Individual Code Signing Certificate – Documents You Need to Submit for Getting It Issued

Individual Validation Code Signing Certificate Validation Document

Code Signing Certificate Issued to Individual Software Developer Is Different From the One Issued to Software Developers Working in a Company

For a software developer who works independently as a freelancer, or as an individual software developer or a publisher who isn’t working with any company, the code signing certificate issued is different because they require an Individual Code Signing certificate.

Once you purchase the Individual Code Signing certificate, you’ll also have to undergo the validation process. But, here, your identity as an individual software developer or individual software publisher is verified by the certificate authority instead of any company or organization. Similarly, you’ll require to undergo certain procedures to prove your authenticity as an individual software developer. Once it’s completed, your individual code signing certificate will be issued.

Requirements You Need to Complete for Getting Individual Code Signing Certificate

For getting your individual code signing certificate, certificate authority like Sectigo or Comodo requires you to go through the following validation process:

  • Identity Verification
  • Telephone Verification
  • Final Verification Call

Similarly, to complete these verification processes, you must submit certain documents proving you’re an authentic individual software developer.

1. Identification Verification

Before your IV (Individual) Code Signing certificate is issued, the certificate authority will vet your identification, where you need to submit certain Government Issued Identification documents along with two additional documents as second evidence.

Government Issued ID You Can Produce

  • Passport
  • Driver’s License
  • Personal ID Card
  • Military Card     

Along with these ID proofs, you’ll also need to submit your financial documents that include your full name. For instance,

  • Credit Card Statement
  • Debit Card Statement
  • Bank Statement
  • Mortgage Statement

In addition, you need to provide a non-financial document that proves your identity like:

  • Tax Bill
  • Birth Certificate
  • Lease Agreement
  • Utility Bill

Finally, once you submit all the documents and forms (Government Issued ID and two additional documents), your identification verification as an Individual software developer will be considered completed.

2. Telephone Verification

Once the identity verification step is completed, the certificate authority will proceed with the telephone number verification. Here, you’ve to prove your telephone number is active and valid.

First, you should know that Comodo or Sectigo will verify your telephone number by looking at an acceptable third-party telephone directory containing your active telephone number, full name, and physical address. And the telephone directories they’ll look through are like:

  • Yellow Pages
  • White Pages

Nonetheless, suppose your listing is not found in the telephone directory. In that case, the certificate authority will allow you to provide a Legal Opinion Letter, also called Professional Opinion Letter (POL). A legal Opinion Letter is a document signed by an accountant or an attorney that vouches for your personal information.

3. Final Verification Call

The final verification call is the last verification step, and once it’s completed, your Individual Code Signing certificate is issued. In this step certificate authority calls you and asks certain order-related questions. Nonetheless, if your listed telephone doesn’t connect to you directly and if there’s an alternative like going through IVR or Extension, the certificate authority will go through it. But make sure if you have an extension or IVR, you mention it while submitting documents. 

Similarly, suppose the receptionist or operator answers the phone. In that case, there’s no issue as long as they can connect the CA (Certificate Authority) with an IV (Individual) Code Signing Certificate applicant.

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