EasyAntiCheat Code Signing Certificate Error: Causes and How to Fix?

Easy Anti Cheat Errors

In online gaming, one of the foremost priorities is safety and honesty to guarantee that players are treated fairly while enjoying an exciting game. Game developers most often use an anti-cheat protection software called EasyAntiCheat (EAC) to prevent unfairness and unbalanced advantage of players.

Some users will have to deal with an “Error Validating EasyAntiCheat Code Signing Certificate” text when launching a game, and EAC is used to protect it. This mistake is annoying and very discouraging that players may end up avoiding their favorite games.

In this guided repair manual, see how we will explain what this error is and why it occurs and provide you with the appropriate solutions to help you recover and get back to your adventures.

What is the “Error Validating Runtime EasyAntiCheat Certificate”?

The “Error Validating EasyAntiCheat Code Signing Certificate” is an error message displayed by EasyAntiCheat when it fails to validate the digital signature of its code signing certificate. This certificate here plays the role of one, making the EasyAntiCheat software impenetrable to all kinds of modifications.

The EasyAntiCheat service does not provide access to the software if it cannot verify the digital signature of its code signing certificate. Simply put, it thinks that the software has been manipulated or hacked, and as a security precaution, it does not let a user run the game. This way, it gives him a chance to protect himself against potentially harmful software.

Why does this Error Happen?

The “Error Validating EasyAntiCheat Code Signing Certificate” can occur due to various reasons, including:

Outdated or Corrupted System Files:

If the computer system lacks particular system files generally in charge of digital certificate validation or has older software that isn’t updated, corrupted, or lost, EasyAntiCheat may find it hard to confirm its code signing certificate.

Antivirus or Security Software Interference:

In some instances, some antivirus or network security software may accidentally block or interfere with the EasyAntiCheat sign-in process, an essential step in the authentication and validation of the code signing certificate. Therefore, an error might arise.

System Clock or Time Synchronization Issues:

The Clock on your local computer needs to be synchronized because date and time specify a range for certificate validity.

Incompatibility with Certain Operating Systems:

An error can be caused by the lack of proper compatibility between EasyAntiCheat software and an operating system version. For instance, old operating systems that may not support the appropriate security features could also interfere with the certificate validation mechanism.

Solutions for “Error Validating EasyAntiCheat Code Signing Certificate”

There are multiple ways to resolve the “Error Validating EasyAnticheat Code Signing Certificate” problem. Here are some practical solutions:

Update Windows and Install Pending Updates:

This is the main reason to keep the overlooking Windows operating system up to date, as it will resolve certificate verification errors and other software-related issues. Follow these steps to update Windows:

  • Mouse over the Start menu, and you will see the setting icon, click on the icon. Select “Update & Security” then Click “Windows Update“,” followed by “Check For Updates.”

  • Update all components if available and install specific security updates.

Temporarily Disable Antivirus or Security Software:

Your antivirus or security software may be disrupting the EasyAntiCheat in the sense of the digital signature validation system. You can stop your antivirus or any other security software during the gameplay to determine whether the issue can be resolved in this manner.

Sync Your System Clock:

Keeping timestamps of your system clocks correctly the system can help you deal with verification troubles of certificates. Follow these steps to synchronize your system clock:

  • On the right of your taskbar, identify Clock and right-click on it. Then, the output will be “Adjust date/time. Tap on “Set time automatically” to enable this option.

  • Click on the “Sync Now” button, which will set your computer clock to correspond to the official time service.

Run the Microsoft Code Signing Diagnostic Tool:

Microsoft offers a practical diagnosis tool to help other users tell their problems and repair them themselves. Signature Certificate recognition validation errors. Follow these steps to run the tool:

  • Get this tool from the Microsoft website officially to perform the Code Signing Diagnostic Tool. After installing the file, finish operating it, and follow the instructions you have on the screen for the diagnostic process.

  • The tool will help overcome problems in code signing certificate validation, such as problem fixing, not only the diagnosis.

Verify Your Code Signing Certificate Installation:

If you have recently set up a new code signing certificate or have made some tweaks in the current certificate setup, you have to go through the necessary process of verifying if the installation is in order and configured correctly.

Repair or Reset the EasyAntiCheat Service:

In other instances, editing or even replacing EasyAntiCheat can be successful in resolving the “Error Validating “EasyAntiCheat Code Signing Certificate” error. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Kick the “Start” menu and copy the “Services” name to the clipboard. Find “EasyAntiCheat” in the list with this command, then right-click it. Under “Properties” you have to click the “Recovery” tab. Select “Reset Failure Count” elapse the instead and define a desirable time frame (e.g., 1 day). You may click “OK” to save the changes made.

  • Go ahead and reboot once you have completed the required modifications.

Reinstall EasyAntiCheat and the Game:

If none of the proposed solutions is helpful, try reinstalling EasyAntiCheat and the game. It can be used in case of problems while running the program.

Research Update: As with those, Microsoft does not care at all about compatibility with versions such as Windows XP and Windows 7.

Some older operating systems, e.g., Windows XP and Windows 7, may be outdated in terms of support for EasyAntiCheat software and game developers. Often, older operating systems that do not have the required security features and updates for proper certificate checking and anti-cheat software are ready to use.

In the event that you are experiencing this error on Windows XP or Windows 7 since you are running on outdated operating systems (not those that are supported by companies), it is suggested that you upgrade to a more updated version of Windows.

While recent games are implementing anti-cheat systems, older games might still have their built-in security holes that allow cheating behaviors and sometimes even the entire game.


In a nutshell, while “Failure verifying EasyAntiCheat Action Signing Certification” marks a problematic hurdle in the gaming experience, the gamer is not able to enjoy their favorite game. Yet, applying the solutions mentioned in this guide will help you out to the maximum in solving the problem successfully and ensuring an ultimate level of enjoyment while playing.

Recall that preventing cheating and ensuring the integrity of the game is a big part of a company’s duty, and anti-cheat measures like EasyAntiCheat contribute greatly to addressing this issue. This act will not only resolve the certificate error but also improve total integrity in the gaming community.

Be it an update of your Windows system, a momentary termination of your shield software, a reset of the Clock used in your system, or utilization of the Microsoft Code Signing Diagnostic Tool, the solutions listed in this guide are comprehensive enough to resolve the “Error Validating EasyAntiCheat Code Signing Certificate” problem.

Alertness and ensuring that your system is up to date are good starts. Moreover, you can register for free and verify your account there to get the best fair gaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is this “error validating easyanticheat sign certificate” error often caused by a harmful computer virus or malware?

However, malware or virus infection might be the reason for the disruption of the certification validation procedure; a disruption being the error sign, most of the time, doesn’t mean a virus or malware infection. On that side, let me tell you that you need to do a complete scan of your antivirus to make sure there are not some dangers in the network.

Does EasyAntiCheat need to be installed every time a game uses it, or can it be installed once?

No, you do not have to reinstall EasyAntiCheat each time you play a game using that mechanism. EasyAntiCheat uses a service loader that runs in the system memory and has a shared library that can work among different games.

You may disable EasyAntiCheat in order to get around the in-game error. Attempts to disable or bypass EasyAntiCheat are not advisable since it is an essential security feature of the game developers to stop cheating and thus provide a safe gaming environment.

However, disabling this software or bypassing EasyAntiCheat may carry sanctions ranging from account bans to other consequences.

Will getting through this “EasyAntiCheat Error Code Signing Certificate” problem improve my gameplay?

No, getting rid of this mistake will not be a factor that would lead to a significant increase in your game’s performance. The flaw occurs during certificate validation, thus causing no change to the game’s effectiveness.

Can I continue playing the game if I ignore the error? No, ignoring the “Error

Validating EasyAntiCheat Code Signing Certificate” error is not recommended, as it could potentially compromise the game’s integrity and security. The game will likely not launch or function properly until the issue is resolved.

Does the uninstallation and reinstallation of the graphics drivers resolve this problem?

Usually, uninstalling or reinstalling the graphics drivers themselves is not necessary to resolve the “Error Validating EasyAntiCheat Code Signing Certificate” problem.

Several methods can help you address this error. For instance, updating your drivers first and then troubleshooting the error is advisable. Suppose the problem started after you updated the drivers. In that case, try rolling back to the previous driver version by reinstalling the drivers.

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