Things to Know about Sectigo Code Signing Certificate

What is Sectigo Code Signing Certificate

Here is everything you need to know about Sectigo code signing certificates.

Software security is one of the key concerns of businesses around the world. As the number of cyberattacks is increasing, it has become vital for businesses to ensure that their software is received graciously by the audience. This is where code signing steps in.

Code signing is a process of signing the software code or driver with a digital signature using a code signing certificate. The code signing certificate is bestowed by a certificate authority after a comprehensive vetting procedure. The vetting procedure ensures that the individual or the organization is legit and actually exists.

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A certificate authority is a reputed entity that provides these code signing certificates. Some of the prime names are Digicert, Sectigo, etc. Though all of them have a reputed name in the market, we will primarily talk about the Sectigo Code Signing Certificate in this article.

What is Sectigo?

Sectigo is a legitimate certificate authority that deals in providing online security products and services to users.

As per recent updates, the market share of Sectigo is close to 15%. This number is exactly 1.7% less than last year. Despite the dip, the firm has given its competitors a strong run for their money.

market share trends of ssl certificate authorities

Here are some key statistics about Sectigo!

ExperienceOver 20 years
CustomersOver 700k (36% of fortune 1000)
Certificates issuedOver 400 million
Sites using
And more!
Average customer rating4.6

Are Sectigo and Comodo the same?

Well, there is some sort of confusion that you may have when searching for Sectigo online. Many of you may think that Sectigo and Comodo are the same. Here is a clear elaboration!

Back in 2017, Francisco Partners, a private equity firm, acquired Comodo certificate authority. As Comodo has multiple businesses apart from the CA, the acquired part of the COMODO was rebranded as Sectigo.

COMODO also provides cWatch and antivirus software. Therefore, it wouldn’t have been easy to differentiate without the rebranding.

So, if you have been using COMODO CA certificates, they will continue to exist as Sectigo, and COMODO CA is the same. The second reason for rebranding was the product scope for Sectigo, which was increasing toward website security and IoT.

What are the Features of the Sectigo Code Signing Certificate?

The stats mentioned above clearly prove that Sectigo has a repo in the market. After all, it is just behind GoDaddy and DigiCert. The grand reputation of Sectigo is due to some of the awesome features that it offers. Here are some of them!

Widely Supported

Let’s begin with the most crucial part, support. You see, if you are getting a certificate from a CA, it has to be supported by different types of devices and browsers. Fortunately, all the code signing certificates provided by Sectigo are supported by a wide range of devices such as Windows, iPhone, and Android.

Other than that, browsers like Mozilla, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera cooperate well with the Sectigo code signing certificates.

Top-notch Encryption

The code signing certificates are also required to be strong in terms of security. Hence, Sectigo makes its certificate in a way that meets all the legal and industry requirements for encryption needs.

The Sectigo EV Code Signing Certificate has a 2048-bit digital signature.


Though you will not find any reason to push these certificates away, if you do decide to change your decision, you can. Sectigo offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to its users after the purchase of the certificate.

Private key

Let’s cut to the unique benefit of the Sectigo code signing certificate, especially the EV code signing certificate. When you buy a Sectigo EV code signing certificate, it comes with a private key in an external drive. You can store this key on a physical drive to ensure security or unauthorized access.

Microsoft Smartscreen

Another unique benefit to buy Sectigo Code Signing Certificate is the Microsoft SmartScreen reputation. However, you only get this with the EV code signing certificate. Microsoft SmartScreen is a Windows OS feature that raises an alert every time its senses unsafe software or driver.

It even shows errors for software that is signed by the regular code signing certificate. Hence, it is advised to get the EV code signing certificate as it boosts your reputation for Microsoft SmartScreen.

Less Issuance Time

This is a cherry on the cake feature of the Sectigo code signing certificate. If you have applied for a Sectigo Code Signing Certificate, you won’t have to wait for long to get it. The issuance time of the certificate is between 1-5 days. So, no delays in your software distribution.


Timestamping is a feature that every Sectigo code signing certificate provides you. With this feature, you can keep your code signing certificates valid even after they have expired. Hence, offering you extended validation.

What are the Various Certificates offered by Sectigo?

Well, as we are well-versed with the features of the Sectigo code signing certificates, let’s see what types of certificates it offers!

Sectigo Code Signing Certificate (OV validation)

This is the base version of the code signing certificate that you can get. Sectigo code signing certificate offers you various benefits, such as

  • Unlimited code signing
  • Code signing timestamp
  • Supports multiple platforms and browsers
  • Meets the guidelines and specifications of the CA/Browser forum and Microsoft
  • 32-bit and 64-bit formats compatible

You can Purchase Sectigo code signing certificate at $210.99/yr with massive savings and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Sectigo EV Code Signing Certificate (Extended Validation validation)

This is an advanced and more powerful version of the code signing certificate. The Sectigo EV code signing certificate offers added benefits to businesses as well as individuals. However, they also have a strict verification process.

Here are the pros of the EV code signing certificate.

  • Unlimited code signing, including kernel-mode drivers
  • It satisfies the requirements of CA/Browser Forum and Microsoft
  • Provides two-factor authentication by offering a private key stored in an external token
  • Provides Microsoft SmartScreen reputation for reducing warnings
  • Timestamping for extended software validity
  • Compatible with a plethora of platforms and browsers.

Get the most powerful Sectigo EV code signing certificate at $274.99/yr with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Sectigo Individual Code Signing Certificate

If you are an individual developer and need to distribute your software, you can do it by choosing the Sectigo Individual Code Signing Certificate.

Here are the features of the certificate!

  • Makes you recognizable as a trusted entity for browsers and OSs.
  • It is compatible with Microsoft, Adobe AIR, etc.
  • Timestamping feature provides extended validation after certificate expiry.
  • Boosts user trust and reduces unknown publisher’s warnings.

This certificate can be obtained at a price of $210.99/yr. You get a secure checkout and a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Sectigo is a trusted CA that provides legitimate and trustworthy certificates. Businesses and individual software developers can both use these certificates to sign their software and codes for security and authenticity.

We would like to tell you that for more customer acquisition, you need to have an EV Code Signing Certificate. It has enhanced features as compared to other certificates.

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