The Impact of Code Signing on Your Organization

Impact of Code Signing

When it comes to releasing software, many organizations take software signing lightly. But they don’t know that not signing a software or not using a Code Signing Certificate can have an adverse impact on the organization.

A non-signed application is not only a risk for end-users, but also for the software publisher. And when you sign a software, it offers multiple benefits that positively impact the organizational goals. To understand it more thoroughly, let’s move further. It will help you decide, whether you should use a Code Signing Certificate or not.

Code Signing Certificate and Its Importance

Code Signing Certificate is a prominent software security solution, aiding the developers/publishers to ensure source code integrity. It also helps in embedding the digital signature with the software, helping to showcase the brand’s authenticity. Nowadays, it has become a mandatory security practice, which everyone must prefer before releasing their software, driver, or any other executable file.

What is Code Signing Certificate

Nowadays, not only organizations, but end-users are also getting aware of cyber-security. They take all precautionary measures to prevent attackers and malicious activities on their system. And one of the primary practices used by end-users is to stop the installation of software coming from an unauthorized publisher.

When an organization doesn’t use a Code Signing Certificate, its customers face warnings. It led end-users to find a secure alternative and utilize it instead. As a result, firms lost their customers, productivity, revenue, and reputation. But, once an organization starts using a Software Publisher Certificate, every business metric starts to move in a positive direction.

Benefits of Code Signing Certificate

An organization can avail numerous leverages by using a Code Signing Certificate, such as:

Improves Reputation

When a firm digitally signs software, it helps to build its reputation across digital platforms and in the real-world market. CA issues the certificate only to authentic publishers. And when a system and an end-user see a digital sign, it understands that the application is legit and its publisher is CA-verified. As a result, trust among stakeholders increases, contributing to a boost in reputation.

Boost Downloads

With the increase in cyber-attacks, everyone prefers to use only secure applications. And while selecting the software, individuals and enterprises always consider signed applications over non-signed ones. Therefore, if you use a Code Signing Certificate, downloads will increase, contributing to the overall revenue and customer base.

Prevent Infiltration

A Code Signing Certificate converts overall source code into an unreadable format by using hashing and encryption mechanisms. The primary aim of doing so is to prevent hackers and crackers from reading code and adding any malicious program or malware to it. Hence, software signing acts as an additional security layer in preventing cyber-attacks.

Assures Code Integrity

By encrypting the hash value of the source code of the software, Code Signing Certificate helps to maintain the integrity. It allows only authorized persons to read and modify the code according to requirements and assures appropriate software functionality to end-users. Moreover, it also retains software validity for a lifetime by providing timestamping functionality.

Aids in Aligning With Industry Standards

if you want to publish your application on Play Store, App store, or any such online repository for distribution, then it’s essential to sign the software. Therefore, by signing the software, you can align with industry standards, list your application on prominent platforms and reach out to a wider audience.

Code Signing Certificates

Publisher and End-User Perspective

A Code Signing Certificate benefits an organization from both the publisher and end-user’s aspect, such as:

Publisher’s Aspect

The organization plays the role of publisher, as it releases the software for its customers and target audience. When the firm signs software, the certificate creates the hash value of code and then encrypts that hash digest. It scrambles the overall program into an unreadable format, preventing malicious actors from modifying software.

In addition, when a CA issues the Code Signing Certificate, it leverages the organizations to define themselves as legit and authentic. Due to it, the reputation in the market gets boosted, and productivity increases. A CA-verified firm always gets considered in comparison to non-verified organizations.

End-User Aspect

From an end-user’s perspective, a digital sign is an important factor to consider while installing an application or driver. Whether a user understands technical terms or not, when someone views a warning, the person thinks twice before moving further.

Therefore, you must always use a Code Signing Certificate to build confidence within users and eliminate Unknown Publisher Warnings. It will help you create a solid user base and accelerate company growth.

How Validation Levels of Code Signing Certificates Impact Organization?

Code Signing Certificates are available at IV, OV, and EV validation levels. And each level has its impact on the organization.

IV Code Signing Certificate (Individual Validation Level)

If you are an organization, then Individual Code Signing Certificate is not for you. Only independent and freelance developers can avail of it for their usage. If you purchase it as an organization, Certificate Authority will not issue it. And by any chance, if it gets issued, there would be a high probability of your users encountering an Unknown Publisher Warning.

Therefore, you must avoid purchasing IV Code Signing Certificate as an organization.

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OV Code Signing Certificate (Organization Validation Level)

OV Code Signing Certificate is the first choice of every organization. Any firm can avail it effortlessly and use it to sign numerous executable files, including .msi, .exe, .ps1, and more. In addition, you can use it with any digital platform, including Windows, Adobe, Mozilla, Java, Authenticode, and more.

With an OV Certificate, you can ensure a warning-free download and installation experience for all users. It would aid in improving user trust and organically boosting the company’s reputation.

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EV Code Signing Certificate (Extended Validation Level)

EV Code Signing Certificate is the most effective solution for any organization. It even eliminates SmartScreen Defender Warnings and provides instant legitimacy to the brand. Once you sign in with an EV certificate, no operating system or browser will show any alert to your customer.

In addition, its private key gets issued in a separate hardware module, helping to align with the best security approach. EV means utmost reputation in an instant and heavy boost to downloads. However, organizations with a minimum of three years of activity and physical address can only avail of it.

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Cheap Code Signing Certificate Provider, Offering Solutions From Reputed CAs

To avail of all the advantages of a Code Signing Certificate, an organization must purchase it from an authentic provider. It would help them not to worry about the genuineness of the solution. And one such provider is SignMyCode, which assures high-end quality solutions Cheap Code Signing Certificates at the lowest price.

Regardless of the validation level, all certificates at are available at the lowest price. Moreover, it only provides certificates from Reputed Certificate Authorities, such as Comodo, Sectigo, DigiCert and Certera. Therefore, each platform will consider your software legit, if you sign with any certificate from SignMyCode.

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Concluding Up

Code Signing Certificate is an essential software security requirement. It’s a multi-purpose solution, that helps the organization in code tamper-proofing and solidifying user trust within the brand. In addition, it removes the warnings from user experience and helps in complying with CA/B and NIST standards.

Every organization providing some software to stakeholders must sign the app for preventing malicious activities and for contributing to a secure digital environment.

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