What is Microsoft EV Code Signing Certificate?

Microsoft EV Code Signing Certificate

Developing an application is not a cakewalk. A lot goes into making sure that the development of the app occurs without any complications. From the development to the testing of the app, every process must be conducted with utmost precision to beat any risks of inaccuracy.

That is why a developer must be confident about creating an application that is successful. However, that is not the only consideration to make. It is also significant to make sure that the application undergoing development is potential enough to be trusted by diverse customers.

Why Windows Developers Need Code Signing?

For this purpose, the security around these applications must be paramount to curb any risk of fraudulent and illicit practices that can affect customer confidentiality. That is why code-signing certificates are gaining popularity.

Code signing certificates are provided by well-trusted Certificate Authorities. They are digital certificates that provide code signatures to ensure that a specific code is not tampered with or corrupted.

These also help affirm that the code has directly reached the other party without being altered by any other unknown source.

Microsoft Extended Validation Code Signing is a quicker version of code signing. But did you know that Microsoft itself does not feature any Code signing certificate? In fact, this security filter quickly builds reliability with this code signing certificate. Let us help you know more about this as we read.

What Is Microsoft EV Code Signing Certificate?

There are many services that are run on Microsoft Windows. During the app-development process, too, Microsoft is highly needed for a variety of purposes. To build maximum security around them, provide a better level of vetting and improve cryptographic hardware, Microsoft EV Code Signing certificate may be useful.

EV in the name of this Code signing certificate stands for Extended Validation. These types of certificates are inclusive of every major benefit that comes with signing an online code.

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It also ensures a greater level of vetting and a comprehensively protected hardware system that empowers data integrity. That is why Extended Validation Code Signing is in high demand.

Benefits of Microsoft EV Code Signing Certificates

Increased Security for Software Downloads

Software developers must make sure that their applications are secure enough for users. In case the application does not provide sufficient security, the confidentiality of its users may be at stake.

This may make them lose their trust in the developer’s application and replace it with another app that promises better security.

In this process, not only the user’s confidentiality is compromised, but also the developer’s efforts, time and investments in the development of the application.

Aside from that, it may also make the developer incur numerous losses that may affect their revenue time and again. Thankfully, this Code Signing for Microsoft Developers ensures 100% security for software downloads.

Enhances Customer Trust in Digital Content

High-level of security equals a high level of trust among customers. When your application promises to deliver as per the customer’s requirements, it is bound to win the credibility it deserves.

Thus, when your application is backed by the protection of big names like Comodo EV Code Signing Certificate, there is no need to worry at all.

The certificate provides compulsory time-stamping and stores itself in a Cryptographic USB token that is not easy for third-party penetrators to crack into and misuse the codes. The vetting process of the certificate is also very stringent.

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It makes it a daunting task for any type of Malware developer to crack into the code credentials of customers and put their confidentiality at stake. Thus, building better reliability among customers is inevitable with Microsoft or Windows EV Code Signing Certificate.

Reduces the Risk of Malicious Code

Malicious codes are always on the lookout for authentic ones. They want to creep into the original codes, replace them with themselves and spy on the confidential data of the users.

Today, such malicious codes are very common around the internet that are used by Malware developers and so many other hackers waiting behind their screens to attack your data integrity. All this can only be prevented using a safe protocol like Certera, DigiCert or Sectigo EV Code Signing Certificate.

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Such certificates promise to create an encryption technology that cannot be fooled. The codes here cannot be modified at convenience either, as the identity of the developer is checked to make sure the code is only being processed to the next server from them.

Helps to Protect Brands From Online Identity Theft

Not only are standard customers affected by online identity theft and data tampering. In fact, even many reputed brands have fallen into the trap of these insecure and malicious activities. But now, Extended Validation Code Signing processes are here to put a stop to them forever.

They make sure that your brand does not suffer in terms of security. By signing codes, they want to make sure that the code reaches your device without first falling into the clutches of any unknown source. Thus, the risk of data tampering for your brand is minimized.

Improves Compliance With Industry Standards And Regulations

Industry standards require you to meet certain regulations that are directly security related. Thankfully, Code signing for Windows Developers helps make it possible to comply with these industry standards and regulations. This helps developers to stick to the standards designed by the government and amplify their reputation in the global market.

How to Obtain a Microsoft EV Code Signing Certificate?

Step 1- Purchase A Microsoft EV Code Signing Certificate

Find a trusted certificate provider that offers the service at a nominal rate and purchase from them. But remember that your sole purpose is not to purchase a certificate that is affordable or cheap. You must focus on buying one that adheres to your requirements and has sufficient features and benefits to offer as well.

You can check out SignMyCode Catalog for such standout services. Grab your suitable code signing cert at very affordable price!

Step 2- Request Your Certificate

Now, you need to provide your confidential information to the Certificate Authority. At this point, all important details related to your brand must be submitted to them as and when required.

This may contain your company name, the location of the organization and more. Check the information you send to them to ensure there is minimal risk of inaccuracy.

Step 3- Get The Validation

Once the details are provided, your Certificate Authority will initiate the verification process. During this time, you may have to submit additional details, depending on their requirements. Make sure you adhere to it when there is a demand.

Step 4-Wait For The Process Completion

Once everything is done, all you can do is wait. After some time, the Certificate Authority will send your token to you. This will contain the Extended Validation Code signing Certificate on a USB drive.

How To Install Microsoft EV Code Signing Certificate?

Here is a step-by-step process to make sure you download the EV Code signing Cert with minimal hindrance.

  • Step 1– Open a browser and visit a leading certificate-generating site.
  • Step 2– Follow the link you will receive on your certificate-generating site.
  • Step 3 – Now, you need to verify the details you have provided on the site.
  • Step 4 – Create and confirm the password you have built for this certificate. Make sure you create a very strong password of at least 16 characters.
  • Step 5 – Now, check the agreement policy you will receive and tick the agreement accordingly.
  • Step 6 – As soon as you are all set, tap on Generate Certificate.
  • Step 7– At this point, your certificate will be installed. So, refresh your page and check if it has been installed safely.
  • Step 8 – You can use the password you just created to open that file and download the code signing certificate.

Best Practices Of Code Signing Certificates

  • Make sure you report a key that has been compromised right at the moment. The report must be provided to the Certificate Authority.
  • Make sure you execute virus-scanning for codes to ensure they are free of any malicious activities.
  • Make sure that any form of code that is provided for signing purposes is properly authenticated.
  • Full protection of private keys using cryptographic hardware tools and technology.

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Winding Up!

EV Code Signing is important for windows and Microsoft developers. It can genuinely help secure your entire system and ensure that the developer of the app is authenticated. The certificate provides the quickest portal to code signing that ensures zero risk of data tampering and loss of data integrity.

Since the codes cannot be modified at this point, it helps customers build trust with your application and your organization altogether.

So, make sure to follow the step-by-step guide we have provided above for your reference. It will help you to download the code signing certificate on your browser with minimal inconvenience.

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