How to Order or Renew DigiCert Code Signing Certificates?

Buy or Renew DigiCert Code Signing Certificate

DigiCert is a reputable Certificate Authority (CA) that offers code signing certificates for ensuring software application integrity and security.

Whether you are a developer looking to order a new code signing certificate or an existing certificate holder seeking to renew, DigiCert provides a seamless process to meet your needs.

This article will guide you through the seamless steps of ordering or renewing your DigiCert code signing certificate.

DigiCert Code Signing Certs CTA

How do Digital Signatures Transform your Digital Presence?

Digital signatures play a crucial role in ensuring the integrity and authenticity of software and applications.

DigiCert is a trusted Code Signing certificate provider that offers developers, and users enhanced security and peace of mind.

Whether you want to order a new code signing certificate or renew an existing one, this article will guide you through the process step by step.

Understand the Importance of Code Signing Certificates:

Before diving into the ordering or renewal process, it’s essential to grasp why code-signing certificates are necessary. Code signing certificates add a digital signature to software, confirming its authenticity and integrity.

Developers can use a trusted certificate authority like DigiCert to protect their users from downloading compromised or malicious software.

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Determine Your Certificate Requirements:

First, assess your needs to order or renew a DigiCert code signing certificate. Consider the number of software applications or files you want to sign and the platforms you intend to target, such as Windows, macOS, or mobile devices. This evaluation will help you choose the appropriate certificate type and duration.

Choose the Right Certificate Type:

DigiCert offers various code signing certificate types, including standard (OV) and EV (Extended Validation) code sign certificates.

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Standard certificates are suitable for most developers, while EV certificates provide an extra layer of trust by displaying the company name in the user interface.

Timestamping certificates help preserve the validity of signed code even after a certificate has expired.

Select the Certificate Duration:

DigiCert provides flexibility in choosing the duration of your code signing certificate. Decide whether you require a one-year or 3-years certificate based on your long-term development plans and budget. Longer-term certificates offer cost savings and minimize the renewal process.

Complete the Order And Enrollment Process:

Place order successfully and Follow the instructions provided and fill in the required information accurately. Complete enrollment and validation process as per required!

Step-by-Step Guide to Get DigiCert Code Signing Certificate (Enrollment Process)

The below step-wise guide will help you explore how to get your certificate delivered to your place.

Note: Follow the below process if you have selected the exising token delivery method!

Delivery Mode 1: Use Existing Token

Step 1: Next, you will be asked to add some details regarding your organization. Here, you can choose whether your organization is a new one or an existing company.

Enter Organization Details
Enter Organization Contact Details

Step 2: To proceed further, you need an approved hardware token. You can buy a new code signing certificate with new token options if you don’t have one.

QUICK NOTE: Remember that you can only download the certificate on devices listed in the section.

DigiCert HSM Certificate Types

Step 4: Mention the delivery note you wish to add (if any).

Enter CA Note

Delivery Mode 2: Install on Existing HSM

Step 1: To start with the order process, you will be first asked to fill in your personal information in the fields provided in the ‘Input CSR’ section.

QUICK NOTE: Before moving forward, check that the information provided is correct.


Step 2: You will be asked to provide information about your organization or company. Here, you will be shown an option of whether your organization is a new one or an existing company.

Enter Organization Details
Enter Organization Contact Details

Step 2: Mention the delivery note you wish to add (if any).

Enter CA Note

Delivery Mode 3: Token and Standard Shipping ($120) Cost

Step 1: To complete your order process in this section you will have to insert the details about your organization or company. 

Please select whether your organization is an existing one or a new one.

Step 2: Proceed to provide the following mandatory details one-by-one.

For your Organization Information:

  • Choose between existing organization or a new one
  • Enter your Legal name
  • Database Administrator (DBA)
  • Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS)
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Localty
  • State

For your Organization’s Contact Information:

  • Choose between existing contract or a new one
  • Enter your first name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Job title 
  • Phone number
  • Contact type (your organization contact)

QUICK NOTE: You can also Add additional details by clicking on the blue button prompting “+Add.

Wrapping up

We hope you found ordering or renewing a DigiCert code signing certificate straightforward. It will eventually ensure the security and integrity of your software applications by understanding your requirements and selecting the appropriate certificate type.

Buy or Renew DigiCert Code Signing Certs at Best Price!

Name of ProductValidation NeedsIssuance TimeOur Price
DigiCert OV Code SigningBusiness1-5 Days$369.99/yr
DigiCert EV Code SigningBusiness1-5 Days$519.99/yr

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