What is Apple Code Signing Certificate?

Apple Code Signing

You must have seen various online resources about removing Unknown Publisher Warning on windows systems. And using a code signing certificate with Windows utility tools. But, as a macOS and iOS developer, that is of no use to you, as it would not be compatible with Apple’s ecosystem.

However, it doesn’t mean that there’s no software security solution for macOS apps. To make an application for Apple devices tamper-proof, you can avail of the Apple Code Signing Certificate. It provides all the functionalities, which a developer/publisher requires. To understand it more thoroughly, let’s move further.

Apple Code Signing Certificate: What and Why?

Apple devices have a completely different ecosystem as compared to Windows, Android, and all other operating systems. But, one thing is common between them, that they all check the authenticity of applications before initiating their installation. And primarily, Apple devices also verify it by analyzing the Code Signing Certificate details.

To make iOS and macOS applications secure and in compliance with system standards, Apple Code Signing Certificate gets used. It helps Apple software developers to define themselves as verified publishers and make applications secure as per required protocols. It’s a necessary procedure, as macOS doesn’t allow non-signed software to run.

If you are planning to release your software for macOS users, then code signing is mandatory. Otherwise, the computer will display a warning or it will block the installation using built-in security programs.

Code Signing for Mac OS: Before and After Difference

A significant difference comes when a user tries to install signed and non-signed software. And what user views during installation, has a high impact on your reputation and customer’s decision-making. Further, understand it from two perspectives:

#1: Non-Signed Perspective (Before Signing)

If you don’t sign the macOS application, the system displays a warning. And whenever users see such alerts, they think twice or thrice before moving forward with installation. It creates a negative impact, as people think that the brand is providing malicious software and wants to harm the system.

Macos Download Warning

#2: Signed Perspective (After Signing)

Once you sign the application, the macOS system doesn’t show any warning and it works as a primary pillar in enhancing user confidence in the publisher. And user instantly clicks on the Open button to install and utilize the application.

MacOS Verified App

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The Pros of Mac OS Code Signing, Boosting Business Metrics

Signing applications and software with Apple Code Signing Certificate provides numerous benefits, such as:

Removes Warnings

When you sign an application with Apple Code Signing Certificate, it gets aligned with macOS security standards. Due to it, end-users don’t face a gatekeeper warning message when they try to install your software.

In addition, signing aids in complying with CA/B Forum, NIST, and other regulatory policies, smoothing the user experience.

Allows To List Applications on the App Store

To upload and list your application on Apple’s App Store, it’s mandatory digitally sign your application. It helps to reach out to the target audience more efficiently in comparison to reaching through a third-party online portal. Moreover, Apple allows only signed applications to get installed on its devices. Hence, you should always sign the application to intensify your reach.

Accelerates Customer Confidence

A primary factor in increasing customer confidence is providing a seamless experience. As code signing of Mac OS applications helps to prevent warnings, it also ensures a relaxing experience for all end-users. And it helps to build a feeling of confidence and trust among them towards the brand, leading them to prefer the application for completing their operations.

Retains Software Validity

Besides only code signing macOS applications, the certificate also provides timestamping functionality. It helps to embed the date and time details when the publisher signs the software.

And whenever the system analyzes such information, even after certificate expiration, it understands that no one has tampered with the software. As a result, the customer doesn’t encounter warnings.

Prevents Malicious Activities

Code Singing makes the code tamper-proof by performing hashing and encryption upon it. Firstly, the code signing certificate creates a hash value of the code and then encrypts that value.

It results in converting the code to an unreadable format, preventing the attackers from understanding programs even after its breach. Moreover, such certificates use complex mathematical algorithms, making it impractical to throw back code to its original format.

Aids in Increasing Revenue and Productivity

Uploading applications on App stores help in reaching a wider audience and accelerates the download rate and user base. And when both these metrics start to increase, the revenue generation stream also boosts up, which rocket up the overall productivity.

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Best Certificate To Code Sign Mac OS Apps

Plenty of certificates are available, providing the code signing functionality. But, you must select the best, which you can avail of effortlessly from SignMyCode.

Apple Mac Code Signing Certificate

SignMyCode has the cheapest yet top-notch Apple Code Signing Certificate, and it gets issued directly by leading Certificate Authorities, such as Comodo, Certera, and Sectigo.

In addition, its certificate is specifically developed for macOS and iOS applications, guaranteeing zero warning experience to all users. Moreover, you also get the leverage of:

  • Software Timestamping
  • 24/7 Support Services From Apple Experts
  • Free Resources and Guides
  • Cheapest Price for IV, OV, and EV Apple Code Signing Certificate
  • Unlimited Software Signing With a Single Certificate

Concluding Up

Apple Code Signing Certificate is must for developers/publishers releasing software for macOS and iOS devices. It helps to secure source code from malicious alterations and aids in aligning with the Apple App store and operating system standards.

As a result, warnings get eliminated, and end-user avails an efficient experience, increasing productivity, revenue, and reputation.

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