What is DigiCert Software Trust Manager?

What is DigiCert Software Trust Manager

Organizations associated with developing executable files understand the need to secure the software supply chain. Numerous mechanisms, techniques, and tactics are available and followed for it. But, with the evolution of the industry, it’s time to get hands-on with a new-age solution known as DigiCert Software Trust Manager.

It’s an all-rounder platform that helps you from the initial development phase to the continuous maintenance. As a developer, security professional, private key admin, or anyone associated with software creation, you should know about it.

In this blog, you will find a brief insight into DigiCert Software Trust Manager. So, let’s get started.

What is DigiCert Software Trust Manager?

DigiCert Software Trust Manager is an advanced solution that supports organizations to secure their entire software supply chain. It can help you reduce risks, define policies, and configure centralized management for all operations, regardless of the SDLC model.

The primary purpose of using DigiCert trust manager is to protect private keys, retain data integrity, monitor activities, maintain logs, and prevent unauthorized access. It’s an all-in-one solution developed in accordance with evolving business requirements, industry standards, and regulatory compliances.

In addition, the following are the top functionalities offered by the DigiCert software trust manager:

  • It aids in storing the private key associated with digital certificates in an HSM, aligning with FIPS 140-2 Level 3.
  • It helps to reduce the possibility of unauthorized access over the software development lifecycle.
  • It supports in automating the software supply chain procedures by integrating with CI/CD pipelines.
  • It helps in preventing malware and ensuring a secure code for the users.
  • It helps to define policies and allow only legitimate users to access and use the resources.

Features and Benefits of DigiCert Software Trust Manager

The DigiCert Software Trust Managers offer an extensive range of features, benefiting you in every aspect of the software supply chain. The primary characteristics are as follows:

Centralized Management

DigiCert trust managers leverage you with a centralized interface to store, manage, and use the code signing certificate. You can execute any associated operation from the same application instead of using different solutions. In addition, it logs every action and task, providing in-depth details about who, when, and what.

Quick CI/CD Integration

This solution from DigiCert can be integrated with DevOps development methodology, retaining speed, collaboration, and workflow. You can use it with native DevOps tools, such as Azure pipelines, Jenkins, Gradle, and more with PKCS11 and KSPs. In addition, it can help you sign the executables through the console, API, and command line interface.

Threat Detection

Reversing Labs power the threat detection mechanism in the DigiCert software trust manager. It offers the functionality to conduct deep analysis on software binaries by referring to the largest malware database. Also, it can scan all kinds of executable files and discover the traditional as well as the latest malicious code and files in them.

Generation of SBOM

This DigiCert solution makes the Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) generation an easy-to-complete task. It can create a list of all third-party and open-source components attached to the software and used at any aspect of the development lifecycle. In addition, it helps to differentiate between the components of external and internal development teams.

User Access Controls

Inside the DigiCert trust manager, you can create users and configure a set of permissions for them. It will help you prevent unauthorized usage of private keys and implement policies specific to team or site requirements. Moreover, the procedure to track users and their actions will become easy, leading to effortlessly finding the root causes.

High Flexibility

You can scale up the DigiCert software trust manager as much as you want, regardless of the size of your software supply chain. It can help you with the management of on-premises, cloud, and hybrid architecture-based development. Additionally, it can be embedded with overseas and local data centers for efficient working, performance, and reliability.

Top Use Cases: Where You Can Utilize the DigiCert Trust Manager

DigiCert software trust manager is a complete solution that you can use to sign any executable file. Whether it’s a hardware driver, firmware, mobile application, desktop app, ISO images, Windows software, macOS app, or any other, it can help you sign all of them.

Further, you can use it with the following platforms:

  • Android
  • Windows
  • ClickOne
  • Debian
  • Docker
  • Java
  • NuGet
  • OpenSSL
  • RPM
  • XML
  • Contains
  • IoT software products and more

DigiCert Trust Manager: Tool and Integration

DigiCert provides a wide catalog of tools, plugins, and scripts for its software trust manager to ease your tasks for securing and managing the software supply chain. You can use the scripts and plugins for CI/CD integrations. Following it, tools can be used per their respective category, such as for cryptographic, signing, and customization purposes.

Besides, DigiCert trust manager is a highly compatible solution that comes with all major enterprise-grade platforms, such as:

  • Apple Crypto TokenKit
  • Microsoft KSP
  • PKCS11
  • Docker Notary
  • Linux
  • Java
  • Thales
  • Azure Visual Studio Marketplace
  • GitHub
  • CircleCI and more

Concluding Up

DigiCert software trust manager is quite a need if you want to make your software supply chain secure. Instead of using different tools for key management on different platforms, you can use its interface for all the associated operations.

It helps you save resources and space on your system and complies with necessary standards and protocols. In addition, it’s cross-platform compatible, helps generate SBOM, and eases monitoring and logging operations.

Therefore, DigiCert software trust manager is the perfect software supply chain management application.

Automated Code Signing Workflow to Protects the Software Integrity Against Software Supply Chain Attacks with DigiCert’s Software Trust Manager Solution!

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