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Best Code Signing Certificate

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Software and data security are the biggest concerns for any application developer in today’s age. A gap in the code identified by an attacker can result in disastrous outcomes. Hence, developers give special attention to the security of their software to prevent any data breaches or unauthorized access.

Code signing is one of the most leveraged processes to ensure software security. Certification authorities digitally sign the entire code of your application by adding a hash function over it to ensure its security.

So in this blog, we will go through various aspects of code signing and the best sources to procure the best code signing certification.

What is a Code Signing Certificate?

A code signing certificate is a certificate procured by application developers to digitally sign apps, drivers, and executables. The certificate allows the users to verify that the received code is unaltered since it was signed by the authority.

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A code signing certificate includes your company’s name, digital signature, and timestamp (if needed). Code signing certificates are issued by Global Trusted Certificate Authorities like Sectigo, Comodo, Certera, and DigiCert etc.

The certificates allow the developers to freely distribute their software online without any security concerns. In all, a code signing certificate must be taken for any developed software program.

What are the Key Factors for Choosing the Best Code Signing Certificate?

You can consider a few important factors before choosing the best code signing certificate. The key factor includes:


To ensure the success of your app, software, or any other executable files, user trust is something you must first consider. So whichever certificate provider you are going for, make sure that their signature is relied upon worldwide.


Regardless of which Certificate Authorities (CA) you choose, you will find their Code Signing Certificate will at least have a validity period of somewhere between one to three years.

Once the validity period gets over, the signature will expire, and your software will be treated as ‘not secure.’ Fortunately, there is timestamping. It is provided to make sure the signed Code remains legit even after the expiry of the certificate. So, make sure that your CA provides time stamping–without any additional charges.

Good Value for the Price

Here is a fact: the same CA certificates are offered at varying price ranges. Moreover, many vendors sell these certificates at lower prices. Undoubtedly, brands and their demand do make a difference but make sure that you are getting good value for the money you are paying.


Before the certificate shows its trust in your software, you too need to ensure the CA’s trustworthiness. Make sure that

  • The certificate that you issue has full compliance with their Certificate Practice Statement.
  • The certification authority has good credibility in their industry.
  • The CA is verified by independent third parties like WebTrust. 

Unlimited Signing Option

Some certificates have a limitation on the number of files that can be signed with the certificate. Therefore, while getting the certificate, ensure your certification has an unlimited number of signing options. It will make sure you do not have a new certificate every time you develop a new application.

How Does Code Signing Work?

How Comodo Code Signing Works

The working process of code signing is straightforward. Here is how it goes:

1. Purchasing the Certificate

Foremostly, you need to purchase code signing certificate from Global Trusted Certificate Authorities. There are three types of code signing certificates available:

  • Organization Validation(OV) Starts at $199.99/yr
  • Extended Validation (EV) Starts at $269.99/yr
  • Individual Code Signing Certificate Starts at $199.99/yr

We will discuss these types later in the blog. You can find and obtain the most suitable certificate as per your requirement.

2. Identity Verification

After you have bought the code signing certificate, the certification authority will start its verification process and verify your and your organization’s identity. It is done to confirm that you are genuinely running a fair business which does not involve any malicious activities.

3. Code Signing Certificate Installation

Once you have procured the software and the authority has verified your identity, you can install it on different servers from where you distribute your software program.

4. Signing the Application Code with Digital Signature

After you successfully install the certificate on desired servers, you need to sign the software with a digital signature. A digital signature is a hashed data string to protect your code integrity and save it from hackers’ attacks. A private key is utilized to add the digital signature to the code.

5. Downloading the Software

Before the software downloading begins, the user’s system decrypts the digital signature with its public key and matches it against the key used for encrypting the software. The download begins if the key matches or else an untrusted publisher warning will be displayed.

Why Do You Need Code Sign Certificate?

There are numerous advantages of code signing certificate from Global Trusted Certificate Authorities. Here are a few of them:

1. Prevent Security Warnings

The users get a warning message displayed over their screen when they try to get web or software application that does not have a code signing certificate. The warning message often scares the users and prevents them from downloading the software.

However, if a program is digitally signed, no such message is displayed and the users can confidently download the software without any hesitation.

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2. To Protect Your Software and User Data

A code signing certificate ensures that the code used in the software is authentic and hasn’t been tampered with. It is a great security measure that helps protect the users against fraud, malware and theft.

3. Effective Monitoring

Detection of modified files becomes easier when you digitally sign a code. Moreover, the code sign certificate has the option to timestamp which enables the users to determine when the software program was signed.

4. Compliance with Security Guidelines

Software distributors, channels, and partners need to provide their customers with safe and reliable software. A code signing certification shows your commitment to the user’s data security. Besides, many software distributors have a prerequisite for the code signing certificate to ensure a safe software experience

Types of Code Signing Certificates

Global Trusted Certificate Authorities issue three types of code signing certificates such as:

1. Organization Validation (OV)

These are common code signing certifications mostly used by large enterprises to digitally sign their software. The OV certification removes unknown publisher warnings and presents your name as the publisher name, showcasing your identity to users.  

2. Extended Validation (EV)

EV Code Signing Certification is used to code sign your software, executables, scripts, and applications. It instantaneously removes the Microsoft SmartScreen Reputation Filter warning and assures users that the software is safe to use.

3. Individual Code Signing Certificate

It is one of the best code sign certifications which allows individual software developers to code sign their software, scripts, and applications. It helps individuals get recognized as authentic and verified software developers.

What are the Benefits of Code Signing Certification?

There are multiple advantages of having the best code sign certificates for your software such as:

1. Two-Factor Authentication

Extended Validation Code Signing Certificate offers better security than standard code signing certificates. It leverages a two-factor authentication procedure in which a private key is stored in your hardware that is used for authenticating the users. The double authentication used in the system ensures better software security for users.

2. Support for Hardware Security Modules

The code signing certificates also have a great advantage to support the hardware you are using. There is a separate hardware security module (HSM) designed specifically for this purpose.

You can install the certificate on an HSM device which offers you better control over your certificate and the keys. Moreover, you can grant access to the HSM device to other company officials for digitally signing the software.

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3. Better Platform Compatibility

The Kernel Mode and Microsoft Authenticode are automatically updated for different platforms whenever a new change is made to the software.

4. Affordability

Some people believe that code signing certification isn’t that necessary and is a waste of money. However, they do not see the value it provides to your software. Code signing certificates are highly economical and make your software secure and safe to use for all users.

5. Time Stamping

With a code signing certificate, you gain the ability to timestamp your signed software without additional costs. The timestamp is a great tool to ensure higher software security as it displays a warning message if anyone tries to tamper with the software code.

Top Global Trusted Certificate Authorities Offering Code Signing Certificate

Now that you know the importance of having a code signing certificate.

Here are some of the best code signing certification authorities that offer best code signing certificates.

Code Signing Certificates from Comodo CA

Comodo is one of the Global Trusted Certificate Authorities that offers all three types of code signing certifications. The certificates are valid for all businesses and it generally takes 1-3 days for Comodo to issue you the certificate.

Code Signing Certificates from Sectigo CA

Sectigo is also one of the best code sign certification authorities that offer different types of certifications to software publishers.

Code Signing Certificates from DigiCert CA

DigiCert is world’s biggest and most trustable digital security certificate provider trusted and used by so many fortune 500 companies.

Code Signing Certificate from Certera CA

Certera is also one of the trusted certificate authority offering authentic code signing certificate for individual and organization at very affordable price with same features!

What is the Best Code Signing Certificate?

When it comes to the best Code Signing Certificates Provider, SignMyCode is sure to come up. We are one of the most reputed providers of popular Certificate Authorities, Comodo and Sectigo.

We offer different types of Code Signing Certificates, catering to the requirements of different organizations. They are:

  • Comodo Individual Code Signing
  • Comodo Code Signing
  • Comodo EV Code Signing
  • Sectigo Individual Code Signing
  • Sectigo Code Signing
  • Sectigo EV Code Signing
  • Certera Code Signing
  • DigiCert Code Signing
  • DigiCert EV Code Signing

Each of them comes with amazing features. Let us talk about some of those features:

Comodo Individual Code Signing Certificate

The Comodo Individual Code Signing certificate employs all the latest encryption standards cryptographic hashing function that matches CA/Browser Forum and Microsoft Windows, helping you validate the authenticity and integrity of your software.


  • The digital signature assures users that software comes from a trusted software developer that helps boost confidence in using your software or application.
  • Like a regular code signing certificate using the Comodo Individual Code Signing certificate, you can sign and timestamp as much software as you want.
  • Increases your reputation as a genuine software developer that helps boost software sales.
  • Meets all the latest CA/Browser Forum and Microsoft specifications and standards.


  • Verifies that you are an independent software or application developer
  • Allows seamless integration with third-party development tools
  • Secures your software from being hacked by any malicious third-party
  • Offers support to several platforms like Java, Microsoft Windows, Adobe AIR
  • Lessens warning notifications that come up during installation or downloading

Comodo Code Signing Certificate

Sign your software using Comodo Code Signing Certificate and maximize its success by acknowledging its integrity. The digital signing certificate offered by Comodo comes equipped with all the latest security features that assure users that signed software is coming from a trusted source and hasn’t been tampered with since its signing.

Market and advertise your software on third-party download websites, mirrors, affiliates, and resellers while giving proof to your customers that the software they’re downloading or installing isn’t malicious. Likewise, remove unknown publisher warnings that helps bolster user trust and confidence.


  • Digitally sign different software file formats such as .ocx, .dll, .exe or .cab files.
  • Ensure your software’s integrity and authenticity, which increases user trust and confidence in your software.
  • An increased brand reputation helps increase software sales.
  • Surety to users that your software is tamper-free since its signing.
  • Meets the standards and specifications mentioned by the CA/Browser Forum and Microsoft.


  • Verifies that you are a software publisher
  • Provides compatibility with 32-bit and 64-bit software file formats
  • Allows timestamps during software code signing
  • Lessens warning notifications during installation
  • Allows seamless integration of third-party development tools

Comodo EV Code Signing Certificate

Comodo EV Code Signing Certificate offers all the benefits of a Standard Code Signing Certificate and other features like your company name, address, and type within the certificate that helps in getting software user trust.

Also, it offers immediate recognition from Microsoft’s SmartScreen Application Reputation filter, which is infamous for blocking software from being installed and showing security messages.


  • Instant recognition from Microsoft SmartScreen Reputation filter
  • Removes unwanted security warning messages and unknown publisher warnings.
  • Prove your identity that bolsters software users’ trust and confidence.
  • Unlimited signing for different software file formats like .cab, .dll or .exe files.
  • Increases your brand reputation that increases sales of software.
  • Ensures third-party software publisher websites and users that software hasn’t been tampered with since its signing.
  • Private Key is provided separately on an HSM device that works as two-factor authentication and eliminates unauthorized usage while giving full authority on who can sign software.


  • Shows your company’s name, address, and the certificate type
  • Provides compatibility with 32-bit and 64-bit software file formats
  • Eliminates unnecessary warning notifications during the download and installation of the software
  • Allows seamless integration of third-party development tools
  • Offers proof that the software has not been tampered with since signing

Sectigo Individual Code Signing Certificates

Sectigo’s Individual Code Signing certificate allows you to digitally sign your software. But, here in the digital signature, your name as an individual software developer is embedded, unlike the company name.

Likewise, by digitally signing your software using Secitgo’s Individual Code Signing certificate, you can assure your users about your legitimacy via visual indications such as your name as a software publisher within the digital signature.


  • Give assurance and boost your software user’s confidence through a digital signature that indicates you’re an authentic software publisher.
  • Get all the benefits of a standard code signing, such as instantly removing warning messages like an unknown publisher.
  • An increased reputation that helps to boost your software sales and revenue as an individual developer.
  • Matches all the required CA/Browser Forum and Microsoft standards and specifications.


  • Aids in getting recognized by browsers, OS, and other third-party software publishing websites
  • Doesn’t allow the file to be tampered with
  • Reduces warning notifications during installation and download of files
  • Allows seamless integration of third-party development tools
  • Provides compatibility with 32-bit and 64-bit software file formats

Sectigo Code Signing Certificate

Sectigo Code Signing Certificate digitally signs all your executables, software, applications, scripts, and codes. It attests that you, as a publisher and guarantee that the signed software/application code or the file hasn’t been intercepted with or corrupted and it’s in its original format since the signature.

The Code Signing process encompasses the application of cryptographic hashing that authenticates your integrity and authenticity, thereby boosting users’ trust and confidence in your software/application.


  • Improves your overall brand reputation.
  • Authenticates the source and integrity of your software codes.
  • The visible indication that your software/application is safe to download and install.
  • Reduced cost of maintenance.
  • Increased software download, which means an increase in software sales and revenue.
  • Guarantee software/application hasn’t been opened or tampered with since its signing.


  • Offers unlimited signing with validity time options from one to three years
  • Adheres to the specifications and guidelines of Mivrosofyand CA/Browser Forum
  • Provides compatibility with 32-bit and 64-bit software file formats
  • Allows timestamp to retain your digital signature
  • Boosts the confidence and trust of the users by revealing your identity before installation of the application

Sectigo EV Code Signing Certificate

Sectigo EV Code Signing Certificate has all the benefits of a Standard Code Signing Certificate like it offers a digital signature to sign your codes, applications, and software. Its additional features include giving details of your company name and address and typing in the certificate that helps end-users know you’re a legitimate entity.

Sectigo EV Code Signing Certificate also offers instant recognition from Microsoft’s SmartScreen Application Reputation filter, thus eliminating any unwanted warning messages that discourage the user from using the software.


  • Increases your software download rate, which also helps in boosting the overall software sales and revenue of your company.
  • Instantly remove scary warnings of the notoriously sensitive Microsoft SmartScreen Application Reputation filter.
  • Universal compatibility of platforms, so there is no need to reissue your Code Signing Certificate for other platforms like Kernel Mode or Authenticode.
  • Get complete control over who can sign software/applications by getting the private Key of the Sectigo EV Code Signing Certificate stored separately on the HSM (Hardware Security Modules) device.
  • Visibly indicate your software is genuine and safe to use by displaying your legitimacy through the company name and address and typing in the certificate.
  • Guarantees software/application is delivered in its original form and hasn’t been altered since its signing.


  • Offers an unlimited number of the signing of applications, software, drivers, etc
  • Boosts user trust with the rigorous verification process
  • Eliminates unnecessary warning notifications during the download and installation of the software
  • Displays your company’s name, address, and type in the certificate
  • Offers two-factor authentication by storing a private key in the physical device like a USB

These are some of the Code Signing Certificates we offer. So now you can get cheap code signing certificate!

The Final Thoughts

It is not necessary to be an expert in code signing certificates and certification authorities. All you need to do is find the best source for your certification needs and you are good to go.

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