Code Signing Certificate – What Is It & Where It’s Used?

Platforms for Code Signing Certificate

Code Signing Certificate Is Used for Digitally Signing Software & Prove Your Authenticity

A code signing certificate is a digital security certificate used by significant platforms to sign software, providing authentication of your identity digitally.

A code signing certificate helps confirm that an application, software, or any other script downloaded from the internet is not from a malicious hacker but from a genuine software developer, and it’ll not be harmful to your computer system.

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Nonetheless, whether you’re using OS X, iOS, Adobe AIR, Java, Windows, or any other platform, a code signing certificate is the multi-platform solution used to prove your authenticity as a software author.

Similarly, a Code Signing certificate is useful for signing different file formats such as:

  • .airi or .air files
  • .jar files
  • Apple Software
  • Patches for Software or Windows Applications
  • Executable files

Here Are the Platforms That Use Code Signing Certificates

Digital Signature for Software

Code signing is useful for digitally signing software that helps prove your authenticity and acknowledge that software isn’t tampered with since it is signed while removing the Unknown Publisher warning.

C# Uses Code Signing

Code signing through Visual C# can be done using the strong name. It provides you with a unique sign code. It’s one part of the process where a software developer deploys the file using the sn.exe tool by using the signcheck tool printing “Strong Name: Signed.” Similarly, it’ll work like a digital signature.

Code Signing Using Visual Studio

Code signing proves helpful to someone who’s looking to sign assemblies and Visual Studio Code Signing Certificate is best option for that.

Code Signing for iOS

It’s important to use Code Signing when you have to publish your application in the App Store, and it’s possible to do so using XCode. It helps iOS users know that software is coming from a trusted source and assures that it hasn’t been tampered with since it’s signed.

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Code Signing Using XCode

For the security of the application, code signing is essential. In iOS, it’s possible through XCode. Before uploading, approving, or integrating any application on iTunes stores, an authentic Apple Developer ID with an accurate development certificate or profile is essential.

Windows Platform

Most of the executable files are signed using a digital signature. Similarly, to mark the file secured within the Windows platform, it’s necessary to use a Windows Code Signing certificate of a trusted certificate authority like Sectigo.

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