How To Get a Cheap Code Signing Certificate?

Cheap Code Signing Certificate

In the era of increasing focus on cyber-security, using only secure software plays an important role. Whether it’s an organization or an individual end-user, everyone is getting more literate about digital well-being. As a result, everyone read out the warnings displayed by systems to protect themselves from malware.

Due to it, an Unknown Publisher Warning is also getting seriously considered. And many of the users don’t prefer the software that encounters such alerts. As a software developer/publisher, you must code-sign your applications, drivers, and scripts to prevent warnings. And to do so, you need a Code Signing Certificate.

What is Code Signing Certificate and Why It’s Needed?

Code Signing Certificate is a type of digital certificate, just like an SSL Certificate. But, it gets used for securing software, applications, scripts, and OS drivers from unauthorized reputation.

Its functioning is based on the principles of hashing, encryption, and PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) mechanisms. And all three are currently leading security technologies getting used.

Nowadays, every software developer/publisher uses it for solidifying software security. Even NIST define the usage of a Code Signing Certificate in its secure software development framework.

In addition, all online app stores and software repositories demand the publisher to sign software before releasing it for public usage. And operating system checks the application’s authenticity by analyzing the digital signature getting embedded using it.

Furthermore, operating systems display an Unknown Publisher Warning message, just like below, if the software is not signed.

Unknown Publisher Warning Message

To get rid of such warnings and to provide a smooth installation experience to users, you require a Code Signing Certificate.

The Procedure To Avail a Cheap Code Signing Certificate

To remove the Unknown Publisher Warning and to publish software, applications, and drivers as a verified developer, you need a Code Signing Certificate. And for availing of it, you must understand the below procedure.

Step 1: Purchasing the Code Signing Certificate

The very first step in obtaining a Cheap Code Signing Certificate is to purchase it. You can easily navigate to a reliable certificate provider’s website, such as SignMyCode, and select the solution that you want.

Code Signing Certificate is available in three formats

IV (Individual Validation) Code Signing
OV (Organization Validation) Code Signing
EV (Extended Validation) Code Signing

Among all three, IV is for individuals/freelance developers, whereas OV and EV are for organizations.

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Further, you have to pay all the charges at once during the checkout to seamlessly move to the next phase.

Step 2: Submission of Documents

After purchasing the certificate and filling out the form during checkout, you will receive an email from Certificate Authority. It will describe the procedure and documents you need to submit for participating in the validation procedure.

For an IV Code Signing Certificate, you need to submit a government-approved ID, such as a passport. And for OV and EV Certificates, you will need to prove business legitimacy, the physical presence of the organization, and contact information.

Besides, to avail of an EV Certificate, you will need to provide documents showcasing business operability from the past three years.

Once you share all the information and documents with CA, the verification process will start.

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Step 3: Information Verification By The Certificate Authority

After receiving your documents, Certificate Authority (Comodo, Sectigo, Certera) will start conducting the analysis. All the information will get cross-verified using the government or any other registered databases. Moreover, for Organization Validation and Extended Validation, the firm will receive a verification call.

Certificate Authority will only ask about the certificate order and other basic details, such as an address, license number, and similar.  

Step 4: Issuance of Code Signing Certificate

Following the successful verification of all documents, Certificate Authority will issue a certificate. You can download the certificate from the browser and install it on your system. Further, you can use it to sign the executable files for public release.

However, make sure to export the certificate to the local machine in .PFX format.

Cheapest Code Signing Certificates in The Market

Now, you know the procedure to follow for availing of a cheap Code Signing Certificate. But it’s enough, as you must also know about the certificates to choose from. Below, you will find the most high-end and affordable certificates, fulfilling each of your requirements.

Certera Code Signing Certificate

 Certera is a top-notch Certificate Authority, whose OV Code Signing Certificate aligns with CA/B Forum standards. And it assures to make software tamper-proof using the latest SHA encryption and solid 3072-bit cryptographic keys In addition, you can ensure zero Unknown Publisher Warning and seamless signing process execution with it.

Certera Code Signing Certificate @ $199.99/yr

Comodo IV Code Signing Certificate

Comodo is an industry-leading CA and its IV Code Signing Certificate is one the perfect solutions for freelance and individual developers. You can effortlessly pass its validation process and avail it for signing applications and scripts.

Comodo Individual Code Signing Certificate @ $210.99/yr

Comodo OV Code Signing Certificate

Comodo OV Code Signing Certificate is a reliable certificate to get verified as an authentic software publishing firm. You can use it to embed your digital sign on almost every kind of executable file, including .exe, .jar, .xbe, .bms, .bin, .cmd, .ahk, .air, .app, .fba and more.

Comodo OV Code Signing Certificate @ $210.99/yr

Comodo EV Code Signing Certificate

Comodo’s Extended Validated Code Signing Certificate provides an instant reputation boost to the organization. As soon as you use it, the software gets a green flag from all operating systems. And Windows even doesn’t show SmartScreen Defender warning for EV-signed applications. Moreover, it leverages to sign OS drivers and is accepted over online portals.

Comodo EV Code Signing Certificate @ $274.99/yr

Sectigo IV Code Signing Certificate

Sectigo is also a renowned Certificate Authority, which issues genuine Software Publisher Certificates to individual developers. You can prefer it for embedding your digital signature into software, leading to getting it accepted by online app stores. Additionally, it aids to become a verified publisher and improves digital identity.

Sectigo Individual Code Signing Certificate @ $210.99/yr

Sectigo OV Code Signing Certificate

For organizations with less than three years of operability or basic code signing requirements, Sectigo OV Code Signing Certificate is a reliable solution. It will make the source code tamper-proof and you can also timestamp it to maintain authenticity after certificate expiration. Besides, you can install it on any OS and platform to sign any software.

Sectigo OV Code Signing Certificate @ $210.99/yr

Sectigo EV Code Signing Certificate

A company with three or 3+ years of activeness must consider the Sectigo EV Code Signing Certificate. It’s compatible with all major digital platforms and assures you to sign all executable files, including Windows Drivers and Winqual files. Moreover, it seamlessly passes the SmartScreen checks and guarantees a smooth installation.

Sectigo EV Code Signing Certificate @ $274.99/yr

Furthermore, to buy any of the mentioned certificates, you must consider a trustworthy Code Signing Certificate Provider. And SignMyCode is one of them.

You can rely on SignMyCode for quality and performance. And if you face any technical error or you have a general query, its professionals are 24/7 available to resolve it for you. In addition, you can leverage free guides, resources, and tools to streamline the certificate lifecycle.

Concluding Up

Code Signing Certificate is a fundamental requirement of every software developer. It helps to prevent unauthorized code modifications and optimize business legitimacy. To obtain a cheap code signing certificate, the developer has to purchase a certificate and complete the verification procedure as per the certificate’s validation level.

In addition, to save money, you must consider Certera, DigiCert, Comodo, or Sectigo Code Signing Certificates. It will help you impeccably get through validation and sign any executable file.

Code Signing Certificates to Buy

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