What is Code Signing? Benefits of DigiCert Code Signing Certificates

Benefits of DigiCert Code Signing

Whether you’re someone who creates computer software or just uses it, it’s essential to know about the code signing process. It is crucial to do so, as this is one of the methods that help you keep your computer safe and secure.

Now, it might be possible that after reading the above content, you start wondering what code signing is and why it is important. It that’s the case, don’t worry more and read the answer below:

Code signing is a security measure that ensures the authenticity and integrity of computer software. In layman’s terms, code signing is a way to ensure that the software (code) you’re downloading or installing (executing) is from a trusted source and has not been modified or tampered with in any way after release.

In this article, we will explore code signing in great detail!

What is Code Signing Certificate?

A code signing certificate is used to sign various types of software, executable files, drivers, etc., in order to confirm the authenticity of the software and also validate the publisher’s identity.

In layman’s terms, a code signing certificate is a unique digital certificate used to sign various software and executable files. Its primary purpose is to serve as proof confirming the software’s authenticity while validating its publisher’s identity.

The code signing certificate is issued by a trusted third-party organization, commonly called a certification authority (CA). In order to create the certificate, the CA employs a secure cryptographic process that generates a unique digital signature that is then attached to the software file.

The end-user’s computer can examine this signature to ensure the software has not been unlawfully modified or altered since it was signed. Let’s explore this in detail in the article’s next section.

How DigiCert Code Signing Works

How Does Code Signing Work?

Code signing works by using a digital signature to verify the authenticity and integrity of software.

How DigiCert Code Signing Works

In order to understand how code signing works in a better way, we have broken down the complete process into various steps.

  1. First, the developer creates the software and Purchase code signing certificate from a trusted certification authority (CA).
  2. The CA then issues the certificate to the developer after verifying their identity.
  3. Once the developer receives the certificate, he/she uses the certificate to create a digital signature. The developer adds the created digital signature to their software or code using a unique private key. (The reason for doing so is that this signature will act as a confirmation or proof that the software has not been tampered with since it was signed.)
  4. When users download the signed software, their application or system software uses a public key to decrypt the signature. (The reason for doing so is it ensures that the software came from the developer who signed it.)
  5. The system or the machine looks for a “root” certificate with an identity it recognizes or trusts to authenticate the signature. (The system checks to see if a trusted certification authority (CA) issued the certificate used to sign the software.)
  6. The system then compares the hash that was used to sign the application against the hash on the downloaded application. (The hash is like a unique digital fingerprint that helps to ensure the software has not been altered since it was signed.)
  7. If the hashes match and the system trusts the root, the download or execution continues. (If something like this happens, the software is considered safe and authentic, and the user can use it as intended.)
  8. If the hashes do not match or the system does not trust the root, the system gives a warning and interrupts the download. (If something like this happens, the software may be unsafe, and the user should not use it.)

Best Website to Buy Code Signing Certificate

Buying a code signing certificate from a trusted CAs website is highly advisable, and DigiCert is one of the most reputable and trusted providers of digital certificates, including code signing certificates.

You can also use the SignMyCode website for the same, as it is among the top trusted signing certificate provider, and the price of each of the certificates available on this site is quite low compared to other websites offering the same services.

DigiCert provides two types of code signing certificates: EV and OV certificates. EV (Extended Validation) Code Signing Certificates are capable of providing the highest level of validation in the Authenticode certificate world. You can use these certifications to sign Windows 10 Kernel Mode drivers.

Standard code signing certificates are called OV or Organization Validation level certificates. You can use these certificates to sign drivers preceding Windows 10 versions.

DigiCert Code Signing Certificate CTA

Reasons to Get DigiCert Code Signing Certificate

Apart from this, there are “n” number of reasons to choose the DigiCert to buy code signing certificate, such as:

Reputation and Trust:

DigiCert is an industry leader with 20+ years of experience in the digital certificate industry. Top companies and organizations around the world trust them.

High Assurance:

DigiCert’s code signing certificates offer high assurance, providing strong authentication and verifying the software publisher’s identity. This helps ensure that end-users can trust the software they download.

Easy to Use:

DigiCert Code Signing Certificates can be purchased and installed quickly and easily. The website also offers a variety of tools and resources to help users throughout the process.

Strong Encryption:

DigiCert uses robust encryption algorithms to protect the integrity of the code signing certificate and the signed code. This helps ensure the code cannot be altered or modified without detection.

Customer Support:

DigiCert provides excellent customer support (24*7), with a team of experts available to help with any questions or issues.

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What are the Benefits of DigiCert Code Signing Certificate?

Now that we know why to choose the DigiCert to buy code signing certificates let’s explore the benefits of DigiCert Code Signing Certificate. DigiCert Code Signing Certificate provides various benefits, such as:

Protects your Code:

DigiCert code signing certificates help ensure your code is genuine and hasn’t been changed by bad people. This helps prevent fraud, malware, and theft, which are bad for you and your customers.

Prevents Warning Messages from Popping up:

When people download software, they don’t want to see scary warning messages. Signing your code digitally using a DigiCert code signing certificate will help you prevent these warnings from popping up, thus eventually increasing the number of people using your software.

Helps in Monitoring and Enforcement:

If someone changes your code, you can tell. When you digitally sign your code using a DigiCert code signing certificate, it gets significantly easier to track what’s happening. Thus, if something goes haywire, you can fix it quickly.

Helps Meet the Platform Requirement:

People who distribute your software want to ensure their customers are safe. Hence, signing your code is often required to get your software out there. By using DigiCert code signing certificates, you can easily do so without any hassle.


In conclusion, code signing is a crucial security measure that helps ensure the authenticity and integrity of computer software. To verify the identity of a software publisher and ensure that the software being installed has not been modified since its release, the code signing process involves using a digital signature.

Hence, having a good understanding of code signing is crucial for both software creators and users to enhance computer security.

A code signing certificate is a unique digital certificate used to sign various software and executable files, confirming the software’s authenticity while validating its publisher’s identity.

Buying a code signing certificate from a trusted CAs is highly recommended. This is so because it is one of the trusted CAs website, that provides high assurance and strong encryption that increases the user’s confidence when installing a new software on their machines.

Get DigiCert Code Signing at Lowest Price

Leverage the benefits of higher level security and protection for your software and executables using globally trusted DigiCert Code Signing Certificate.

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