Code Signing Certificate: Best Way to Protect Android and iOS Apps?

Protect Android and iOS App with Code Signing

The increase in the usage of smartphones is the reason why android development has been on the rise these days. The number of smartphones has surpassed all our imagination and expectations.

Two operating systems that have been the most dominant are the android operating system and iOS because millions and billions of people love them because of both Android and iOS apps.

Incidents of security breaches have become so common with the ever-increasing use of both these apps. Developers are, therefore, responsible for ensuring that their codes are safe from such security breaches.

In this article, we will discuss with you about code signing certificates and how they are the best way to protect android and iOS apps.

The code signing certificates are obtained from a central authority, CA. Also, these certificates bind the identity of the organization to a key that is  mathematically related to a private key.

Let’s move on to know what the code signing certificates are.

What are Code Signing Certificates?

Code Signing certificates are considered the foundation when it comes to Android security. Just like SSL certificates, the authority issuing the code provides them by digitally signing codes, executables, and mobile applications leading users to validate the code’s validity and authenticity.

This is an essential certificate as it helps in ensuring the security of the mobile application and apps’ code security. Moreover, the app and the code signing certificate are integrated with each other.

Therefore, making them secure from any kind of online threats. Also, users receive warnings on a timely basis whenever an attacker or hacker succeeds in altering the code of the app.

There are alerts received, such as unknown publishers, which is a warning that gives users a warning that they might be dealing with potential threats.

Additionally, code signing certificates are those digital certificates assisting developers and users in staying safe and secure from cybercrime and cybercriminals. Moving on, let’s look at the benefits of using code signing for android and iOS apps.

Benefits of Using Code Signing for Android and iOS Apps

Improved Security

Code signing certificates provide a secure and safe experience to the users, keeping secure Android app and making digitally sign iOS app easy breezy. This process helps in building mutual trust among both the parties; including the consumers as well as the vendors.

To top it all, customers using this code signing can be sure when it comes to security. Even if you want to digitally sign Android app, it becomes easy. This is because the code’s authentication and validation are correctly done and help in preventing code tampering.

Additionally, using code signing gives a smooth and hassle-free experience to the users. This is done to minimize installation failures and minimize security warnings when the code is signed by trusted certificate authority.

Increased Customer Confidence

With the code signing process, the customer’s confidence increases. As it helps in building mutual trust among both the customers as well as the vendors. The main goal of code signing is the most authentic, valid and genuine way of establishing the integrity of the code.

This certificate is the primary proof that to protect Android app, everything has been done, and nothing has not been tampered with if the code was signed.

Furthermore, it ensures that the application has originated from a trustworthy source. Also, when it comes to Android apps, code-signing certificates are the main factor in validating their authenticity.

Apple Mac Code Signing

How to Obtain a Code Signing Certificate?

Firstly, it’s great news that you decided to get a mandatory certificate to build the trust factor, which is a code signing certificate. This is needed to sign a software package or an application to prevent unnecessary warning messages which make customers run away.

To digitally sign your software and app, it is necessary to use a trusted code signing certificate. Moreover, a code signing certificate helps create authenticity and trust among the users.

Simply put, it means that the software or application is coming from a trusted and authentic source and has not been tampered with when it was signed.

However, to get a code signing certificate, there are a few steps that need to be followed that we’ll talk about next.

Generate the CSR

The first step is to securely generate the Certificate Signing Request without any issues. While generating this, you will even generate a private key.

Validating for the CSR

The next step involves getting the code signing certificate validated, which is done by an organisation’s authentication, the local presence, telephone number verification and the final verification call.

Downloading the Code Signing Certificate

This is the final step, and once the verification is done, the CA will send an email containing a collection link for the code signing certificate.

Requirements for Obtaining the Certificate

A few requirements for obtaining the code signing certificate include the following:

Identity Verification

The certificate authority(CA) will ask you for identity verification as the first step. They verify the personal details, done by submitting a notarized ID form. It is sent via mail and can be downloaded at the time of initial application. All EV code signing certificates will require a USB token.

Company Details

You will be required to provide the company credentials. This would include verification done by the CA if the company is a legal entity and is actively registered at the specified location.

Software Requirements

The CA or the central authority has a minimum requirement for issuing and managing code signing certificates in order for the certificates to be trusted in the windows platforms.

Also, to increase security and improve customer satisfaction, you can choose the Comodo EV Code certificate that include all the benefits of regular code signing.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Code Signing Provider?

Whenever any software is distributed all over the internet or any networks, there are always the chances of untrusted media and networks. Therefore, it is crucial that you use a reliable signing tool to sign the files, such as Apple, drivers etc., digitally, safely and securely.

Today, one wrong click or a harmful code can cost you a fortune and is a real threat to organizations, users, and manufacturing. This is because malicious software is being used widely to steal data and monitor information to export data and empty you/ your bank account of all the hard-earned money.

Thus, choosing the correct code signing provider is a must in ensuring that the transferred software is unmodified and trusted. You wouldn’t want to be vulnerable to cyber attacks of any kind whatsoever.

Thus, you should consider the below-mentioned things when choosing a code-signing provider.

The Reputation of the Provider

The reputation, presence and popularity of the provider are the most vital factors to consider. You would want to choose a Comodo Code Signing Certificate that is recognized worldwide with a well-established presence.

Moreover, choosing a trusted provider and if they provide iOS app signing and iOS app security is a must, and you can’t ignore these.

Also, the popularity of the code signing provider is proof enough that you can trust the provider without worrying about anything at all. Even if the Central authority that you choose is not authorized or famous, you will receive an alert with a warning message. Hence, it is always best to invest in a popular code-signing certificate provider.

Security Features Offered by the Provider

Last but not the least is to choose a code signing provider that uses all the updated and latest security features and standards. Protecting the code signing certificate is of utmost importance. Moreover, a well-rounded code signing certificate provider will make sure that they include or incorporate all the latest tech and standards.

This way, you can trust them well and use their solutions without worry in your head. Moreover, you can look for all such information by visiting the providers’ websites. If you see anything suspicious, you can always look for another.

Choose the one complying with the latest security technology and standards; you can trust them easily and use their certificate signing solution.


Whenever you plan on buying a code signing certificate, it’s best to verify and keep all the things mentioned above in mind before you make a decision. Also, you need to ensure that your Code Signing Certificates or the EV Code Signing Certificate protects the Android app along with ensuring ios app security.

Protect your Android and iOS Application from browser warnings and malware using authentic Code Signing Certificates from trusted CAs at the best price.

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