Why Do You Need an EV Code Signing Certificate?

Why Do You Need EV Code Signing Certificate

You probably know what a code signing certificate is and why it is needed. But for the uninitiated, a code signing certificate is a digital security certificate used by software developers to sign their apps, drivers, software, executable codes, and others.

It provides end-users the surety that the software code they received hasn’t been altered or compromised. A Certificate Authority (CA) will provide you with a code signing certificate after conducting the required validation. Based on the validation type, they offer Organization Validation (OV) and Extended Validation (EV) certificates.

While the OV certificate comes with limited benefits and features, an Extended Validation code signing goes a step further in validation and authentication. Thanks to that, it becomes an ideal choice for large software programming companies. Before we understand why it’s an ideal choice, let’s glance over what an Extended Validation code signing certificate is:

What is an EV Code Signing Certificate?

An Extended Validation certificate comes with the highest level of verification where the CA asks for certain types of specific documents to prove your identity. For the validation of your identity, the CA will also require you to have appropriate hardware security to store certificate credentials.

You can purchase Extended Validated code signing from them or from trusted distributors of legit and best Extended Validation (EV) code signing certificate providers.

Extended Validated (EV) code signing certificate is offered to large software publishers and developers and not to individual developers. It includes two-factor authentication to ensure that the certificate is delivered to the right user. The private keys here are stored in an external hardware device to prevent any unauthorized use.

Apart from these, there are several other benefits and features included in the Extended Validated code signing certificate. Let’s get to learn them all.

Benefits & Features of Extended Validation (EV) Code Signing Certificate

The Extended Validation certificates include some exclusive benefits and features in addition to features included in the normal certificate. Here they are:

Automatic Reputation with SmartScreen

Software programs, apps, and executables signed with an EV certificate get instant recognition from Microsoft’s SmartScreen filter. Getting such a reputation is difficult even with the OV code signing certificate.

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But with EV, you can easily bypass the publisher verification stage and get a verified publisher badge that gives a substantial boost for people to trust you.

Additionally, you also gain instant trust from online platforms and browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, and others. With an EV certificate, you are seen as a respectable business and your users see minimum warning messages.

Two-Factor Authentication

The two-factor authentication works here a little differently. For instance, the private keys of the code signing certificate form a vital part and if compromised, it’ll put your software in jeopardy. Thus, an encryption token with a private key is stored in secure hardware token such as a USB device and sent to you after you purchase the certificate.

The physical device ensures that no unauthorized personnel could export and misuse the Extended Validation code signing certificate and only authorized people can sign their code. This further reinforces the authorization process and improves security.

Time-sensitive Signing

EV (Extended Validation) code signing comes with the ability to timestamp your software while signing to ensure your digital signature lives on even after the EV certificate expires. You can use your disk and private keys to digitally sign your software program and add a timestamp to it.

Without timestamping, you’ll need to re-sign your software because the signature will expire the moment your EV (Extended Validated) code signing certificate expires. Thus, it’s an important feature for you to keep your software signed always.

Platform Compatibility

Extended Validation (EV) code signing certificates come with universal platform compatibility. Thus, you won’t have to reissue the certificate for different platforms and sign a code for Authenticode, Kernel Mode, or others. Whenever you make changes to your code platform, the certificate will automatically update for the desired platform.

Support for Hardware Security Modules (HSM)

Extended Validation code signing certificates offer support for hardware security modules to benefit you with more control over your certificate credentials. You can install EV certificates on HSMs while your certificate and private keys are secured.

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Also, you can authorize other members from your organization to access the HSMs and use them to sign codes with stored Extended Validated (EV) code signing certificates.

EV Code Signing vs Normal Code Signing Certificate: Why Do You Need an EV Certificate?

Obtaining a normal code signing certificate is a straightforward process and requires only going through standard vetting to prove your identity. However, you won’t get all the benefits and features listed above with a normal or standard code signing certificate.

It won’t have a reputation with Microsoft SmartScreen filter, two-factor authentication, and support from all browsers. Thus, if those are your priorities, then consider choosing the Extended Validated code signing certificate. The exclusive features listed above make the certificate worth every dime you pay.

Additionally, the certificate follows the security guidelines laid out by the CA/B forum and Microsoft, taking the security of EV certificates a notch higher.

Where to Get Your EV (Extended Validated) Code Signing Certificate?

You can buy EV code signing certificates from renowned Certificate Authorities like Sectigo, Comodo, Certera or others. You can also choose to buy the same from a trusted and best EV code signing certificate provider like SignMyCode.

Best EV ProductsPrice
Certera EV Code Signing Certificate$269.99/yr
Comodo EV Code Signing Certificate$274.99/yr
Sectigo EV Code Signing Certificate$274.99/yr
DigiCert EV Code Signing Certificate$519.99/yr

The best thing about our Extended Validated (EV) code signing certificate is you get the same certificate at the most affordable rate in the market. So, contact our team to discover more about our code signing certificates and buy the most trusted and affordable EV certificates.

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