Top Cheap EV Code Signing Certificate Providers 2023

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Software publishing companies with additional security requirements always prefer EV Code Signing Certificate. But with the increase of Certificate Authorities and providers, it gets complex for most firms to find a reliable vendor.

We have solved the complexity for you, as further you will get details about the top EV Code Signing Certificate providers. And the bonus part is that all mentioned authorities offer solutions at cheap price and never compromises with quality.

So, let’s have a look.

Leading Certificate Authorities, Offering Best EV Code Signing Certificate

EV Code Signing Certificate is a bit more expensive than IV and Standard/OV Code Signing Certificate, due to its additional security features. And you must thoroughly focus on the procedure to select the provider.

However, if you want to ensure a high return on your investment, you can consider the following two cheap yet best EV Code Signing Certificate providers.

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Comodo Certificate Authority

Comodo CA

Comodo is in the digital certificate industry for more than twenty years and accurately understands business needs. It complies with all the CA/B standards and works according to regulatory policies to provide an up-to-date solution. Comodo EV Code Signing Certificate is an affordable solution for tamper-proofing the source code and preventing malicious actors from performing any modification.

In addition, Comodo constantly updates itself and its solutions with the policies of operating systems. And it aids you to eliminate Microsoft Windows SmartScreen warnings from your user’s experience, leading to enhance productivity, retention, and revenue rate. Moreover, you can import Comodo EV Code Signing Certificate on any platform and utilize it to digitally sign any executable file without issues.

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Whenever your customers will run the software installation and the system will analyze its root certificate as Comodo, all the red flags will get eliminated. As a result, people will develop confidence in your brand and application, resulting in reputation growth in the industry.

Besides it, Comodo sends the private key in an external USB token, aiding storing keys offline and providing its access only to limited people.

Comodo EV Code Signing Certificate Providers:

Certificate ProviderPrice

Consequently, Comodo is a reliable, invest-worthy, and low-price offering certificate provider.

Sectigo Certificate Authority

Sectigo CA

Sectigo is a prominent name in the security industry, providing best-in-class EV Code Signing Certificates. It is the parent company of Comodo and executes all its operations worldwide. Sectigo is also in the industry for 20+ years and aligns its solutions with all the NIST and CA/B protocols and standards.

Once you purchase the Sectigo EV Code Signing Certificate, your brand reputation instantly rockets up.

Furthermore, the Sectigo certificate runs on every platform, including Java, Windows, Mozilla, Adobe, and more. And it also assures us to digitally sign all executable files, including .exe, .air, .ps1, .msi, .xpi, and more.

With the such certificate, you can quickly and optimally improve your business reputation and increase the application ranking across online app stores.

When you buy Sectigo EV Code Signing Certificate, you receive the private key in a hardware security module. And the Certificate Authority takes all the measures to send the hardware token through a secure supply chain. Hence, the private keys don’t get tampered in between and you authentically sign your software.

Sectigo EV Code Signing Certificate Providers:

Certificate ProviderPrice

Why Purchase EV Code Signing Certificate?

EV Code Signing Certificate is for organizations publishing software. With the increase in cyber-attacks and competition in the industry, EV Certificate can help you take a step ahead in both aspects.

Solid Private Key Protection

Whether it’s a Sectigo or Comodo EV Code Signing Certificate, CA will provide you associated private key in a hardware security module. It will aid you to store the key offline, away from malicious actors.

In addition, you will get the leverage to automatically comply with code signing certificate best practices. And your computational resources will get saved, as such modules utilize their embedded processor to perform encryption.

Zero Warning Experience

With IV and OV Code Signing Certificates, you can expect SmartScreen warnings. But with EV Code Signing Certificate, your users will never face any alert message from the browser and operating system. The software will get downloaded and installed smoothly, enhancing the overall user experience.

Cross-Platform Compatible

You can utilize Extended Validation Code Signing Certificate on any platform. CA updates it instantly as soon as any new standard or technology comes into effect.

You can run it on all major digital platforms to digitally sign unlimited files, including:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • MS Authenticode
  • Mozilla
  • Java
  • Adobe Air
  • PowerShell
  • Visual Studio
  • MS Office and more

Express Reputation Boost

Before using the Extended Validation (EV) Code Signing, CA conducts a strict vetting process to validate business details. If you complete the validation and receive a certificate, it defines that you are a legit company. And CA backs up you across operating systems, online repositories, and browsers, improving brand reputation.

Time-Stamping Functionality

With the time-stamping feature of Comodo and Sectigo EV Code Signing Certificate, you can maintain software validity for a lifetime. It will embed the time and date of signing and whenever systems will analyze it, they will understand that software was signed when the certificate was valid. Hence, your minimal investment will provide you with a lifetime return.

SignMyCode – Authorized and Cheap Provider With Avant-Garde Services

You don’t have to look around to find an EV Code Signing Certificate Provider, as SignMyCode is a one-stop solution store. It’s a Sectigo-authorized certificate provider, offering EV Code Signing Certificates at the lowest price across the digital certificate market. With its direct link with the Certificate Authority, it assures genuine products, utilizing the latest encryption algorithms.

Moreover, it benefits every customer with:

  • 24/7 support with technical queries and update releases
  • Free guides, manuals, and tools
  • Complete focus on only Code Signing Certificates
  • Heavy discounts and offers on certificates
  • Secure payment gateway, guaranteeing the confidentiality of personal and financial details

Concluding Up

EV Code Signing Certificate is a must-security solution to strengthen software security. And an organization must choose a reliable CA, such as Comodo and Sectigo for purchasing it. Both the CAs are on top and ensure complete source-code tamper-proofing, removal of warnings, and extended software validity.

Furthermore, to purchase an EV Code Signing Certificate of any CA, you can trust SignMyCode, as it’s authorized by Sectigo, and offer a certificate at the cheapest price.

Cheapest EV Code Signing Certificate

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