Microsoft Releases Windows 11 Holographic 23H2 Version

Windows Holographic version 23H2

Are you excited about the latest release from Microsoft – “Windows Holographic version 23H2” (22621.1244) and want to know about the new additions that it comes along with?

If “Yes,” this writing is for you. In this article, we will explore all the exciting – enhancements and features that have been added in the Holographic version 23H2. We will also go through the process to upgrade your old Holographic version to the latest one. So, why wait? Let’s start.

New Features & Enhancements That’s Been Added in the Windows Holographic, Version 23H2

Windows Copilot

Windows Copilot emerges as one of the standout features of the Windows Holographic 23H2 version. This AI-powered feature is primarily based on – Bing Chat & GPT-4. It allows you to use natural language input to ask complex questions and get help with tasks like – planning a trip, device setup, troubleshooting, preparing a meal, etc. Windows Copilot feature allows you to search the web based on your specific input.

Improved Performance

A robust operating system hinges on its performance, and Windows Holographic 23H2 doesn’t disappoint. Its latest update brings “n” number of enhancements to make the platform faster and more responsive. Whether gaming, using AR applications, or simply navigating your device, you get a smoother and more efficient mixed-reality experience.

Security Updates

Windows Holographic 23H2 includes comprehensive security features like Website Passkeys within Windows Hello, Wake on Approach and Lock on Leave, Adaptive Dimming, etc. 

“Website Passkeys” within Windows Hello replace the conventional password approach and reduce the chances of unauthorized access to your accounts by offering a unique way to access websites by leveraging your Windows Hello credentials for identity verification.

The Wake on Approach and Lock on Leave feature is for devices with presence sensors. This feature automatically springs your system to life as you approach it and locks it as you step away. The Adaptive Dimming intelligently feature is another remarkable addition that dims the screen when it detects your gaze is averted, intuitively contributing to power conservation.

Bug Fixes

In the Holographic version 23H2, bugs or issues like virtual keyboard sliding input, page visibility policy, application search box function, reset button display, etc., have been addressed to enhance device performance and stability.

Supports NFC Card Reader

Windows Holographic 23H2 has introduced a noteworthy feature – the support for NFC (Near Field Communication) card readers. Users can now log into their HoloLens devices by simply tapping their NFC FIDO2 technology-equipped security card on the USB Type-C NFC card reader. This Tap & Enter Password login experience streamlines security and access and boosts users’ convenience.

Improved Eye-Tracking Speed

Eye-tracking technology is vital in the mixed reality world, permitting users to interact naturally with digital content. In Windows Holographic 23H2 update, eye tracking speed and precision have greatly improved. For HoloLens 2 users who skipped or failed Eye Tracking calibration, Eye Positions are updated earlier for a smoother experience, especially for close hologram interactions.

Enhanced Virtual Text Input

Text input in mixed reality can sometimes be challenging, especially when dealing with holographic interfaces. Microsoft has reimagined the virtual keyboard in Windows Holographic 23H2, making voice access more competent than ever, with the ability to quickly and easily fix incorrect words while typing with your voice.

The Voice Access option is now available on the lock screen so that you can use it immediately. The narrator also gets support for natural voices in new languages, making listening to the content being narrated easier. Natural-sounding voices will sound more natural and have adequate pacing, making the overall experience more promising.

Improved Hand Tracking

Windows Holographic 23H2 introduces improvements to hand tracking, resulting in more precise and natural interactions when aiming down at entities or objects on the floor.

Improved Fonts and Input Methods

With Windows Holographic 23H2, Microsoft has added Chinese fonts and a Pinyin Input Method Editor to support GB18030-2022 and improve font and input method options.

It also supports Unicode Extensions E and F in the Simsun Ext-B font to meet level 3 requirements. The update also allows input and display of characters from conformance level 1 or 2 using the additions to Microsoft Yahei, Dengxian, and Simsun.

Viewfinder for Camera

The introduction of a camera viewfinder in Windows Holographic 23H2 is a significant step toward enhancing the visual capture experience as it indicates what will be included in your image or video capture. The viewfinder does not block the user’s field of view and displays indicators for the PV camera stream’s center and approximate borders.

New Policies For IT Admins

Windows Holographic 23H2 introduces new IT administrator policies that provide greater control over HoloLens devices like:

  • Policies to block USB Peripherals on HoloLens 2: The update includes DeviceInstall MDM policies to configure device driver installation. Apply policies before connecting USB peripherals. Remember to configure policies on a clean or reflashed device or after resetting the device.
  • New policy for Windows Hello Provisioning behavior: HoloLens 2 users can now sign in using FIDO2 security keys without Iris and PIN enrollment. A new policy, “EnableWindowsHelloProvisioningForSecurityKeys,” controls Windows Hello Provisioning behavior.
  • New policy for Sign-in app default screen: When multiple people share a device, it’s best to show the Other User screen by default if not everyone is enrolled in Iris sign-in. This way, users can quickly initiate sign-in. For example, in environments where FIDO2 security keys are used, starting with the Other User screen is more convenient than having to find the correct user first.

How to Update to Windows Holographic, Version 23H2?

Windows Holographic version 23H2 is available in the form of an – “Enablement Package.” This means users can upgrade to this version without performing the complete installation process from scratch. Windows Holographic, Version 23H2, can be downloaded from:

  • Azure Marketplace
  • Windows Server Update Service (WSUS)
  • Windows Update for Business (WuFB)

Note: If you are a commercial user facing an issue during deployment, you can request free support from Microsoft professionals and resolve the issue within minutes.


Updating to the Windows Holographic 23H2 version is an ideal decision as you don’t have to perform the complete installation process, and it includes a ton of improvements and features like – support for NFC card reader, enhanced virtual text input, bug fixes, viewfinder for the camera, and so on.

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