Which is Best Extended Validation Code Signing Certificate?

Best Extended Validation Code Signing

Selecting an EV Code Signing Certificate mostly requires complex discussions, identifying requirements and selecting the accurate solution. However, such tasks can take a long time to get to a conclusion.

But, you don’t have to undergo any time-consuming procedure, as we have identified the best one for you. By reading further, you will assuredly get satisfied with the EV Code Signing Certificate. So, let’s get started to enhance your digital presence across operating systems.

Why EV Code Signing Certificate is Important?

Extended Validation Code Signing Certificate is a crucial necessity of large enterprise software. It helps organizations to get recognized as trustworthy company to provide a smooth installation to end-users. In addition, it also aids in improving the private key security with hardware token mechanism.

With an EV Code Signing Certificate, a firm can fulfill the following requirements:

  • You can enhance the business legitimacy across 99.9% browsers and operating systems.
  • Your stakeholders will not face Unknown Publisher and Defender SmartScreen warning.
  • Your software will be valid, even after EV Code Signing Certificate expiration.
  • You will be able to align with best software security practice impeccably.

Discovering the Best Extended Validation Code Signing Certificate

Every organization needs to buy a top-notch EV Code Signing Certificate, which can cover its requisites. And, in the market, offering an extensive code signing products, professionals always consider solutions for Certera, Sectigo, Comodo or DigiCert..

Let’s have a look upon both of them.

Comodo EV Code Signing Certificate

Comodo is a popular and one of the most authentic certificate authorities, issuing EV certificate from a decade. It understands the user needs and constantly update itself to provide best-in-class solutions. Additionally, it offers the below benefits and features, aiding enterprises to tighten the software security.

SmartScreen Compatible

As Comodo is active from a very long term, operating systems recognize software integrated with its EV certificate as legitimate. Further, its reputation supports the organizations to provide a seamless user experience.

When you utilize a Comodo EV Code Signing Certificate, it provides instant lawfulness. As a result, end-users don’t face Windows Defender SmartScreen warnings.

Additional Private Key Security

When Comodo issues you an EV Code Signing Certificate, it mails the private key in a hardware token. Its an external USB drive, which you have to plug in the system to secure source code. The primary purpose of providing the token is to help you strengthening key protection.

You can secure the token behind the physical access control of your choice, preventing unauthorized access to it.

Trust Indicators on Certificate

Once you integrate Comodo EV Code Signing Certificate with your software, your users can see your organization’s name. Whenever a stakeholder will try to run executable file, it will display firm’s name as publisher. It will provide you two primary advantages:

  1. Users will be having a feeling a trust and assurance that software is coming from an authorized source.
  2. The operating systems will easily recognize you as genuine brand, improving your reputation score.

Multi-Platform Support

With Comodo, you don’t have to worry about the platform you are utilizing. It is compatible with all software platforms, ensuring to protect any kind of executable file. You can use it on Windows, Mozilla, Adobe, Visual Studio and all other major and minor platforms.

In addition, it enables you to create both 32-bit and 64-bit files in the required format, including .dll, .exe and more.

Follows Industry Guidelines

One of the primary reasons behind Comodo’s high demand is its compliance with latest standards. Purchasing Comodo EV Code Signing Certificate is always guaranteeing you advanced encryption. Furthermore, it aligns with all the CA/B forums guidelines, NIST and ISO standards.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about any legal actions, as your certificate is completely as per merit requisites.

Sectigo EV Code Signing Certificate

Sectigo is also a renowned name in the list if top Certificate Authorities. Likewise, Comodo, all its security solutions are up-to-the-date and available at cheap prices. Moreover, its customers are satisfied with its services and leverages the following benefits.

Recognition across platforms

Sectigo EV Code Signing Certificate optimizes your brand authenticity within minutes. And, operating systems starts treating your software as a genuine executable file. It doesn’t matter for which operating system, your software is for, each one of it will consider you as authorized publisher.

Purchasing Sectigo EV Code Signing Certificate can be a high return deal on a minimal investment.

Zero Installation Warnings

With Sectigo Extended Validation certificate, your users will never face Unknown Publisher Warnings. There will be a smooth download and an alert-free installation on every device. Even, the Windows Defender SmartScreen will check your application as veritable.

From encrypting overall source code to enhancing user experience, Sectigo EV certificates covers all for your business.

Extended Validity

Sectigo never lets its users agonize about their software’s authenticity validity. It leverages you with lifetime validity of the application. Whether your certificate expires, every solution having a digital sign through Sectigo EV certificate remains valid. Every OS and browser treat it as genuine file for an unlimited period.

Therefore, buying a Sectigo EV certificate will give benefit until your software is available to end-users.

Hardware Token

Similar to Comodo, Sectigo also provides the private key in an external hardware token. You can store that USB at any place to limit the people utilizing it. in addition, you will require the token every time you need to digitally sign the software.

Moreover, you can use it to sign unlimited executable files and make them valid for an extended period.

Which is Best yet Cheap Code Signing Certificate: Comodo or Sectigo?

Comodo and Sectigo are the two most leading brands for Code Signing Certificate. Both offers avant-garde features in at an affordable price. In addition, every operating system treats Sectigo and Comodo EV certificate integrated software as genuine application.

You can select any one from among them, as Sectigo is new name of Comodo. However, both brand names are used still use. But, if you buy a Comodo Extended Validation Code Signing Certificate, its probably coming from Sectigo. Therefore, whether you buy Comodo or Sectigo, you are going to get similar services at best price.

The Best Place to Buy EV Code Signing Certificate

To buy EV code signing certificate, you should find a reliable certificate provider. Primarily, certificate authorities and authorized vendors sell the code signing certificate. And, you can purchase from any of them.

However, if you are purchasing it from a vendor, you should always check its service availability and partnership with the CA. if it’s a partner of certificate authority, just like SignMyCode, you can trust that distributor. In addition, you must always verify about support service, price and product variety before finalizing the seller.

Purchasing from a vendor, such as SignMyCode is always beneficial, as it provides top-notch certificates at cheap prices.

Wrapping Up

EV Code Signing certificate is a crucial component for organizations, providing a software to their stakeholders. And, to accelerating their potential, it gets necessary to select the best extended validation code signing certificate.

While finding the top-notch certificate, you will always encounter with Comodo and Sectigo, as these are two most reputed code signing certificate brands.

Whether you select Sectigo or Comodo, you are assuring yourself impeccable support services, high performing solutions, promise for code integrity, unlimited signing and software validation. In addition, you get the leverage of guaranteeing zero warning installation to each end-user.

Best Comodo EV Code Signing Certificate
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