificates from only the highest Certificate Authorities, including Certera, DigiCert, Comodo, and Sectigo, and provides solutions per platform needs. With any certificate from SignMyCode, you can build your reputation, prevent malicious activities upon source code and eliminate warnings from the user experience.

Starting at $199.99/yr

Why choose SignMyCode to Buy Code Signing Certificate?

30% Faster Validation Compared to Other Vendors

We are solely dedicated to code signing certificates. Hence, our process doesn't get delayed. Similarly, we assure you your process will be faster than other vendors, and your Code Signing certificate will be issued faster once you submit all the required documents to complete the validation process.

Solely Focused on Code Signing Solution

As mentioned, we are 100% dedicated to code signing solutions. Hence, you can stay assured about getting the highest quality code signing certificate on the market at an inexpensive price. In addition, you get an expert team with decades of experience to help you with your order and technical queries.

One Click Automatic Tool

You get a 100% free GUI based automatic code signing tool that you can use for code signing your software, exe files, scripts, and applications with just one click of a button. In addition, you're even allowed to generate CSR and Private keys, so you don't have to worry about your information being transmitted over the internet.

Lowest Pricing for Code Signing

We get code signing certificates in bulk quantity, for which we get a heavy discount on the price. Therefore, it becomes possible for us to provide you code signing certificates at lower prices.

Money Back Guarantee

Customer with ‘Pending’ status order can be cancelled within 30 days from the date of purchase. But once order is activated/ Issued, it cannot be cancelled or refunded by the vendor.

24/7 Instant Support

Have any questions or issues regarding code signing certificates? Don't worry, we've got your back! We give 24/7 instant technical support through live chat and a ticketing system from our experts, who have years of experience.

Experience Accelerated Certificate Issuance with our Expert Team

Our team of code signing experts is dedicated to expediting your paperwork, ensuring a faster validation process.

  • We understand that navigating the paperwork requirements can be overwhelming, but with our assistance, you'll identify the simplest paperwork option for your country. We'll handle completing and submitting all necessary forms, streamlining the validation process for you.
  • Our knowledgeable support team is available round the clock to answer your questions about code signing. We are ready to assist you via phone, chat, or email. Whether you need guidance on the overall process or have specific inquiries, we'll provide prompt and helpful support.
  • A code signing experts’ team is equipped to troubleshoot and resolve problems swiftly. Rest assured, we'll work diligently to ensure a smooth and efficient validation experience.
  • Connect with us now through our convenient live chat feature or reach out to us via email. We're committed to delivering exceptional service and ensuring your code signing journey is seamless and hassle-free.
Experience Accelerated Certificate Issuance with our Expert Team

Documents Needed

Individual Code Signing

  1. Gov issued photo id and selfie holding the same
  2. If the id is without address then face to face verification needs to be done (they needs to sent notarized form provided by vendor)

Organization Code Sign

  1. Gov issued photo id and selfie holding the same
  2. Org must be registered online in business directories with phone no like DUNS or Professional Opinon Letter from Registered Finance Professional

EV Code Signing

  1. Approve Digital Ev agreement from Vendor
  2. Org must be registered online in business directories with phone no like DUNS or Professional Opinon Letter from Registered Finance Professional
  3. Org must be 3 years or older; if not additional business registered docs required for validation

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Get a Code Signing Certificate?

The process to get a code signing certificate is relatively easy. You can follow the below steps:

  • Step 1: Visit the
  • Step 2: Explore the range of IV, OV, and EV Code Signing Certificates from top CAs like Comodo, Sectigo, Certera, and DigiCert.
  • Step 3: Purchase your Code Signing Certificate.
  • Step 4: Generate CSR and complete the validation process.
  • Step 5: Receive the code signing certificate and private key from CA after successful validation.

What is the difference between an EV and a standard code signing certificate?

The following are top differences between an EV and a Standards code signing certificate:

  • EV builds your authenticity instantly, but the standard version takes some time to do so.
  • EV certificate ensures the elimination of SmartScreen warning, but with the standard, it’s not guaranteed.
  • EV is more recognized and preferred than a standard code signing certificate.
  • EV is required to publish hardware drivers, as standard certificates lack in this aspect.

What is Code Signing? Why is it Important?

Code Signing is the process of securing an executable file with the help of encryption and hashing algorithms. It’s used by developers and software publishers to make their software authentic and fulfil the criteria of software security systems. It helps in building the brand’s reputation, prevents unauthorized code modification, and increases downloads.

How much does a code signing certificate cost?

As per the current market, a code signing certificate ranges from $200 to $600. But, at SignMyCode, you can purchase an avant-garde code signing certificate starting at only $199.99/year.

Which Certificate Should I Buy If I am an Individual Developer?

Individual Validation (IV) Code Signing Certificate is a perfect solution for individual developers. It’s highly affordable, gets issued quickly, and uses a strong encryption and hashing algorithm.

Which Code Signing Certificate Is Best for Me?

If you're a small software company or someone who will make an initial release of the software, then Standard Code Signing Certificate is good to go. And, if you're an established software development company whose sales profits depend upon software and customer trust is of utmost importance, then an EV Code Signing certificate is recommended.

How to Get a Free Code Signing Certificate?

No, getting a free digital software signing certificate is impossible, and you'll be required to buy a Code Signing Certificate from our store. Certificate authorities spend a huge amount of money to get themselves recognized and meet CA/Browser Forum and Microsoft Windows specifications and policies. Therefore, it's not possible to provide it for free.

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My best experience ever purchasing a code signing certificate. I love the certificate; the token is delivered to a central portal where I can find it anytime.

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