What is the Order Procedure to Get Code Signing Certificate?

How to Order Code Signing Certificate

Code Signing Certificate helps in making software authentic and tamper-proof. And to issue it, CA also verifies the applicant’s legitimacy. The validation process starts right from the purchase, as you provide your details during checkout.

So, let’s look at the process to follow to avail of IV, OV, and EV Code Signing Certificates.

Things to Consider Before You Purchase Code Signing Certificate

Before finalizing your Code Signing Certificate order, you must clearly understand the certificate you require. If you are an individual developer/publisher, then Individual Code Signing Certificate is for you.

And if you are purchasing as an organization, then Organization Validation and Extended Validation are the two alternatives for you.

Although, professionals consider only reputed CAs, such as Comodo, Sectigo, Certera and DigiCert.

The Procedure to Order Code Signing Certificate

To avail of an Individual or Standard Code Signing Certificate, you must follow the following procedure.

Step 1: Navigate to the product page of SignMyCode.com to select the certificate of your choice.

Step 2: Choose the certificate and validity plan, delivery method and add it to the cart.

Step 3: The cart interface will open. You have to fill out mentioned details and make payment through a secure gateway.

Step 4: After Successful order placed, It’s a time for enrollment! In this if you have selected standard provisional method (Token + Shipping) then you just need to share basic organization details and address! CA will handle CSR and other process.

But, If you have select the existing USB Token method, then generate CSR and attestation as per the USB token/HSM type and submit the details!

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Step 5: Now, a representative from Certificate Authority will contact you for the vetting process. You will need to submit the below-mentioned documents to pass the validation procedure.

Documents for IV Code Signing Certificate:

  • Valid government-issued ID (Passport, License, Citizenship Card, Military ID)
  • Financial Document (Bank, Credit Card, or Debit Card Statement)
  • Non-Financial Documents (Utility Bills)
  • Telephone Number

Documents for OV Code Signing Certificate:

  • Government Issued Organization License
  • Physical Address Proof
  • A valid organizational Telephone Number

Instead of submitting three different documents, you can also provide a single report from Dun & Bradstreet or a Legal Opinion Letter to the CA, as they contain all mentioned details.

Documents for EV Code Signing Certificate:

  • Government-registered Business ID
  • Record displaying full physical address with Pincode
  • A Telephone Number
  • Professional Opinion Letter or DUNS report instead of all other deeds  

Once you submit the required documents, CA will attest them and call you for final verification. And after the vetting process, Code Signing Certificate will get issued to you.

Step 6: After successful verification, CA will send you the certificate based on your selected delivery mode. If you have selected the shipping option, you will receive a token to your address, otherwise they might get a link to install the certificate in existing token.

Get Code Signing Certificates

Why You Should Buy Code Signing Certificate From SignMyCode?

SignMyCode understands the needs of its customers and leverages them with the following:

24/7 Support

By becoming a customer of SignMyCode, you can avail of expert support at anytime hour of the day. You will have a dedicated interface to raise your ticket and contact the representative. In addition, SignMyCode performs accurate techniques to resolve your queries in minimal time, ensuring expected results.

Top-Notch Certificates at Cheap Prices

SignMyCode doesn’t deal with third parties. It’s an authorized and certified partner of Sectigo Certificate Authority that provides authentic code signing certificates. Due to its partnership with CA, all SignMyCode customers get discounts on their new orders and renewals.

Free Tools and Resources

By navigating to the official website of SignMyCode, you can freely access essential tools to automate code signing operations. Every tool on the website will be available, from creating CSR to automating renewal. In addition, you can also access free guides and instruction manuals to install, export renew, manage and troubleshoot certificates.

Money Back Guarantee

SignMyCode provides ample time for all its clients to cancel the order in case they don’t like the performance or quality. It has a 30-day cancellation policy, in which you can cancel your purchase and get 100% money back. But remember, your 30 days countdown started when you made the payment.

Concluding Up

Code Signing Certificate is a must-to-have digital certificate for software developers and publishers. Before any publisher utilizes it, they need to purchase it from a reputed seller, like SignMyCode.

Through a seamless order procedure of SignMyCode, including steps of only selecting the certificate, making payment, submitting documents, and passing the vetting process, you can seamlessly purchase any Code Signing Certificate.

CertificateAverage Market PriceSignMyCode’s Price
Certera Code Signing Certificate$210.99/yr
Certera EV Code Signing Certificate$279.99/yr
Comodo Individual Code Signing Certificate$300/year$219.99/yr
Comodo Code Signing Certificate$300/year$219.99/yr
Comodo EV Code Signing Certificate$400/year$279.99/yr
Sectigo Individual Code Signing Certificate$300/year$219.99/yr
Sectigo Code Signing Certificate$300/year$219.99/yr
Sectigo EV Code Signing Certificate$400/year$279.99/yr
DigiCert Code Signing Certificate$539.00/Year$369.99/yr
DigiCert EV Code Signing Certificate$755.00/year$499.99/yr
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