Free Code Signing Certificate – For Limited Time Period

Free Code Signing Certificate for Limited Time

As all software publishers are concerned about their code integrity and reputation, they select the best code signing certificate provider. Still, some search for the free code signing certificate.

Now, you must be thinking, is there anything like a free code sign certificate. And, if it is, then from where you can avail of it.

Code Signing Certificate is an integral part of executable files. And mainly, a publisher purchases it from an authorized vendor and provider. So, let’s move further to know whether you can obtain it for free or not.

Unleashing the Most Awaited Answer: Free Code Sign Certificate, Fact or Reality?

Code Signing Certificate is a mandatory and crucial component of any software. You can purchase it at a minimal price, as numerous digital certificate vendors are available online.

However, various publishers try to find a free version of the Software Signing Certificate. And the result for all of them is primarily the same. They don’t find any reliable Code Signing Certificate Provider offering the solution free of cost.

Moreover, as per industry experts, Free Code Signing Certificate is entirely a myth or a malicious trap to breach data. Whether an organization or an individual publisher, no one steps back when a crucial security solution is available freely.

And the attackers take advantage of it. They utilize social engineering and other hacking tactics to trap the audience. As a result, hackers seamlessly gain unauthorized access and sometimes even start a ransomware attack with it.

Although, there’s also a marketing perspective behind the free Code Signing Certificate.

The increasing competition between Code Signing Certificate distributors utilizes a different sales strategy. And offering a free solution is one of them.

Vendors display the free tag with a product to sell it. And, after a fixed interval of one month, three months, or a year, they ask customers to pay to continue its utilization. You can find such Code Signing Certificates across the internet for free or for trial.

Hence, there’s nothing like Free Code Signing Certificate, whether it’s a malicious solution or a marketing tactic to boost sales.

Why Certificate Authorities don’t provide Free Code Signing Certificate?

If SSL/TLS Certificates can be free, why not Code Signing Certificates? Having such a query is correct, as both are security solutions for maintaining data integrity.

However, there’s a primary difference between SSL and Code Signing Certificate. Let’s have a look at it to clear all your doubts.

SSL Certificate encrypts the data and maintains a secure transmission channel between the browser and server. And its primary purpose is to enable HTTPS connection. Although, its free version is only available for the Domain Validation level, where CA doesn’t verify the business legitimacy.

In the case of a Code Signing Certificate, whether it’s an Individual, OV, or EV certificate, CA has to validate the software publisher. Certificate Authority has to process the publisher’s documents and guarantee legitimacy by embedding its root certificate.

CAS invests in the following aspects, making publishers pay for Code Signing Certificate:

  • Configuring and maintaining the assets to process the data.
  • Recruitment and training of human resources for performing the validation operation.
  • Updating the storage and security systems to keep the data integrity.

All the mentioned processes get completed by investing money. Therefore, to continue business operations and upgrade mechanisms for customers, CAs charge a minimal amount.

Is Cheap Code Signing Certificates Safer?

While purchasing Cheap Code Signing Certificate, most people doubt it. They are afraid about whether the operating system will recognize it. Whether it will provide appropriate quality and performance or not. Such thoughts are common when anyone views the same code signing certificate at different prices.

The reason behind such a difference is a partnership with Certificate Authorities. You will find numerous Code Signing Certificate resellers when you search the internet. Although, only a few are registered partners of the CAs, such as Sectigo, Comodo, and DigiCert.

Certificate Authorities offer compensation and discounts to their distributor partners. Further, resellers provide discounts to their customers, individual publishers, and organizations.

Hence, the vendors get the certificates at less, selling them at a low price. It helps the vendor increase sales, enhance its customer base, and optimize revenue.

So, if you are buying a cheap code signing certificate from a reputed vendor, it will assuredly maintain the code integrity.

Obtain Code Signing Certificate

The Reality Behind Where to Buy Free Code Sign Certificate?

You must be getting many results when you search for the free code signing certificate on any search engine. And, after viewing them, you must be thinking that if it is available for free, then why should I pay for it?

As we discussed above, there’s nothing like Free Code Signing Certificate. An attacker is waiting for you to download its malicious certificate, or a vendor is trying to increase its sale.

In addition to this, you will also find blogs, articles, and various other online content, spreading awareness about free certificate scams. Most of the content is from Certificate Authorities and their partnered vendors, such as SignMyCode.

Authentic and reliable distributors don’t want their customers to get duped. Hence, they always provide appropriate suggestions, advice, and information. It would help if you always trusted only the CA partner resellers, as they want users to get protected.

How to Find Best Code Signing Certificate Provider?

To obtain the best-in-class Code Signing Certificate, you must purchase it from a genuine provider.

You can follow the below-listed aspects for the most precise selection.

Buy CertificatesPrice
OV Code Signing Certificate$199.99/yr
EV Code Signing Certificate$269.99/yr
Individual Code Signing$199.99/yr
  • Always confirm the types of Software Signing Certificates getting offered by the provider. You should select the source, having Individual, OV, and EV Code Signing Certificate to cater to all your dynamic needs.
  • Check whether you will get the support services available or not. If the provider doesn’t offer support, it can be difficult for you to resolve any general and technical queries.
  • Analyze the provider’s customer feedback, popularity, and reputation across multiple online platforms and websites.
  • Ensure that the supplier is providing the timestamping and limitless software signing functionality. It saves money; you don’t have to buy a separate certificate. Also, you make your executable files valid even after the certificate expires.
  • Assess the price of different certificate providers and calculate the return on investment to choose according to your requirement.


Code Signing Certificate is a primary element supporting maintaining source code integrity. To obtain it, publishers have to purchase from the authorized provider. But, there are various misconceptions and need for clarification about its availability for free.

Certificate Authorities spend a lot on validating applicants’ documents and storing them. Moreover, CAs must consistently upgrade their system for issuing the Software Signing Certificates, aligning with industry standards. As a result, they charge a nominal fee to cover expenses.

However, if you still find any website displaying free publisher signing certificates, it must be malicious, or a vendor is trying to increase its sales.

Therefore, reputed Certificate Authorities and distributors don’t provide free code signing certificates.

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