7 Factors To Consider For Selecting The Best Code Signing Certificate Provider

Best Code Signing Certificate Providers

Every wise software developer and publishing firm knows the importance of a code signing certificate for their executables, codes, and scripts. For the uninitiated, code signing helps give your software a mark of genuine and trusted publisher for users to download and install.

Moreover, it safeguards your executables with a digital signature and alerts users if they are altered or modified after signing. Typically, development companies and individuals can obtain code signing certificates from renowned certificate authorities (CA).

CAs are governing authorities that validate the identity of an organization or entity and bind them with an unbreakable cryptographic hash. They are the sole authority to issue code signing certificates for all your needs.

However, you can also purchase the code signing certificate from the distributors and providers.

Apart from being affordable and cheap, you need to consider certain factors before choosing the best code signing certificate provider. Let’s get to know what these factors are:

Factors to Know for Selecting the Best Code Signing Certificate Provider

Let’s see what factors you should consider so you don’t regret your decision later:

  1. Range of Code Signing Solutions
  2. Value for Money
  3. Provider Popularity and Presence
  4. Time Stamping Feature
  5. Unlimited Code Signing with One Certificate
  6. After-Sales Support and Service
  7. Incorporating Latest Security Standards

1. Range of Code Signing Solutions

Different businesses have different needs for securing their executables and software files and a code signing certificate provider needs to understand the same.

For instance, individual software developers need code signing solutions that suit their requirements. They need an Individual Code Signing Certificate for protecting their software.

Similarly, small to large software publishing firms require OV or EV code signing certificates that are more capable and have stringent security measures. A reliable code signing certificate provider will offer almost all code signing solutions, so you must select them for all your needs.

2. Value for Money

The best code signing certificate providers are the ones that offer several features and benefits apart from the code signing certificate. For instance, some of the providers do help you with the validation process for quick issuance of the certificate.

They help you with the documents required, raising certificate signing requests (CSR), and other procedures to obtain the code signing certificate. Also, you need to consider the price of certificates offered by various CAs.

On the other hand, some of the distributors and resellers offer the same at affordable prices and are the best and Cheap Code Signing Certificate providers. So, you must also give them a chance as well for the required code signing solutions.

3. Provider Popularity and Presence

Popularity and presence are also one of the most vital factors to consider when selecting the best code signing certificate provider. You want to choose a Certificate Authority that is recognized by the community worldwide and has an established presence.

Moreover, if you choose to go with trusted distributors or resellers, check if they resell the certificates of renowned CAs like Certera, Sectigo, DigiCert, Comodo. The popularity of your certificate provider is proof enough for you to trust your code signing certificate providers.

If the CAs are not popular and authorized, your users may see an alert or warning message. Hence, investing in popular code signing certificate providers with a global presence is going to be a safe bet for you.

4. Time Stamping Feature

Time stamping is one of the crucial features and benefits for software publishing firms. Basically, it’s a feature certificate authorities offer with their code signing certificate. Time-stamped signature of a certificate stays valid even after the certificate expires.

Even if your certificate is valid only for 2 to 3 years, time stamping ensures that your digital signature remains valid and your software still gets the same protection. This also makes sure that you don’t run into any trouble associated with unsigned software. So, you must consider code signing certificate providers that offer a time stamping feature.

5. Unlimited Code Signing with One Certificate

Often the most renowned and best code signing certificate providers offer the functionality of signing an innumerable number of executables and codes with one certificate. However, you must first verify the same with your certificate provider and choose the one that offers this benefit.

Having such functionality allows you to save hundreds of bucks by not purchasing multiple OV or EV Code Signing Certificate. Also, managing a mammoth amount of certificates and their credentials is often a complex thing and not a viable option for the long term. Thus, choose the certificate providers that offer such a functionality out-of-the-box.

6. After-Sales Support and Service

Customer service and support after sales is also a vital factor to consider when selecting the best code signing certificate providers. Purchasing a certificate from authentic distributors or CAs is always preferable as they provide 24/7 customer service and support.

Hence, whenever you run into any troubles, you can contact the subject matter expert from those certificate providers to resolve your queries. Doing so will ensure your problems get an accurate response in the minimal time possible.

7. Incorporating Latest Security Standards

Last but not least is selecting the code signing certificate provider that uses the latest security standard for the protection of their certificate. Well-rounded certificate providers ensure that they incorporate the latest encryption technology and hashing algorithms.

You can look up such information by visiting the websites of the certificate providers. If you find that your certificate providers use advanced security measures and comply with the latest standards, you can trust them and use their code signing solutions.


Whenever you plan to buy and integrate a code signing certificate, it’s always best to verify a few things before taking any decision. In this article, we have listed down 7 factors you should consider before choosing the best code signing certificate provider.

You must pay attention to the range of code signing solutions, value for money, popularity, customer support, and other factors and benefits your CA or provider offers. Doing so will ensure that you take the right decision and won’t regret it later. That said, see you till the next!

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