What is Adobe Code Signing Certificate? [A Detailed Guide]

What is Adobe Code Signing Certificate

Adobe Signing Certificate: Learn What it is, Its Features, and How to Get it

Unlike before, software used to come in a compact disk and be distributed through stores, today’s software distribution process is simplified as you can buy them online. Cybercriminals actively look for files to tamper with. If they get the source code of your software, inserting malware into the software will not take long.

Hence, code signing is essential to save your users from such attacks. There are various code signing certificates available online, and Adobe code signing certificate is one of the most prominent options. It ensures the downloaded software has come from a trusted source and is not tampered with since the software was signed. So let us explore more about it and its different aspects.

What is Adobe Code Signing Certificate?

Adobe code signing certificate is a certificate provided by the Certification Authorities that help the user verify that the software they purchased is trustworthy and its code is fully secured.

The process of code signing is carried out by digitally signing the software. The digital signature consists of a digest package that helps verify the AIR file’s genuineness and ensures no alterations have been done to the files since it was signed.

How Does Adobe Code Signing Work?

A pair of private and public keys are generated upon application of a Code Signing certificate. Certificate Authority uses the public key and required documents to validate the organization’s identity.

Once the Authority verifies the provided information, Code Signing Certificate is issued. It contains the full name of the organization and a public key. Once issued, the code publisher can use it to sign software, code or content throughout its validity period.

What are the Features of the Adobe Code Signing Certificate?

Code Signing Certificates for Adobe AIR contain features such as:

Organizational Details

It displays the details of the organization that has built the software.

Time Stamping

A time stamp on the certificate ensures the validity of the digital signature even after the validity expires.

Registration of an Unlimited Number of Apps

You can code sign countless applications on the Adobe AIR code signing certificate you obtain, provided all apps are of the same origin.

Availability of Key Storage Options

You get an Azure Key Vault and Cryptographic USB token with the Adobe EV Code Signing Certificate you purchase, ensuring your code is secure.

Greater Compatibility

One of the best features of Adobe code signing certificates is its compatibility with all major platforms, such as Google Chrome, Authenticode, Java, Adobe AIR, Mac OS, Office VBA, and Mozilla.

Removal of ‘Unknown Publisher’ Warning

Having a code signing certificate makes your software, app, or code trustworthy, bypassing the common “unknown publisher” security warnings that can otherwise discourage users from using your product.

Why Do You Need an Adobe Code Signing Certificate?

There are several reasons to buy Adobe Code Signing Certificate. Here are some of them:

To Digitally Sign Files and Documents

Code Signing Certificates for Adobe AIR enable users to obtain digitally signed software which means it is secure from threats and safe to use. The certificate can sign all AIR files and documents.

To Ensure Software Integrity

The Adobe Code Signing Certificate leverages the use of the hash function to maintain higher software integrity. If the software you are using is authentic, your browser will rehash the software successfully. Else, you can conclude the software is not trustworthy. 

Verify Publisher’s Identity

The certification authorities leverage the concept of light business authentication to verify the legitimacy of software publishers. Sometimes, this process may take some time, but eventually, it is a great way to authenticate the official owner of the software.

Assurance & Authentication

The Adobe AIR Code Signing Certificates go through a structured process to authenticate the user. It ensures the software’s integrity and assures the users that it comes from a trusted source.

Bypass Prerequisite Not Trusted Warning Message

You might have seen the ‘Not Trusted’ warning while trying to install an application. This warning immediately scares the user from using the software.

However, with an Adobe code signing certificate, you can successfully bypass this warning message for your application. 

Brand’s Reputation Stays IntactProtection

Obtaining a code signing certificate prevents third parties from tampering with any software of an entity. In addition, this ensures higher brand equity, reputation, and trust from the users.

Elimination of Warning Message

Having a code signing certificate makes your software, app, or code trustworthy, stopping your system from showing common security warnings that can otherwise discourage users from using your product.

How to Obtain a Code Signing Certificate?

Now you have plentiful information to ask further, “How do I create an Adobe certification?”. Following is the process to consider:

Users must complete the certificate procurement and verification processes to obtain the Adobe Code Signing Certificate. First, however, you must know what kind of certificate you need and how the certificate will be stored in your system.

Here is the process to obtain Adobe Code Signing Certificate from:

  • Select a suitable code signing certificate from the list of certificates.
  • Further, you need to provide your contact and organizational information.
  • The CA (Comodo/Sectigo) will complete its three-step enrollment process and verify your identity. Once the verification is done, the CA will send an email with further instructions.

Follow the steps mentioned above to get a suitable code signing certificate.

Wrapping Up

Adobe Code Signing Certificate is a powerful tool for securing your application from outside access and building trust for your software users. It ensures higher data security and protects your software from being exploited. Hence, buy Adobe Code Signing Certificate every time you release new software to ensure its growth and success.

Digitally Sign your Adobe Application Codes & Scripts with Adobe Code Signing Certificate starts at $199.99/yr.

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