Windows 11 Explained: What Do Developers Need To Know About

Windows 11 Explained

Windows 11 is the new and trending operating system in the industry. Everyone, from end-users and administrators to software developers, is using it. However, there’s still a question: what exactly does Windows 11 hold for developers?

Moving from one OS version to another can be a lot of change for software curators. So, here we have gathered all the details about Windows 11 functionalities and features, helping developers improve efficiency, build high-end apps, and streamline workflow.

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The Exclusive Windows 11 Features For Developers

The most exclusive features and functionalities of Windows 11 for developers are listed below. All these mechanisms and components support a developer to quickly complete their work, enhance app efficiency, and even increase their income from the Microsoft Store.

1: Extended App Support

Before the release of Windows 11, every developer was required to align with the UWP (Universal Windows Platform) requirement. Otherwise, their application was not able to run on the operating system.

However, Windows 11 provides them with the functionality to develop and run non-UWP applications.

Due to this, the following advantages can be availed:

  • The time used to rewrite apps in UWP format is saved.
  • The resources and costs used for rewriting to UWP are saved.
  • Applications in .NET, PWA, and Win32 formats are supported.

In addition, it leverages the developers to focus on core software functionalities and enhance them per business needs and industry trends.

2: Improved Incentive Income

With the new update, developers can own up to 100% of the revenue generated through their applications. The only requirement is that the developer should utilize a third party or its own commerce platform with their software.

In addition, if a developer uses Microsoft’s platform, then only 15% share will be owned by Microsoft. This revenue share is quite average, which is lower than the previous 30% share.

Because of this update, developers can earn more, invest more in the application, and provide relevant updates to their customers.

It’s a win-win situation for Microsoft and developer in the following ways:

  • Developers’ incomes will increase, leading them to upgrade apps efficiently.
  • The upgraded apps will be patched and aligned with the latest standards, making the Microsoft store a preferred choice of end-users.

3: Support for Third-Party StoreFront

With the support of third-party storefronts, developers will save a lot of time in preparing for the software publishing. The stores, including Epic Games and Amazon Appstore, will be shortly available on the Windows 11 platform.

Due to this, the developers can publish their software simultaneously on all platforms and monitor them. Also, the time and resources will be saved, which can used to complete other necessary tasks.

4: Android App Compatibility

The Android and Windows environments have come closer with the release of Windows 11 OS. Support for running Android applications on Windows desktops is going to be a reality. It will help the developers to reach out to a wider audience and increase the downloads of their software.

In addition, mobile app developers can create applications compatible with desktop and mobile devices. It will open a gateway to seamlessly integrate new features and create specific app environments to share media and other files.

Therefore, Windows 11 is the opportunity to take an edge and move forward from competitors.

5: Developer Tool Advancement

Windows 11 provides the most advanced set of developer tools. All the tools listed below support enhancing the interface, functionality, and robustness of the applications.


The PWA Builder3 is a prominent feature of the Windows 11. It aids the developers in curating PWA applications from their web app within minimal time and with complete functionalities. In addition, WebView2 is also a part of it to enhance the runtime operations securely and stably.

Furthermore, PWABuilder3 supports creating hybrid web applications, letting the developers save time, eliminate additional code, and ensure an impeccable user experience. Besides all this, Microsoft Edge Tools and Windows Terminal are also included in the same package to power-pack the application.

Freely Available GDK (Game Development Kit)

For the game development industry, Windows 11 has been declared a boon. Microsoft is providing its Game Development Kit or GDK for free. You can avail and use it through the official GitHub repository.

Once you download the GDK, you can access all its documentation, tools, frameworks, and libraries. It will be the foundation for developing new-age games with high-end graphics, HDR enhancement, and the smoothest gameplay for all players globally.

Microsoft will also provide DirectStorage on Windows 11, which was only available on consoles. However, to receive all the benefits, you are required to align with system requirements as follows:

  • PCIe 3.0+ NVMe SSD
  • GPU supporting DirectX12
  • Support for Shader Model 6.0+


WinUI3 is the newer version of the library, integrated with Windows App SDK. In Windows 11, you get to use it to create desktop apps for Windows 10 and newer OS versions. Also, the software created using WinUI3 can be published on the Microsoft Store.

But, always remember to use reliable code signing certificates, such as Comodo, Sectigo, DigiCert, or Certera EV Code Signing Certificate.

Furthermore, you can access the WinUI3 gallery, which includes samples of its functionality, controls, and features. By using the code of these samples, you can reduce the development time and include the following updates in the app interface:

  • Refreshed iconography
  • Micro-function interactions
  • Rounded Geometry and more

Windows App SDK

In the new Windows App SDK, developers can find a unified API and tools to develop Windows desktop applications. The WinUI3 is also included in this SDK to streamline the interface development operations.

This new SDK is an upgraded version of the Project Reunion, leading to embedding Windows 11 features in the apps. With the help of this, you can develop software compatible with Windows based on ARM, ARM64 Emulation, and ARM64EC.

6: Stronger Security

The new robust security features of Windows 11 assure the developers that data integrity and confidentiality will be retained. It uses the UEFI Secure Boot and TPM 2.0 to prevent unauthorized personnel access.

With the usage of Windows 11, developers can avail of the below security benefits:

  • The code will be secured from illegitimate actors.
  • All the security solutions will function accurately, and their updates will be provided promptly.
  • Apps and mechanisms to secure code and software supply chain will work efficiently.

Therefore, Windows 11 provides a secure environment to developers for curating top-notch applications and publishing them simultaneously on significant platforms.

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When Should a Developer Move To Windows 11?

If we analyze the current industry and rapidly evolving technology trends, a developer should immediately move to the new Windows 11. Using the latest operating system version will help to fulfill user needs quickly and build avant-garde software solutions.

Additionally, the developers will become familiar with the new technology, supporting them in enhancing the apps accordingly. Also, the new devices are coming with Windows 11 as their default OS, which means that developers using the same operating system will easily catch the pain points and provide a relevant solution to the customers.

Therefore, now is the right time to move to Windows 11 for better security, user onboarding, and reliable application development.

Concluding Up

Windows 11 offers an extensive range of developer features. It has newer WinUI3, Windows App SDK, and third-party storefront support. In addition, the security is entirely tightened to retain data integrity. Developers can quickly run all their applications and tools on this latest Microsoft OS and develop mobile, desktop, web-based, and all other applications.

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