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Whether you're a new software developer or an experienced one who has been into software development for years, having the correct Code Signing related resources proves helpful in saving time and energy. Here’s our proper resource on different issues related to code signing certificates that you may find helpful. From what documents you need to submit to get your code signing certificate issued to how to sign your software using a code signing certificate, our free SignMyCode resource will guide you through it.

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How to Digitally Sign Your Visual Studio Software?

Visual Studio is one of the popular development platforms from Microsoft for building software applications. But this popularity does seem to attract several problems, especially…
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Quick Guide to Verify Windows Authenticode Signature

Here’s How to Verify Your Windows Authenticode Signature With a Cryptographic Procedure Microsoft Authenticode Signature is a type of digital signature which is essential for…

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Add Certificate Integrity in Azure Key Vault App code signing process in macOS Apple Apps Code Signing apple code signing apple code signing certificate Apple Mac Code Signing Automated Code Signing Automated EV Code Signing Automated EV Code Signing Certificate aws Lambda Code Signing azure code signing Azure Code Signing Certificate Azure DevOps pipeline Azure Key Vault Azure Key Vault CA Integration azure key vault key generation azure key vault store private key Azure KeyVault and Azure Pipelines Best Hashing Algorithms Bypass SmartScreen for Signed Application Bypass SmartScreen Windows 8 Bypass the SmartScreen Warning Certificate Management Tool For Windows Certificate Manager Tool changes in issuing ov code signing cert Cheap Code Signing Certificates check md5 checksum code sign ios apps code sign jar file Code Sign Windows Kernel Driver Code Sign With Azure DevOps Code Signing Architecture code signing certificate comparison Code Signing Certificate Cost Code Signing Certificate Expires Code Signing Certificate News Code Signing Certificate Price Comparison Code Signing Certificate Tutorial Code Signing Changes Code signing for AWS Lambda code signing for AWS Lambda function using AWS Signer Code Signing Guide Code signing in Azure DevOps Code Signing in Visual Studio Code Signing Installation Guide code signing java jar Code Signing News Code Signing PFX Certificate code signing process Code Signing process and architecture Code Signing Tutorials code signing using YubiHSM 2 code signing using YubiKey Code Signing with Azure Key Vault Code Signing with the DigiCert Certificate Utility for Windows Code Signing with the YubiKey on Windows Code Signing Your Winqual.exe File Code-Sign Windows Kernel Drivers Codesign Digital Signatures in Mac OS comodo java code signing certificate Compare Code Signing Certificates Configure Code Signing Certificate in Azure Key Vault configure code signing with Yubikey Configure Luna HSM for Jar Signing Configuring code signing for AWS Lambda Configuring two-factor authentication github Configuring YubiKey for macOS account login Connect Yubikey key to GitHub Convert an Exported PFX File to PVK & SPC Files Create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) in Luna Create Azure Key Vault Certificate Create Azure Key Vault Certificates on Azure Portal Create Certificate Authority in Azure Create Certificate Signing Request Create CSR & Install EV Code Signing Certificate in Azure Create CSR for Your Code Signing Certificate Create CSR in Code Siging Create CSR with DigiCert utility create private key in azure key vault Creating and merging a certificate signing request in Azure Key Vault DigiCert Certificate Utility for Windows DigiCert Certificate Utility Tool for Windows DigiCert Code Signing Utility Tool digicert etoken installation DigiCert Utility Tool digicert utility tool generate CSR digital signature innosetup Digitally Sign Application Digitally Sign EXE File digitally sign ios apps Digitally Sign Java Software with Code Signing digitally sign uninstaller using innosetup Digitally Sign Visual Studio Software discover Yubico YubiKeys do I install root and intermediate certificates Documents You Must Submit for Individual Code Signing Documents You Must Submit of EV Code Signing Driver code signing requirements Dual Sign Your Software File Using SHA-256 & SHA-1 Edge Browser with Internet Explorer Mode Certificate Enable Internet Explorer (IE Mode) in Edge Browser EV Code Signing for Windows 10 EV Code Signing with Azure Key Vault Export Code Signing Certificate Export Code Signing Certificate as a PFX File Export Code Signing Certificate From Firefox export Code Signing Certificate from Safari Export Code Signing Certificates Export Code Signing PFX Certificate with DigiCert Utility Tool Failed to sign SignTool Error file hash File hashing file hashing algorithms FILE is not commonly downloaded Fix Error 000004c0 Fix No Profile for Team Error fix Signtool error Generate Attestation Certificate Generate Code Signing Certificate Generate code signing certificate innAzure Generate CSR and Key Attestation for the Luna Network HSM Generate CSR for Code Signing generate csr in azure key vault hsm Generate CSR to get Code Sign Certificate for Windows Generate CSR using Java Keystore Generate Key Pair on YubiKey generate pfx file generate private key and CSR in Luna HSM Generate Self-Signed Code Signing Certificate Generate Signing Key and Certificate on Luna Keystore Generating and Importing a Certificate into Microsoft Azure Key Vault Get Certificates from a YubiKey using PowerShell Get Code Signing Certificate Hashing a file hashing algorithem How do I activate my YubiKey How do I store certificates on my YubiKey? How do you fix a certificate chain error? How Does a Timestamping Work? How does YubiKey generate keys? how to Check an MD5 Checksum how to check digital signature of a file in linux how to check digital signature of a file windows 10 how to code sign ios app on mac How to Code Sign Windows Files How to Create PFX file How to generate CSR from HSM How to initialize or reset a SafeNet 5110FIPS USB Token How to install a YubiKey How to Install EV Code Signing How to Sign Adobe AIR Application how to Sign an EXE or Windows Application How to store private and public keys in azure key vault how to use ev code signing certificate How to Use YubiHSM 2 With PKCS#11 in Java HSM in Code signing Import a PEM file to Azure Vault Import Code Signing Certificate into Firefox import code signing certificate on azure key vault Import EV Code Signing in Azure Import new trusted Root CA certificate import root and intermediate certificate on Yubikey Importing Certificates into Azure Key Vault Importing PEM certificates into Azure KeyVault Individual Code Signing Individual Code Signing Cert Individual code signing installation guide Initialize your Yubico token Initialize your Yubikey token initiate etoken safenet client inno setup installer tutorial inno setup setup Inno setup setup windows 10 inno setup tutorial install code signing cert install code signing certificate in Yubikey install code signing certificate on etoken Install Code Signing on MS Windows install digicert code signing certificate on etoken install digicert provided etoken Install EV Signing in Azure Install Individual Validation Code Signing Install IV Code Signing Install OV Code Signing Install Root and Intermediate Certificates on YubiKey Install Sectigo Code Signing Install Sectigo Code Signing Certificate in Windows Install your code signing certificate on your eToken install yubikey on mac Integrating Key Vault with DigiCert certificate authority Integrating Key Vault with Integrated Certificate Authorities Internet Explorer Mode Code Signing Certificate ios app code signing ios app code signing errors ios Code Signing jar sign in MacOs JAR Signing in Mac OS X Environments Java Code Signing Java Code Signing Certificate java code signing certificates java code signing using jarsigner Java Code Signing using Luna HSM Java code signing using YubiHSM 2 Java Keytool with Luna HSM Java Keytool with Luna Network HSM Kernel Driver Code Signing for Windows 8 Kernel-Mode Code Signing Key Generation and Attestation with Yubikey key generation yubikey piv tool Lambda code signing Luna Key Attestation Certificate Luna Network HSM Luna Network HSM 7 Mac Code Signing Mac Code signing Certificate Mac Code Signing using Yubikey mac codesign tool Mac Codesign Utility Mac OSX Code Signing Manage Certs with Windows Certificate Manager Management Key yubikey manager MD5 Checksum microsoft driver signing Microsoft SignTool Microsoft Smartscreen Filter most common ios code signing error No certificates were found that met all the given criteria Order Code Signing Certificate Order EV Code Signing Certificate Order Process of Code Signing Cert OV Code Signing Certificate Changes OV Code Signing Requirement Changes pfx certificate PIN and Management Key PIV Authentication on macOS powershell code sign using Yubikey Public Yubikey Initialization Renew Your Code Signing Certificate SafeNet Authentication Client safenet authentication client download safenet authentication client download thales SafeNet Authentication Client User's Guide safenet client etoken guide safenet client initializate token Sectigo Code Signing Sectigo OV Code Signing Certificate Changes Secure your GitHub account with a YubiKey security warning unknown publisher windows 10 set up a YubiKey with a GitHub account setuo YubiHSM for Code Signing Request Setup Azure Key Vault to Store Code Signing Certificates setup digicert eToken to safenet client setup YubiHSM for code signing request sign a .jar file with Code Signing Certificat Sign a VBA Macro in MS Office Sign an app package using SignTool Sign an EXE in Visual Studio 2022 Sign an Executable File Using YubiKey sign code using poweshell Sign Digitally PowerShell Script Sign Driver Files with Kernel Mode Driver Certificate Sign Executable Files Using EV Code Signing Sign Executables sign files with Microsoft Sign Tool sign installer using inno setup sign jar file with code signing certificate Sign Mac OS File Sign Visual Studio Applications Sign Winqual.exe File sign winqual.exe using digicert utility tool Signing a Driver Signing Drivers For Windows Signing executables with Microsoft SignTool.exe Signtool error No certificates were found Solution Signtool no certificates found error SignTool.exe (Sign Tool) Smart Card Pairing from macOS Software Security Threats store code signing credential into YubiKey Supported hardware tokens Thales Luna K7 Cryptographic Module timestamp code signing certificate timestamping code signature timestamping code signing Token based jar signing ubiKey Certificates PowerShell Script ubiKey For Code Signing Purpose ubiKey PIV application configuration Unable to Build a Valid Certificate Chain for the Signer unknown publisher error unknown publisher security warning Unknown Publisher Warning upcoming ov code signing changes Use a smart card on Mac Use an EV Code Signing Certificate use yubikey for Github security use Yubikey for PowerShell CodeSigning User Account Control User Account Control message Using a YubiKey to store code signing certificates Using YubiHSM2 with Java Utilize Certificate Manager on Windows 10 Verify Code Signing Certificate Installation Verify Digital Signature of a File verify gpg signature windows Verify the Checksum of a Downloaded File Verify the Code Signing Certificate Installation Verify the code signing certificate installation chrom Verify the code signing certificate installation mac Verify the code signing certificate installation windows 10 Verify Windows Authenticode Signature Verifying Your Code Signing Certificate Installation Visual Studio Code Signing What is Code Signing What is code signing concept what is ev code signing certificate What is hash in a file? What is Hashing What Is Microsoft Signtool What is PFX Certificate What is the code signing process What Is Timestamping Windows 10 Certificate Manager Tool Windows Code Signing Certificate CSR windows device driver with EV code siging Windows Digital Driver Signing Windows Driver Signing Windows Driver Signing Certificate Windows EXE application Signing Windows EXE Code Signing Windows Kernel Driver Code Signing Windows Kernel Drivers windows sign kernel driver Yubico Authenticator yubico fips compatible tokens yubico fips yubikeys YubiHSM YubiHSM 2 yubihsm 2 fips yubihsm code signing yubihsm for windows 10 Yubikey Attestation Yubikey Certificate Attestation yubikey mac setup yubikey management key YubiKey Manager YubiKey Manager Powershell Script YubiKey on a Mac YubiKey PIV Certificate Management yubikey piv macos yubikey piv manager yubikey piv manager certificate installed YubiKey store private keys Yubikey to sign apple apps